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Muzica CD

CD ECM Records Oregon


Paul McCandless - instrumente cu ancie, flaut
Glen Moore - contrabas, vioara, pian
Ralph Towner - chitara, pian, sintetizator
Collin Walcott - sitar, percutie, voce

ecmreviews: "By the time of this self-titled ECM debut, the collective known as Oregon had firmly established its uncategorizable sound on a host of recordings for Vanguard. From the cover photograph, which stands as one of the more confounding choices in ECM history, those unfamiliar with Oregon would probably never guess that the music it sleeves could be so ethereal. Oregon finds the group still in its original incarnation with Paul McCandless, Ralph Towner, Glen Moore, and Collin Walcott (in one of his last sessions with the group before his life was tragically ended in a 1984 car crash).

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Manu Katche: Neighbourhood


Manu Katche - tobe
Tomasz Stanko - trompeta
Jan Garbarek - saxofon tenor
Marcin Wasilewski - pian
Slawomir Kurkiewicz - contrabas

Ruminative, soulful and always melodic, this is cool jazz with a fiery heart.[ John Bungey, The Times ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Eivind Aarset: Dream Logic

Eivind Aarset - chitara electrica, bas, electronice, sampling, percutie, programming
Jan Bang - sampling, programming, dictaphone

Dream Logic evidences Aarset as an extremely adventurous sonic explorer while simultaneously subtly expressing his considerable gift as an improving guitarist.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Vassiis Tsabropoulos, Anja Lechner, Gandhi: Melos


Vassilis Tsabropoulos - pian
Anja Lechner - violoncel
U. T. Gandhi - percutie

On the new album … Tsabropoulos blends almost effortlessly into a globalized, or at least EU-icized, tapestry. The music on this disc isn’t quite tango, jazz or classical, but a fusion of all three. [ Brent Burton, JazzTimes ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Till Fellner - Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Klavier

Till Fellner - pian

Johann Sebastian Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I

Fellner shares some musical-temperamental affinities with former teacher Alfred Brendel, and has been praised by the press for his “insistence on putting musical sense and sensibility ahead of idle showmanship”: highly concentrated, very self-possessed, he gets at the heart of the material. “In his manner and his music-making he exudes calm and elegance.” - " [ The New York Times ]

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Danish String Quartet - Beethoven / Shostakovich / Bach: Prism I


Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen - vioara
Frederik Oland - vioara
Asbjorn Norgaard - viola
Fredrik Schoyen Sjolin - violoncel

For its third ECM release, the prize-winning Danish String Quartet inaugurates a series of five albums with the overarching title of Prism, in which the group will present one of Beethoven’s late string quartets in the context of a related fugue by J.S. Bach as well as a linked masterwork from the quartet literature. With Prism 1, it’s the first of Beethoven’s late quartets, op. 127 in E-flat Major, alongside Bach’s fugue in the same key (arranged by Mozart) and Dmitri Shostakovich’s final string quartet, the No. 15 in E-flat minor.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD ECM Records Mstislav Rostropovich, Tatiana Melentieva - Alexander Knaifel: Amicta Sole


Mstislav Rostropovich - violoncel
Tatiana Melentieva - soprana
Boy Choir Glinka Choral College, dirijor Vladimir Begletsov
State Hermitage Orchestra, dirijor Arkady Shteinlukht

Alexander Knaifel :
- Psalm 51(50) For Cello Solo
- Amicta Solo (Clothed With The Sun) For Soloists (Female) Of Soloists

Composer Alexander Knaifel collaborates with cellist Mstislav Rostropovich on Psalm 51, which is held by some to convey the most comprehensive expression of emotions in the book of Psalms. Rostropovich is called upon to “sing” the Russian translation of the text, articulating it through the medium of the cello. One of the finest living cellists, Rostropovich draws out an astonishing array of colours and textures. The pure voice of the composer’s wife Tatiana, along with soloists of the Glinka Boys Choir, sings out the spiritual texts of Amicta Sole. Compelling listening. [ Gavin Engelbrecht, Northern Echo ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Erkki-Sven Tuur: 7th Symphony / Piano Concerto


Erkki-Sven Tuur:
- Piano Concerto
- Symphony No. 7 "Pietas"

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, NDR Choir ( dirijor Paavo Jarvi )
Laura Mikkola - pian

Dense, complex, mysterious, passionate, spellbinding, sometimes strange and always original, Tüür’s Piano Concerto and choral Symphony receive stunning performances enhanced by superb sound quality.
BW, BBC Music Magazine

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Pat Metheny: Bright Size Life


