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Muzica CD

CD ECM Records Kiev Chamber Choir - Valentin Silvestrov: Sacred Works


Kiev Chamber Choir, dirijor Mykola Hobdych

Silvestrov’s choral music is an exploration of harmonic effects. Treating the choir as ‘expressively restrained soloists’, he divides them into small groups that create echoing waves of sound. Silvestrov regards his choral music as being ‘pianistic’. The effect is similar to a judicious use of the sustaining pedal. The result is warm and lyrical. … The outstanding Kiev Chamber Choir are worthy of ten stars! Their warm, tender, lyrical singing, musicianship and breath control is unbelievable.
Shirley Ratcliffe, Choir & Organ

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Danish String Quartet - Ades / Norgard / Abrahamsen


Danish String Quartet
Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen - vioara
Frederik Oland - vioara
Asbjorn Norgaard - viola
Fredrik Schoyen Sjolin - violoncel

The Danish String Quartet, one of the most widely-acclaimed chamber groups of the present moment, makes its ECM debut playing a programme of British and Danish music: Thomas Adès’s Arcadiana (composed 1994), Per Nørgård’s Quartetto Breve (1952), and Hans Abrahamsen’s 10 Preludes (1973).

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Gidon Kremer, Kremerata Baltica - Mahler / Shostakovich


Yulia Korpacheva - soprana
Fëdor Kuznetsov - bas
Kremerata Baltica, dirijeaza Gidon Kremer

This is an extremely dramatic and atmospheric performance of the Shostakovich 14th Symphony, the more unusual for being conducted by Gidon Kremer from the concertmaster’s desk. There’s no loss of scale, but certainly an intensified sense of intimacy, and he is served by magnificent playing from the Kremerata Baltica and two first-rate soloists. … The coupling is the Adagio from Mahler’s Tenth Symphony in an arrangement for strings only… This too is beautifully played, and in this dedicated reading the music discloses previously unsuspected links back to Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht and forward to Strauss’s Metamorphosen. [ Calum MacDonald, BBC Music Magazine ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Keith Jarrett - Dmitri Shostakovich: 24 Preludes And Fugue Op. 87


Keith Jarrett - pian

Those who have admired Keith Jarrett’s piano improvisations will find him equally impressive in Dmitri Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes and Fugues […] His technique is what you notice first; he makes things look easy that cost other pianists – good ones – a lot of obvious effort. The interpretation is individual but not eccentric; the composer and performer have a meeting of minds with exciting results. [ Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post ]

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Helena Tulve: Arboles Lloran Por Lluvia


Helena Tulve, Arianna Savall, Charles Barbier, Taniel Kirikal, Marco Ambrosini, Riivo Kallasmaa, NYYD Quartet, Vox Clamantis, Ensemble Hortus Musicus, Jaan-Eik Tulve, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Olari Elts

In Tulve’s music the thinking always seems more vertical than horizontal; the predominant mood is introspective, almost meditational, the textures and harmonies beautifully imagined, the sense of pulse and forward momentum often elusive. ‘Extinction des Choses Vues’ for orchestra does build to a massive climax, achieved through weight and intensity rather than movement; the effect is rather like Kaija Saariaho’s music of the 1980s and 90s, and wonderfully achieved. [ Andrew Clements, Guardian ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Zehetmair Quartett - Hartmann, Bartok


Thomas Zehetmair - vioara
Ulf Schneider - vioara
Ruth Killius - viola
Francoise Groben - violoncel

Karl Amadeus Hartmann - Streichquartett Nr.1 - Carillon
Bela Bartok - Streichquartett Nr. 4

Debut recording of the astonishing quartet of whom The Times of London wrote: 'What a group! On they come, devoid of frills, just the instruments, and the music in their heads and fingers. And then they start up, the sound so full-blooded, dangerous and raw. Though the velvet touch is not beyond them, they never dispense dainty milk and honey: you are forcefully aware that this is music-making bold and magical...'

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Keller Quartett - Gyorgy Kurtag: Music Fur Streichinstrumente


Andras Keller - vioara
Janos Pilz - vioara
Zoltan Gal - viola
Otto Kertesz - violoncel

The apparent heir of Anton Webern and Béla Bartók, György Kurtág shows his influences most directly in his works for string quartet. Yet Kurtág's abandonment of the standard quartet form -- a major consideration in the music of his predecessors -- permits him to freely explore timbres and techniques and for their own sakes, in lieu of thematic development and traditional structures. The most significant works on this disc are the String Quartet, Op. 1 (1959); the 12 Microludes (1977-1978); and the Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervánszky (1988-1989). [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Hilliard Ensemble - J.S. Bach: Morimur


Christoph Poppen - vioara
The Hilliard Ensemble
Monika Mauch - soprana
David James - contratenor
John Potter - tenor
Gordon Jones - bariton

