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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Emotiva BasX PT-100 Stereo Preamplifier/DAC/Tuner

Preamplificator Stereo Integrat
Intrari Digitale: Optic, Coaxial, USB
Intrari Analogice: 2
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM / MC )
Tuner FM
Adaptor Bluetooth ( optional )
Iesiri Preamplificate: Subwoofer
Control de ton, Trigger, Telecomanda

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Pret: 1.750          

Emotiva XSP-1 Differential Reference Preamplifier

Preamplificator Stereo
Intrari Digitale: NU
Intrari Analogice: 2 balansate + 3 nebalansate + HT
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM / MC )
Iesire Subwoofer: DA ( RCA + XLR ) + bass management

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Pret: 6.429          

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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

iFi Audio Micro iTUBE 2

iTube2 este un preamplificator de linie, cu o multitudine de facilitati :

Digital Antidote Plus®
3D HolographicSound® pentru Boxe
Tri-brid stage - functionare pe lampi
Control de volum analogic de mare precizie

iTube2 are in comun cu iTube doar modelul de lampa folosit ( GE 5670 ). Topologia este noua, componentele folosite sunt noi.

Pret: 2.099          

Cambridge Audio Azur 851E

Preamplificator Stereo de Linie
Intrari Digitale: 2 x Optic, 1 x Coaxial
Intrari Analogice: 8 nebalansate RCA / 3 balansate XLR ( comutabile )
Iesiri Preamplificate: balansate XLR / nebalansate RCA
Iesire Subwoofer: DA

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 7.649          

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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Hegel P20

Preamplificator de linie, stereo

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 13.600          

Rotel RC-1572

Cu o multitudine de intrari analogice si digitale RC-1572 reprezinta primul pas in lumea componentelor separate pentru auditii de cea mai buna calitate.

Preamplificator Stereo
Intrari Digitale: optic; coaxial; USB
Intrari Analogice: 1 balansate + 4 nebalansate
Iesiri Analogice: 1 Balansate
Preamplificator Phono: DA MM

Culori disponibile:

64reducere Preamplificatoare Spectral DMC 30SS Series 2 Reference PreamplifierSpectral DMC 30SS Series 2 Reference Preamplifier

Spectral DMC 30SS Series 2 Reference Preamplifier

Spectral Audio is a company which was founded on research in high-end preamplifier design and our depth of commitment to the importance of this work runs deep.

Pret promo: 25.300 70.400          

Atoll PR 100 SE

The PR100 se is a product of emergency audiophile. His electronic circuits are functioning perfectly suited in pure Class A. In an extraordinary transparency, it returns with acuity the smallest detail.

Pret: 2.665          

Yamaha CX-A5000

Absolute Quality, Absolute Realism.
11.2-channel AV Pre-Amplifier at the pinnacle of the AVENTAGE Series.
Superb sound quality combined with fine craftsmanship ensures an unequalled listening experience.
Latest technologies include high rigidity chassis, ESS DACs and reliable balanced connection.

Pret: 10.405          

Atoll PR 200 SE

The PR200 se, through its generous food goes even further, offering stamps extremely refined and very wide stereo image.

Pret: 3.563          

Rotel RC-1590

For music enthusiasts who won’t accept compromise, the reference RC-1590 preamplifier is in a class by itself.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 7.850          

Rotel RSP-1582

Our flagship surround processor has been designed for highest performance and maximum flexibility.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 16.850          

Preamplificator Marantz - AV7704

Preamplificator multicanal 11.2
Procesare 11 canale; 11 iesiri preamplificate XLR/RCA, 2 iesiri preamplificate subwoofer, 2 iesiri preamplificate zona 2;
HDMI – 8 intrari, 3 iesire ( HDCP 2.2 ) - Dolby Atmos, DTSX, 3D, 4K, CEC, ARC / 60Hz FF pass-through pe toate intrarile ( 4:4:4 Pure Color )
WiFi incorporat – AirPlay - DLNA music streaming - Internet Radio – USB pe panoul frontal
Bluetooth incorporat - Aplicatie de control – Autocalibrare cu microfon: Audyssey MultEQ XT32
HDAM, Convertor D/A 32-bit AKM

Pret: 9.699          

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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Hegel P30

Preamplificator de linie, stereo - modelul de varf al constructorului norvegian Hegel

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Pret: 29.500          

NAD M17 V2

Noua generatie M17 V2 contiuna legendara calitate cu care v-am obisnuit si am adaugat Dolby Atmos, Dirac Live, 4K UHD si posibilitatea de streaming bluOS.

Preamplificator multicanal digital
Intrari Digitale: Optic, Coaxial, USB, HDMI (4KUHD, HDCP 2.2, 4:4:4 colour resolution, CEC/ARC )
Intrari Analogice
Iesiri Preamplificate nebalansate: 9 x RCA (inclusiv subwoofer)
Iesiri Preamplificate balansate: 8 x XLR (inclusiv subwoofer)
Dirac LIVE, BluOS, Trigger, Telecomanda

Pret: 31.400          

Marantz AV8802

AV8802 Network A/V Pre-Amplifier

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 18.449          

Rotel RSP-1572

The RSP-1572 is Rotel’s latest 7.1 surround sound preamplifi er. Its advanced design builds upon a progression of outstanding home theater processors that have received critical acclaim around the globe

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 9.000          

Onkyo P-3000R

Preamplificator Stereo
Intrari Digitale: 2 x Optic, 2 x Coaxial, AES/EBU
Intrari Analogice: 5 ( nebalansate )
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM )

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 9.000          

Classe Sigma SSP

The Sigma SSP is a 7.1 channel preamp/processor optimized for stereo but including HDMI switching, multichannel processing and bass management. Its wide variety of input connectors includes asynchronous USB and Ethernet for streaming, augmented by coax and optical; balanced and single-ended analog inputs plus an optional phono stage show how versatile this preamp/processor is despite its compact size. A host of performance-oriented features including digital domain tone/tilt control, and nine-band per channel parametric EQ ensure the best performance with each recording in every room.

Pret: 20.500          

YBA Signature Preamplifier

For the most uncompromising audiophiles, the Signature range stands proud as the pinnacle of research undertaken by YBA over many years. There are no compromises in the design, development and manufacture of Signature products.

Pret: 64.657          

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