Pat Metheny - chitara electrica
Jaco Pastorius - bas
Bob Moses - tobe

AllMusic: "Pat Metheny's debut studio album is a good one, a trio date that finds him already laying down the distinctively cottony, slightly withdrawn tone and asymmetrical phrasing that would serve him well through most of the swerves in direction ahead. His original material, all of it lovely, bears the bracing air of his Midwestern upbringing, with titles like "Missouri Uncompromised," "Midwestern Nights Dream," and "Omaha Celebration." There is also a sole harbinger of radical matters way down the road with the inclusion of a loose-jointed treatment of Ornette Coleman's "Round Trip/Broadway Blues," proving that Song X did not come from totally out of the blue. Besides being Metheny's debut, this LP also features one of the earliest recordings of Jaco Pastorius, a fully formed, well-matched contrapuntal force on electric bass, though content to leave the spotlight mostly to Metheny. Bob Moses, who like Metheny played in the Gary Burton Quintet at the time, is the drummer, and he can mix it up, too. "

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Jan Garbarek: Eventyr

Jan Garbarek - saxofon tenor si sopran, flaut
John Abercrombie - chitara electrica
Nana Vasconcelos - berimbau, percutie, voce

"Eventyr means “adventure.” Classical listeners may also recognize it as the name of Frederick Delius’s lovely 1917 tone poem, which is often translated as “Once Upon A Time” to underscore its origins in the folk tale collections of Norwegian scholar Peter Christen Asbjørnsen.

Here, the name adorns one of Jan Garbarek’s most recondite efforts to date and, like its own “Once Upon A Time,” houses a world of lessons and signs for those willing enough to interpret them. Joined by John Abercrombie and Nana Vasconcelos, he spins a string of seven improvisations, rounded out by a standard, “East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon” (Brooks Bowman), that doesn’t so much end the album as open us to its nebulous center.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Andy Sheppard: Movements In Colour

Andy Sheppard - saxofoane
John Parricelli - chitara
Eivind Aarset - chitara, electronice
Arild Andersen - contrabas
Kuljit Bhamra - tabla, percutie

Although Andy Sheppard has been featured on a dozen albums with Carla Bley for WATT, this is his first album for ECM proper. The British saxophonist heads an international quintet in a programme of self-penned pieces, all buoyant and strongly melodic.

Sheppard’s elegant saxophone and the strongly-contrasting guitars of Parricelli and Aarset are lifted up by the rhythmic drive of Arild Andersen’s muscular bass and the crisp, dynamic tabla of Kuljit Bhamra, a musician well known in the UK as a key figure in the Asian pop and bhangra movements.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records John Abercrombie / Dave Holland / Jack DeJohnette: Gateway 2

John Abercrombie - chitara, mandolina electrica
Dave Holland - contrabas
Jack DeJohnette - tobe, pian

In this era of tawdry sequels, it’s almost difficult to believe that John Abercrombie, Dave Holland, and Jack DeJohnette could have surpassed the profundity of 1975’s seminal Gateway. I say “almost” only because each member of this dream trio has yet to let this committed listener down and always comes to the studio bearing a basket overflowing with fresh ideas. Not only do the results of this 1978 follow-up not disappoint, they ascend into their own category. [ ecmreviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Enrico Rava: New York Days


Enrico Rava - trompeta
Stefano Bollani - pian
Mark Turner - saxofon tenor
Larry Grenadier - contrabas
Paul Motian - tobe

In assessing Enrico Rava's lengthy career, while it is clear that he is still reaching for the unattainable, in recent years the Italian trumpeter's context has been considerably more centrist. Easy Living (ECM, 2004) and The Words and the Days (ECM, 2007) were undeniably mainstream, albeit with an unmistakable European and, at times, Mediterranean bent. New York Days teams Rava and pianist Stefano Bollani—last heard in duet on the marvelous The Third Man (ECM, 2008)—together with perennially underrated tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, increasingly ubiquitous bassist FLY and drum icon Paul Motian for a set of nine originals and two free improvisations that, like The Third Man combine innate lyricism and swing with some of Rava's freest playing in years. [ John Kelman ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Keith Jarrett: The Koln Concert

1975 - Keith Jarrett - pian

Recorded in 1975 at the Koln Opera House and released the same year, this disc has, along with its revelatory music, some attendant cultural baggage that is unfair in one sense: Every pot-smoking and dazed and confused college kid -- and a few of the more sophisticated ones in high school -- owned this as one of the truly classic jazz records, along with Bitches Brew, Kind of Blue, Take Five, A Love Supreme, and something by Grover Washington, Jr. Such is cultural miscegenation. It also gets unfairly blamed for creating George Winston, but that's another story.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Marcin Wasilewski Trio: Spark Of Life

Marcin Wasilewski - pian
Slawomir Kurkiewicz - contrabas
Michal Miskiewicz - tobe
Joakim Milder - saxofon tenor

The fourth ECM album for the Wasilewski Trio adds a special guest, the lyrical Swedish saxophonist Joakim Milder, whom the Poles came to know through performances with Tomasz Stanko’s Litania project. Amongst other affinities, the players share a love of Krzyzstof Komeda’s music, and Komeda’s “Sleep Safe and Warm” theme, written for Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby make a reappearance here.