In music of the baroque era it was popular to use the medium of numbers for conveying secrets and riddles, and Bach studies have illuminated many new 'meanings' in his sacred works. Now 'Morimur' explores the coded references, and hidden messages in his solo violin music, opening a window on Bach's thought at a time when he was deeply affected by the sudden and tragic death of his wife, Maria Barbara, in 1720. Building on the research of Professor Helga Thoene, violinist Christoph Poppen and the Hilliard Ensemble have realised a unique project for ECM New Series: They offer a stunning experience by interweaving the verses of the 'hidden chorales' of the Ciaccona with Bach's harmonically complex violin part.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Arvo Part: Passio

Martie 1988

The Hilliard Ensemble, Lynne Dawson, Michael George, Elizabeth Layton, Melinda Maxwell, Elisabeth Wilson, Catherine Duckett, Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, Western Wind Chamber Choir / dirijor - Paul Hillier

Arvo Part: Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Secundum Joannem ( 1982 )

Part's long-form The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ According to St. John dramatizes the apostle John's account of the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. The form he adopts sounds as though it were centuries old, with its choral orchestration. But his choice of instruments, his choice of chords, his phrasing, and the basic construction of the piece itself are all based on 20th century ideas, most notably his own innovation, the "tintinnabuli" method. The overall sound is significantly bigger than the small ensemble performing it; this is an innovative work, despite the classic subject matter. The text is taken verbatim from the Vulgate. [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Arvo Part: Symphony No. 4

Los Angeles Philharmonic, dirijor: Esa-Pekka Salonen
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, dirijor: Tonu Kaljuste

Premiere recordings of Arvo Pärt’s music belong on ECM New Series. This recording of the 4th Symphony – Pärt’s first symphonic work in more than 30 years - documents also the premiere concert performance at L.A.’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Before Pärt started work on the composition, his thoughts had been circling around texts related to guardian angels. Then he received the commission from Los Angeles, a city whose very name means 'the angels'. His decision to make the Canon of the Guardian Angel the foundation of the new piece was a foregone conclusion.

The 4th Symphony is augmented on disc by a new montage of “fragments” of Kanon Pokajanen, a piece which Pärt feels is closely related to the symphony. “To my mind, the two works belong together and form a stylistic unity.'

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal, Hilliard Ensemble: Melodic Warrior

2009. Interpreti: Terje Rypdal, The Hilliard Ensemble, Bruckner Orchester Linz, ( dirijor Dennis Russell Davies ), Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra ( dirijor Sebastian Perloswski )

There’s nothing understated to guitarist Terje rypdal’s orchestral collaboration with the Hilliard Ensemble, recorded in concert in 2003, with the Bruckner Orchester Linz. Rypdal’s guitar takes the lead role as a mythological Native-American warrior flitting shadow-like through the landscape, the Hilliards provide narrative and the orchestra delivers thunder and calm. Rypdal’s writing, like his playing, is heavily referenced, but the ambitious piece hangs together well and the voices are lovely.[ Mike Hobart, Financial Times ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Ketil Bjornstad / Terje Rypdal: The Sea II

Ketil Bjornstad - pian
David Darling - violoncel
Terje Rypdal - chitara electrica
Jon Christensen - tobe

If The Sea was a sweeping journey along the surface of its namesake, then this sequel is a plunge into its darkest depths. With the focus of an underwater camera, Ketil Bjørnstad and his peerless group render visible entire worlds we would otherwise never have known. [ ecmreviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal: Odyssey (3 CD-Box)

Setul contine reeditarea albumului Odyssey in varianta completa precum si o inregistrare in concert (care nu a mai fost publicata anterior)

Terje Rypdal - chitara electrica, sintetizatoare, saxofon sopran
Torbjorn Sunde - trombon
Brynjulf Blix - orga
Sveinung Hovensjo - bas
Svein Christiansen - tobe

The electric guitar innovator in the 1970s. This box set in ECM’s Old & New Masters Series collects Terje Rypdal’s two-LP Odyssey album – heard on CD, for the first time, in its entirety, including the much-requested and epically-rocking “Rolling Stone” – and “Unfinished Highballs”, a recently unearthed 1976 radio recording that documents the Norwegian guitarist’s work for his Odyssey quartet and the Swedish Radio Jazz Group. The complete Odyssey may address a longstanding demand, but “Unfinished Highballs” will surprise even Rypdal’s most committed fans. It reveals that not only were many of the markers which would come to define his career already in place, but the intrepid guitarist was already searching for ways to include, rather than exclude, in his approach to composition and performance.

  • Numar discuri: 3
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

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CD ECM Records John Surman / Terje Rypdal: Nordic Quartet

John Surman - saxofoane, clarinet, bas clarinet
Karin Krog - voce
Terje Rypdal - chitara electrica
Vigleik Storaas - pian

Nordic Quartet bonds an unconventional roster of musicians and conceptual approaches. John Surman reaches into his usual toolkit, favoring the lower range, while vocalist Karin Krog sews her Sheila Jordan-like vibrato into Terje Rypdal’s electric swoons and pianist Vigleik Storaas’s intimate embraces. [ ecm reviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Meredith Monk: On Behalf Of Nature


Meredith Monk Ensemble
Meredith Monk - voce

For five decades, vocalist-composer Meredith Monk has explored what she calls “primordial utterance,” or non-verbal vocal sound that lay beneath and beyond language, expressing “that for which we have no words.” This exploration has led her to create music that The New Yorker describes as simultaneously “visceral and ethereal, raw and rapt,” an art that “sings, dances and meditates on timeless forces.” With her latest, multivalent ECM New Series album, Monk aimed to address ecology and climate change, she says: “Believing that music speaks more directly than words, I worked to make a piece with a fluid, perceptual field that could expand awareness of what we are in danger of losing. On Behalf of Nature is a meditation on our intimate connection to nature, its inner structures, the fragility of its ecology and our interdependence.”

