Amplificator Hegel H80

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Amplificator Hegel H80

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Acest lucru se datorează de cele mai multe ori faptului că producătorul Hegel a încetat să mai fabrice acest model sau l-a înlocuit cu unul mai performant.

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Prezentare generala Amplificator Hegel H80

H 80 este cel mai mic amplificator integrat din oferta producatorului norvegian Hegel.
3 analogice (2 x nebalansat RCA, 1 x balansat XLR)
5 digitale (2 x optic, 2 x coax, 1 x USB)
Etajul de preamplificare este fara compromisuri, similar cu cel folosit in produse de varf.
DACul integrat are multe in comun cu DACurile separate fabricate de catre Hegel. Nu necesita drivere, este plug&play.
Etajul de iesire foloseste SoundEngine, o tehnologie care reduce mult distorsiunile si mareste damping factorul amplificatorului.
Conexiunea USB permite utilizarea telecomenzii amplificatorului pentru a controla playlistul din computer (puteti da skip, play sau pauza din telecomanda).
Hegel H 80 ofera putere, control si dinamica, mult peste ce puteti gasi in amplificatoarele din aceasta gama de pret.

Kirk Midtskog ( The Absolute Sound ): "The H80 sounds neutral without glare, harshness, or graininess—unless, as already noted, the amp is pushed beyond its over-achieving power limit. In general, Hegel amps have a marvelously clear and smooth quality but do not realize that smoothness by sounding rolled-off or veiled. The H80 is no exception. It sounds tonally even-handed and texturally smooth while transmitting enough resolution to allow a wide selection of musical nuances to come through with their “essence” intact. Predictably, you will notice better resolution, refinement, power output, and soundstaging— especially the rendering of depth—as you move up the Hegel amplifier line. As such, the H80 still offers a commendable level of the company’s characteristic neutrality and smoothness at a relatively low price."

Roger Kanno ( Sound Stage HiFi ): "I found the Hegel H80 to be well built and well thought out; it performed superbly, no matter which speakers I used or what type of music I played. And maybe it’s because I spend so much time fussing with complicated multichannel audio equipment, but I found something that’s as simple to use and that sounds as good as the Hegel Music Systems H80 a refreshing change. Its clean sound and ability to play loud make it suitable for use in a high-performance system with any reasonable, moderately sensitive loudspeaker, and its solid build quality and glitch-free operation instil confidence. For $2000, the H80 is a great option for anyone looking for a cost-effective, single-box way to build a high-performance audio system."

The Ear: "It must be clear to you that I really like the Hegel H80 in my smaller system. It distinguishes itself in its price range because of sound quality that reminds me of a full class A amplifier. Which is IMHO one of the best ways to build amplifiers for the purpose of enjoying music at home. That Hegel realizes this without the disadvantage of energy waste is worth some extra bonus points. As you can see, inventive solutions come from Norway too. The H80 is flexible enough to snugly fit in a modern audio system with analogue or digital sources of any kind. The USB input with a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz might upset hi res enthusiasts, but for normal use it is good enough in combination with a laptop or music server. Operation is straightforward, although I would prefer a larger remote control. Criticisms that do not really count compared to the excellent results when playing music. This is simply a very fine amplifier that will serve and please you for a long time."

Matej Isak ( Mono & Stereo ): "For many people the H80 can be a good amplifier for years. For some, it may be even one and only device in the system, if we don’t count the speakers. Plugging it into a small laptop gives a possibility to create home entertainment system with a handy interface and a remote control. The idea of the H80 is brilliant - a relatively inexpensive, versatile amp with a serious DAC onboard. If that was not enough, the new Hegel is far better in terms of sound than its predecessor - the H70. The H80 sounds more natural and mature, but still very powerful. It’s hard to ask for more. That’s why this amplifier is worthy of our recommendation."

