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Muzica CD

CD ECM Records Trio Mediaeval: Stella Maris


Anna Maria Friman - voce
Linn Andrea Fuglseth - vocel
Torunn Ostrem Ossum - voce

The Korean composer Sungji Hong wrote her Missa Lumen de Lumine especially for the Trio in 2002, and it fits them perfectly. It’s a parody in the original, strict, non-pejorative sense: elements of medieval style are deftly woven together with modern grammar and gestures to produce a work of iridescent freshness. [ Barry Witherden, BBC Music Magazine ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Trio Mediaeval: A Worchester Ladymass


Anna Maria Friman - voce
Linn Andrea Fuglseth - vocel
Torunn Ostrem Ossum - voce

Oslo’s Trio Medaeval presents a reconstruction of a 13th century votive Mass to the Virgin Mary, based on surviving manuscripts from a Benedectine Abbey in the English Midlands. Inserted amid the medieval music are a Credo and Benedicamus Domino specially composed for this programme by Gavin Bryars: the old and the new intermingle in the work of this vocal ensemble. Anna Maria Friman: “The members of Trio Mediaeval feel that performing mediaeval music today gives us the freedom to let our imagination and ideas flow, as though we are creating contemporary music.”

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Trio Mediaeval: Aquilonis


Anna Maria Friman - voce
Linn Andrea Fuglseth - voce
Berit Opheim - voce

For those who have never heard the utterly distinctive sound of Norway's all-female Trio Mediaeval, this 2014 release may make a good place to start. The group has developed and honed that sound over several albums in programs featuring chant in several varieties, medieval polyphony, Norwegian folk melodies mostly harmonized in a quasi-medieval style, and contemporary compositions in a neo-medieval idiom. [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Arve Henriksen: Cartography


Arve Henriksen Trumpet, Voice, Field Recording
David Sylvian Voice, Samples, Programming
Jan Bang Live Sampling, Samples, Programming, Beats, Bass Line, Dictaphone, Organ Samples, Arrangement
Eivind Aarset Guitars
Lars Danielsson Double-Bass
Anna Maria Friman Voice
+ etc

A shifting cast of characters, with live sampling man and album co-producer Jan Bang at the centre, provides a series of soundscapes, an ambient-experimental map of moods, for the uniquely liquid, singing trumpet lines of Arve Henriksen to scale and explore. Some tracks are recorded live in concert, others are studio creations. Singer David Sylvian reads his own poetry on two cuts.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Kim Kashkashian - Kurtag / Schumann: Hommage a R. Schumann


Kim Kashkashian Viola
Robert Levin Piano
Eduard Brunner Clarinet

Bartók serves as the link between Schumann and Kurtág: when Kurtág says 'My mother tongue is Bartók, and Bartók's mother tongue was Beethoven' he is referring to the historically linked musical traditions of Germany and Austria, which are his special concern. [ -Philadelphia Inquirer ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Danish String Quartet - Ades / Norgard / Abrahamsen


Danish String Quartet
Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen - vioara
Frederik Oland - vioara
Asbjorn Norgaard - viola
Fredrik Schoyen Sjolin - violoncel

The Danish String Quartet, one of the most widely-acclaimed chamber groups of the present moment, makes its ECM debut playing a programme of British and Danish music: Thomas Adès’s Arcadiana (composed 1994), Per Nørgård’s Quartetto Breve (1952), and Hans Abrahamsen’s 10 Preludes (1973).

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Ivan Monighetti, Tatiana Melentieva - Alexander Knaifel: Blazhenstva


Ivan Monighetti - violoncel, pian, dirijor
Tatiana Melentieva - soprana
Piotr Migunov - bas
State Hermitage Orchestra
Lege Artis Choir

Alexander Knaifel
- Lamento For Violoncello Solo (1967)
- Blazhenstva For Soloists, Orchestra And Choir (1996)

Following on from the critically-acclaimed “Amicta Sole” album, Russian composer Alexander Knaifel presents two strikingly different compositions, inspirationally linked through the figure of Mstislav Rostropovich. Knaifel’s background as a cellist is put to good service in the 18 minute Lamento for solo cello (written 1967, revised 1987).

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Gidon Kremer, Dirvanauskaite, Buniatishvili - Tchaikovsky, Kissine: Piano Trios


Gidon Kremer - vioara
Giedre Dirvanauskaite - violoncel
Khatia Buniatishvili - pian

Victor Kissine: Zerkalo
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Trio, Op.50

Victor Kissine’s „Zerkalo“ (The Mirror), composed in 2009 and dedicated to the performers on this warmly engineered release, proves to be an intriguing companion piece for the Tchaikovsky Piano Trio. A compelling and emotionally varied work which draws its inspiration from two lines in Anna Akhmatova’s “Poem Without a Hero”, it begins with a sequence of framentary melodic ideas which dradually develop a coherent force as they gather momentum before disintegrating into a shadowy and bleak coda.
Erik Levi, BBC music

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Thomas Demenga - Bach: Suiten Fur Violoncello


Thomas Demenga - violoncel

J.S. Bach :
- Suite I G-Dur BWV 1007
- Suite II D-Moll BWV 1008
- Suite III C-Dur BWV 1009
- Suite IV Es-Dur BWV1010
- Suite V C-Moll BWV 1011
- Suite VI D-Dur BWV 1012

Swiss cellist Thomas Demenga returns to Bach’s suites. “To me, Bach is the greatest musical genius who has ever lived. His music is pure, sublime. It possesses something divine and each musician has a lifetime in which to discover new ways of interpreting it.”