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Meredith Monk: Dolmen Music


Meredith Monk - voce, pian
Collin Walcott - vioara, percutie
Steve Lockwood - pian
Andrea Goodman - voce
Monica Solem - voce
Paul Langland - voce
Robert Een - voce
Julius Eastman - voce

“The voice itself is a very eloquent language,” Monk has said. In her compositions, the voice has been restored to its role as a kind of ancestral, perhaps pre-historic human utterance, beyond language, a sound capable of forming multiple timbres and textures: yelping, keening, clucking, moaning, ululating. Through her exploration of the voice’s potential—known as “extended voice techniques”—Monk has produced music as rigorous as a medieval motet and as stirring and unfamiliar as the call of a wild animal from another planet. [ Marina Harss ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Kim Kashkashian - J.S. Bach: Six Suites For Viola Solo


Kim Kashkashian - viola

J.S. Bach : Six Suites For Viola Solo ( BWV 1007-1012 )

The poetry and radiance of Bach’s cello suites (BWV 1007-1012) are transfigured in these remarkable interpretations by Kim Kashkashian on viola, offering “a different kind of sombreness, a different kind of dazzlement” as annotator Paul Griffiths observes. One of the most compelling performers of classical and new music, Kashkashian has been hailed by The San Francisco Chronicle as "an artist who combines a probing, restless musical intellect with enormous beauty of tone." An ECM artist since 1985, she approaches Bach’s music with the same commitment as revealed in her other solo recordings, the legendary Hindemith sonatas album and the widely acclaimed (and Grammy-winning) account of Kurtág and Ligeti.

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Ghazal: The Rain

Mai 2001
Kayhan Kalhor - kamancheh
Shujaat Husain Khan - sitar, voce
Sandeep Das - tabla

Recorded live in Berne, Switzerland, The Rain is divided into three long-form improvisations on traditional motifs, averaging 18 minutes each. “Fire” opens with a blush of sitar, a splash of sun on the well-worn path of the kamancheh’s tearful song. The expectation in Khan’s singing, indistinguishably potent through throat and string, marks that path with a mapmaker’s intuition. Khan’s voice is almost startling, providing that moment of satori on which everything hinges. Vocal cues are left intact, loosing the birds of Kalhor’s flights from their cages: signals born of moments yet predestined beyond all sense of time. In contrast, the tabla arises from the very earth, its skins mineral-rough against a backdrop of unforced biorhythms.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: World

CD ECM Records Ketil Bjornstad: Vinding's Music

Ketil Bjørnstad - pian
Gunilla Süssmann - pian
Jie Zhang - pian
Norwegian Radio Orchestra , dirijor Christian Eggen

A double album as literary soundtrack, its release coinciding with Norwegian publication of the one-volume edition of Ketil Bjørnstad’s highly-acclaimed fictional trilogy “To Music”/”The River”/”The Lady In The Valley”, and with the author’s 60th birthday on April 25. After keeping his musical and writing activities separate for decades, Ketil dissolved the boundaries with his “Vinding” books: “When I had the idea of writing a trilogy about the young piano student Aksel Vinding, I realised that I would have to grant music access to my world of writing. This felt surprisingly liberating, almost like a confession. Music is a powerful source of inspiration for many writers, and so it was for me when I relived, through the novels, my experiences as a young piano student in Oslo in the late 1960s and early 1970s.” When the trilogy was completed, a concert of music referenced in Bjørnstad’s narrative was mounted in Oslo. Pianists Jie Zhang and Gunilla Süssman, with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, performed compositions by Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, and Barber, with conductor Christian Eggen also heard as piano soloist in the second movement of Mozart’s A major piano concerto. A recording from the concert comprises volume two of the present set. Disc one features Bjørnstad as improvising solo pianist, meditating upon themes related to his protagonist.

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records John Abercrombie: Cat 'n' Mouse


John Abercrombie - chitara electrica
Mark Feldman - vioara
Joey Baron - tobe
Marc Johnson - contrabas

"Cat ‘n’ Mouse introduces a streamlined quartet from the ever-extraordinary John Abercrombie. The guitarist is again joined by violinist Mark Feldman, whose peerless fluidity worked wonders on Open Land. In fact, the Abercrombie-Feldman nexus was what set the current project in motion, manifesting that former album’s title with even greater intuition. Flanked by longtime ally Marc Johnson on bass and drummer Joey Baron, the stage is set for a smooth ride through Abercrombie’s rich compositions and freer realization. [ ecmreviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

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