Chris Ward ( HiFi Choice ): "This amplifier feels like it’s successfully addressing noise and distortion in fundamentally new ways. It may be an entry-level product in Hegel’s product range, but it is clearly benefitting from trickle-down technologies found on more superior machines further up the range. Used daily for two weeks of intensive reviewing, I never once hanker for more convenience or quality. Hegel has integrated a capable DAC, highly sensitive preamp and radical power output stages in one box in a way that adds up to far more than the sum of its parts. And it’s done this at a very sensible price. It comes across as a low noise, low distortion, high transparency, high grip amplifier that can be considered a steal for the money. You could go down a separates route for the same price, but you’d need to spend a fair chunk of the budget on quality interconnects and power cables and even then I’m not sure you’d approach this level of joined-up music making."

Mark Gusew ( Stereo Net ): "If you are used to your typical tired big brand Japanese integrated amplifier, you will have a huge smile on your face when you hear how good this amp sounds. What the Hegel has produced is a really fine integrated amplifier that sounds better than it should at the price. When I first listened to it, well before knowing the price, I thought that the sound was representative of an amplifier of something costing probably close to double the price. The internal DAC alone is worthy of the asking price. If the H80 is only the entry level, I would love to hear the rest of the range"

Specificatii tehnice pentru Amplificator Hegel H80

Link producator:
Alte caracteristici: Damping factor > 1000
Separatie intre canale sub -100 dB
Distorsiuni de intermodulatie sub 0.01

Dimensiuni: 10cm x 43cm x 34.5cm (HxWxD)
Greutate: 12kg
Putere RMS: 2 x 75 W @ 8 Ohms, 125 W @ 4 Ohms
Raport Semnal/zgomot: peste 100dB
Raspuns in frecventa: 5 Hz - 100.000 Hz
Review-uri: The Absolute Sound, SoundStage HiFi, The Ear, Mono & Stereo, HiFi Choice, Stereo Net
THD: sub 0.01% @ 50W 8 Ohms 1kHz
Acest produs poate avea şi următoarele denumiri:

Hegel, H80, amplificator, integrat, amplifier, stereo

REVIEW-URI PENTRU Amplificator Hegel H80

Nota  (4.8)
bazata pe 13 aprecieri
Dan la 20-08-2015 (13:31)

Un amplificator extraordinar,avand ca bonus un DAC de calitate foarte buna.Recomand fara ezitare si pentru boxe dificile cum sunt Dynaudio.O combinatie de vis dupa parerea mea.

Florin la 15-10-2015 (21:24)

Subscriu comentariului anterior,bijuteria asta norvegiana piloteaza boxele cu o usurinta remarcabila,e dinamica, precisa si incredibil de clara.Nu cunoaste notiunea de distorsiune nici la volum ridicat. Nu cred ca are rival in categoria lui de pret. Acest amplificator face intr-adevar diferenta clara intre hi-fi si high end. Daca ar mai exista, as mai adauga vreo doua stele, sa fie 7! Multumesc echipei AVSTORE pentru sfaturi,ca intodeauna ireprosabili!

robert la 16-12-2015 (14:20)

sunet incredibil la un astfel de pret !!

alex la 31-12-2015 (23:27)

ce nu inteleg eu este de unde atata high end cand finali 2sa2121 facuti in cel mai bun caz de toshiba costa maxim 5 dolar bucata

Florin la 03-01-2016 (18:13)

Daca citeai cu atentie, recenziile postate fac referire la calitatea sunetului nu la cea a componentelor electronice.Este cunoscut faptul ca un amplificator audio nu se reduce la tranziztorii finali.Ceea ce conteaza este implementarea. In cazul de fata implementarea este una reusita, sunetul fiind, asa cum s-a mentionat, unul excelent.Daca sunetul e slab nu intereseaza pe nimeni daca producatorul a folosit bjt sau mosfet.Este adevarat ca fiecare are dreptul la o opinie, insa opinia trebuie sa fie folositoare celor care vor sa cumpere produsul.Unii posteaza doar ca sa arate ce cunoscatori sunt ei. Si ca sa revin la Hegel H80, incintele mele Dali nu au sunat niciodata mai bine desi detin si alte amplificatoare. Toata gama de frecvente e foarte bine acoperita,cu accent pe frecventele joase(deosebit de bine redate).