As ever, the Wasilewski group balances original material – intensely melodic new tunes by Marcin (including two variations of the beautiful title track) – with a daring range of covers, embracing Herbie Hancock, the Police’s “Message In A Bottle” and Slawomir Kurkiewicz’s arrangement of a composition by Grazyna Bacewicz, and reinforces its status as one of the most resourceful groups around. This is the trio’s second ECM appearance this year, following on from sterling work as Jacob Young’s rhythm section on Forever Young. Spark of Life was recorded in Lugano in March 2014, and produced by Manfred Eicher.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Tomasz Stanko: From The Green Hill


Tomasz Stanko - trompeta
John Surman - saxofon bariton, bas clarinet
Dino Saluzzi - bandoneon
Michelle Makarski - vioara
Anders Jormin - contrabas
Jon Christensen - tobe

After his critical and popular success with Litania, revitalizing the music of his countryman Komeda, Poland's Stanko, possessor of perhaps the darkest trumpet sound in jazz, resurfaces here in quite a different context, with associates from everywhere. Bandeonista from Argentina, reedman from England's south coast, classical violinist from Detroit, bassist from Sweden. Only veteran Norwegian drummer Jon Christensen is retained from the Litania session, although a sense of continuity is maintained by Saulzzi, who brings a wistful regret to his interpretation of a Komeda theme. Otherwise Stanko and John Surman share composer credits as well as the special understanding that belongs only to the most lyrical improvisers.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Steve Swallow: Always Pack Your Uniform On Top


Steve Swallow - bas
Barry Ries - trompeta
Chris Potter - saxofon tenor
Mick Goodrick - chitara
Adam Nussbaum - tobe

The evidence indicates that Steve Swallow is a travelin’ man: this release was recorded on the road at Ronnie Scott’s venerable club in Soho. To call him a journeyman bassist would fall far short of his due: His is an irrepressible musical personality that suffuses any piece he touches. He has cultivated a unique sound, finding character in the bass guitar that few players can even imagine. [ JazzTimes ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Jazz Ensemble Des HR: Atmospheric Conditions Permitting


Tony Scott - clarinet
Joki Freund - saxofon tenor
Heinz Sauer - saxofon tenor, sintetizator
Albert Mangelsdorff - trombon
Ralf-R. Huebner - tobe
Bob Degen - pian
Bill Frisell - chitara
Eberhard Weber - bas
Rainer Bruninghaus - pian electric
Paul Lovens - tobe, percutie
Lee Konitz - saxofon alto
Wilhelm Liefland - narator

Subtitled 'radio recordings 1967-1993', Atmospheric Conditions Permitting enters the archives of Frankfurt Radio (Hessischer Rundfunk) and retrieves material from 31 sessions featuring a total of 50 musicians. The resultant double CD amounts to a panorama of German jazz, primarily featuring the long-established Jazzensemble des Hessichen Rundfunks (founded 1958) as well as groups of overlapping personnel, such as the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet and the Joki Freund Septet. But there are also appearances by guest musicians. These include an Alexander von Schlippenbach band deconstructing a walz, the Thomas Heberer-Aki Takase duo reworking a 50-year-old German pop song, and Bulgarians Milcho Leviev and Theodossij Spassov exploring the interface between Eastern European folk and modern jazz, with Spassov soloing persuasively on the kaval.

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Charlie Haden, Carla Bley: The Ballad Of The Fallen


Charlie Haden - bas
Carla Bley - pian, glockenspiel, aranjamente
Don Cherry - trompetaSharon Freeman French Horn
Mick Goodrick - chitara
Jack Jeffers - tuba
Michael Mantler - trompeta
Paul Motian - tobe, percutie
Jim Pepper - saxofoane, flaut
Dewey Redman - saxofon tenor
Steve Slagle - saxofoane, clarinet, flaut
Gary Valente - trombon

The outbursts of free improvisation throughout the album contrast the beautiful songs and add a confrontational side of protest to the music. After all the issues at hand do piss off these musicians. In a surprising move Downbeat Magazine selected Ballad of the Fallen as Jazz album of the year in 1984. ECM was a favorite label on the magazine in the early 80s. The Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Full Force won in 1981 and Old and New Dreams – Playing in 1982.
[ ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Charles Lloyd: Quartets (5-CD Box)

Charles Lloyd - saxofon tenor, flaut, oboi
Bobo Stenson - pian
Palle Danielsson, Anders Jormin - contrabas
Jon Christensen, Ralph Peterson, Billy Hart - tobe

Setul contine reeditarea albumelor Fish Out Of Water, Notes From Big Sur, All My Relations, The Call si Canto

  • Numar discuri: 5
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

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