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Reto Bieri: Contrechant - Music for Clarinet solo


Reto Bieri - clarinet

Luciano Berio - Lied
Heinz Holliger - Contrechant
Salvatore Sciarrino - Let Me Die Before I Wake
Elliott Carter - Gra
Heinz Holliger - Rechant
Peter Eotvos - Derwischtanz
Gergely Vajda - Lightshadow - Trembling

Reto Bieri’s unaccompanied programme gets to the essence of each composer and actually feels the better fort he lack of busy counterpoint (e.g. in the case of Elliott Carter). And there is no risk of solo clarinet becoming insufficient; Bieri holds attention throughout with his beauty of tone and uncommon expressiveness with multiphonics, which can often feel gimmicky. A marvellous disc which takes clarinet playing to a new level. Highly recommended to explorer listeners who don’t seek just facile excitement. [ Peter Grahame Woolf, Musikal Pointers ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Heinrich Schiff, Peter Eotvos - Friedriech Cerha / Franz Schreker


Heinrich Schiff - violoncel
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, dirijor Peter Eotvos

Friedrich Cerha - Konzert Fur Violoncello Und Orchester
Franz Schreker - Kammersymphonie In Einem Satz

Cellist Heinrich Schiff delivers a transcendent performance of a cello concerto dedicated to him “in friendship” by Austria’s great composer Friedrich Cerha (born 1926). Cerha’s special combination of stylistic conviction and expressive diversity, much in evidence here, has been attributed to his intense involvement with the Second Vienna School (he is still best known for completing Act 3 of Berg’s ‘Lulu’) . Under Peter Eötvös’s direction the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra explore the variegated textures of Cerha’s concerto and also the rich colours of the Chamber Symphony in One Movement by Franz Schreker (1878-1934).

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Keller Quartett - Gyorgy Kurtag: Music Fur Streichinstrumente


Andras Keller - vioara
Janos Pilz - vioara
Zoltan Gal - viola
Otto Kertesz - violoncel

The apparent heir of Anton Webern and Béla Bartók, György Kurtág shows his influences most directly in his works for string quartet. Yet Kurtág's abandonment of the standard quartet form -- a major consideration in the music of his predecessors -- permits him to freely explore timbres and techniques and for their own sakes, in lieu of thematic development and traditional structures. The most significant works on this disc are the String Quartet, Op. 1 (1959); the 12 Microludes (1977-1978); and the Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervánszky (1988-1989). [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous, Jack DeJohnette

Iunie 1978
Terje Rypdal - chitara electrica, sintetizatoare, orga
Miroslav Vitous - contrabas, pian
Jack DeJohnette - tobe

The Norwegian guitarist is lifted to new heights by the wildly inventive playing of Miroslav Vitous and Jack DeJohnette. Cascades of sound prevail.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal: Odyssey (3 CD-Box)

Setul contine reeditarea albumului Odyssey in varianta completa precum si o inregistrare in concert (care nu a mai fost publicata anterior)

Terje Rypdal - chitara electrica, sintetizatoare, saxofon sopran
Torbjorn Sunde - trombon
Brynjulf Blix - orga
Sveinung Hovensjo - bas
Svein Christiansen - tobe

The electric guitar innovator in the 1970s. This box set in ECM’s Old & New Masters Series collects Terje Rypdal’s two-LP Odyssey album – heard on CD, for the first time, in its entirety, including the much-requested and epically-rocking “Rolling Stone” – and “Unfinished Highballs”, a recently unearthed 1976 radio recording that documents the Norwegian guitarist’s work for his Odyssey quartet and the Swedish Radio Jazz Group. The complete Odyssey may address a longstanding demand, but “Unfinished Highballs” will surprise even Rypdal’s most committed fans. It reveals that not only were many of the markers which would come to define his career already in place, but the intrepid guitarist was already searching for ways to include, rather than exclude, in his approach to composition and performance.

  • Numar discuri: 3
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

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CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal: Waves


Terje Rypdal - electric guitar, keyboard, synthesizer
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet, fluegelhorn, RMI, tac piano, ring modulator
Sveinung Hovensjo - basses
Jon Christensen - drums, percussion

Terje Rypdal’s Waves (recorded 1977) announced the beginning of the Norwegian guitarist’s association with Danish trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, which continues to this day. The album also introduced one of Terje’s most enduringly popular pieces, “Per Ulv.” “Rypdal’s album is a series of sonic excursions ranging from the expressionist to the impressionist…” wrote Record World. “Rypdal’s guitar and Mikkelborg’s trumpet are well-matched, with Manfred Eicher’s typically superb production putting it all in focus.”