alex la 16-02-2016 (23:33)

Cu siguranta ca este printre cele mai bune amplificatoare la acest pret, motiv pentru care l-am achizitionat si eu. Pot spune ca sunt foarte multumit de el , il folosesc tot pe incinte dali. insa intamplarea face sa achizitionez ulterior un aplificator vitage de la firma sansui care nu pune acent pe nici o frecventa , este ca si cum ar fi interpretul in fata ta, sper ca se intelege ce vreau sa spun ....

Florin la 26-02-2016 (22:34)

Daca ne-ai fi relatat despre un amplificator vintage, am fi inteles cu totii ce vrei sa spui, insa cu acel "aplificator vitage" care nu pune "acent", ne-ai cam pierdut. Iar fiind un vintage, e posibil sa nu mai puna accent pe nimic, nici chiar pe sunet...Dar asta e o alta discutie. Revenind la tema, mie imi place controlul bun pe bass(care este bine integrat in spectrul de frecvente de catre H80). Desigur, de gustibus non disputandum est. Remarcabila este insa cresterea punctajului recenziei tale de la 4 la 5 stele, “finali_” 2sa2121 de 5 “dolar_” bucata incetand a mai constitui o problema.

Mihai la 19-12-2016 (17:51)

Suna foarte bine. Controlul frecvențelor este excelent. DAC-ul este extrem de capabil pentru unul integrat.

andras la 03-01-2017 (16:08)

Suna excelent, puternic, ritmat, clar si detalii foarte fine mai ales pe medii (vocale). Dac-ul incorporat este de foarte buna calitate. Il folosesc cu incinte Audio Physic si cu cabluri QED Genesis Silver Spiral. Recomand cu incredere.

Catalin la 23-06-2017 (14:37)

Un amplificator cu un sunet vioi,placut si extrem de muzical insa cu o usoara coloratura care poate placea insa unora. DAC-ul inclus mi se pare o alta optiune interesanta mai ales ca nu suna deloc rau pentru o solutie integrata. Per ansamblu un amplificator bun care a confirmat parerile bune auzite pe la altii.

Seba la 18-07-2017 (09:20)

Un amplificator cu sunet superb, este acel prim pas de la hi-fi la high end.

nic la 04-08-2017 (15:32)

Ascult de vreo luna cu el.Nu pot spune decat ca intradevar dacul este super.Dar sunt dezamagit de sunet(bine ca l-am luat la reducere),nu prea aud diferenta fata de PM6005(faptul ca ai un bas precis?!). Unde-i high-endul de care vorbiti?

Seba la 06-08-2017 (23:43)

Nic,ca fost propietar de PM6005 te asigur ca diferentele sunt ca de la cer la refer la sunet.Am ascultat ambele amplificatoare cuplate la o pereche de boxe Dali Ikon 2 mk.2,Hegel joaca in cu totul alta liga.Mai mult ca sigur in sistemul tau,veriga slaba nu este H80.Incearca sa mergi la o auditie si asculta H80 cu boxe KEF,Dali sau Dynaudio.

Subiecte de pe care au legatura cu Amplificator Hegel H80

Hegel la AVstore.roIncepand cu 2015, AVstore are placerea sa reprezinte in Romania firma norvegiana Hegel. In cateva cuvinte, sunetul aparatelor Hegel se poate caracteriza prin neutralitate tonala, dinamica exceptionala si muzicalitate. Sunetul este rezolut, dar fara ca asta sa stirbeasca cu nimic din placerea ascultarii muzicii. Nu intamplator, legendarul inginer d

La cumperi la preturi PROMO, poti plati in rate si ai livrare GRATUITA pentru comenzi peste 300RON in reteaua Fan Courier.
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