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Kim Kashkashian, Lera Auerbach - Shostakovich, Auerbach: Arcanum


Kim Kashkashian - viola
Lera Auerbach - pian

Dimitri Shostakovich: 24 Preludes Op. 34
Lera Auerbach: Arcanum - Sonata For Viola And Piano

Auerbach’s duo version of Shostakovich’s Op. 34 Piano Preludes — a cycle of 24 in all the major and minor keys, on the models of Bach and Chopin — is a wizardly reimagining of its source, and the performance here by her and violist Kim Kashkashian seems to channel the earlier composer’s distinctive sound world. […] As performers, Kashkashian and Auerbach make a superb team, playing with urgency and finely tuned balance. [ Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Kim Kashkashian, Keith Jarrett - Bach: 3 Sonaten Fur Viola De Gamba Und Cembalo


Kim Kashkashian - viola de gamba
Keith Jarrett - clavecin

J.S. Bach :
Sonate G-Dur BWV 1027
Sonate D-Dur BWV 1028
Sonate G-Moll BWV 1029

The viola da gamba is an obsolete instrument now, but in Bach's day there were two large families of stringed instruments: the older gambas and the newer violins. Although quite similar in construction and performance technique, the soft, husky sound of the gambas was gradually replaced by the steely brilliance of the violins. Indeed, only one member of the family--the double bass--remains in modern use. Today most artists play the music on either a viola or a cello, since the music can be adapted easily to either. Kashkashian plays the viola, and as she is one of the greatest performers on that instrument around, and given Jarrett's clean and limber accompaniments, she acquits herself with honor and grace in this lovely music. [ David Hurwitz ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Kim Kashkashian, Robert Levin - Brahms: Sonaten Fur Viola Und Klavier


Kim Kashkashian - viola
Robert Levin - pian

Johannes Brahms :
Sonate Fur Viola Und Klavier Es-Dur, Op. 120/2
Sonate Fur Viola Und Klavier F-Moll, Op. 120/1

'Brahms' third-to-last works, these sonatas are astonishing pieces looking back to the classical-romantic vocabulary he exploited and refined so fully while prophesying the structural and sonic freedom of 20th century modernism. These extraordinarily effortless and seamless works teem with emotion that is voluptuously abundant yet subsumed to the demands of a melodic structure that itself partakes of a sublime futurity. Listen, then listen again to grasp that one movement is a waltz, another a theme and variations, a third based on a country dance. Kashkashian and Levin perform with ravishing and egoless attention; they and their instruments seem to become the music.' [ Fredric Koepel, The Commercial Appeal ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Giya Kancheli: Exil


Maacha Deubner - soprana
Natalia Pschenitschnikova - flaut alto si bas
Catrin Demenga - vioara
Ruth Killius - viola
Rebecca Firth - violoncel
Christian Sutter - contrabas
Wladimir Jurowski - dirijor

Settings of Psalm 23 and poems by Paul Celan and Hans Sahl for Soprano and mixed chamber ensemble. 'From strife-torn Georgia comes a man who may well be the mostimportant Soviet composer since Shostakovich: Giya Kancheli, whose olorousyetspiritually radiant music gives eloquent voice to the ongoing tragedy ofhis native Georgia. Says Kancheli, a devout Orthodox Christian, 'When a person goes into achurch, synagogue or mosque where there's not service going on, there's aspecial kind of silence. I want to turn that silence into music.' InKancheli's hands the sounds of silence are hauntingly eloquent.' --[ Michael Walsh, Time Magazine ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Gidon Kremer, Kremerata Baltica - Mieczyslaw Weinberg


Gidon Kremer - vioara, dirijor
Daniil Grishin - viola
Giedre Dirvanauskaite - violoncel
Daniil Trifonov - pian
Kremerata Baltica

Mieczysław Weinberg:
- Sonate Nr. 3 Op. 126
- Trio Op. 48
- Sonatine Op. 46
- Concertino Op. 42
- Symphonie No. 10 Op. 98

The affinities between the music of Mieczyslaw Weinberg and his good friend Dmitri Shoastakovich are as obvious as the Beethoven/Brahms connection, which caused the latter to say ‘Any fool can see that’. Those affinites permeate the early works here, Weinberg’s sole String Trio, the sonatina for violin and piano, and the concertino for violin and strings, all written shortly after the second World War. The later pieces – the Symphony No 10 of 1968 and the Sonata No 3 for solo violin of 1979 – are of a different cut, more adventurous and often sonically harsher. The gripping solo sonata is a real discovery, and Gidon Kremer regards it as worth a 20-century place alongside Bartók’s towering solo sonata. He certainly handles the work with that level of conviction. [ Michael Dervan, Irish Times ]

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

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