Amplificator Emotiva XPA Gen3 Modular Amplifier System - 2 Channel

Amplificator Modular de Putere ( 2 - 7 canale )
max 7 x 200 W RMS / canal @ 8 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz, THD < 0.1%
( 300 W RMS in stereo )
Intrari Analogice: XLR / RCA
Damping Factor > 500

Pret: 5.399          

Amplificator Woo Audio WA-234 MONO

The World’s First
Mono-block Headphone and Speaker Amplifier

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 82.800          

Amplificator Primare I22

The I22 is a two x 80 watt integrated amplifier utilising our acclaimed proprietary UFPD power technology. It is designed to provide high power output with very low distortion and system control.

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Pret: 5.970          

Amplificator Pioneer A-30

Pioneer A-30-K 70W Stereo Amplifier with Direct Energy Design

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Pret: 1.199          

Amplificator NAD C375BEE

The C 375BEE is far more than a bigger C 355BEE — in fact, it is much closer in spec to the M3 Integrated Amplifier from NAD’s high end Masters Series. It also incorporates an updated version of NAD’s “Building Block” concept to make the addition of the PP375 phono module and other affordable future upgrades possible. Attention to the most minute detail is evident everywhere, from the heavy gauge steel chassis to the sophisticated power supplies and copper buss bars channeling almost absurd amounts of current to the custom gold plated speaker binding posts.

The C 375BEE boasts many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. These include application of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. An improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that simply must be heard, to be fully appreciated!

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Pret: 5.900          

Amplificator Devialet 1000 PRO

Amplificator Stereo Integrat
Configuratie Dual Mono
Preamplificator / DAC / Streamer
Putere: 2 x 1000 W ( 6 ohm )
Intrari Digitale: USB, Optic, Coaxial, LAN, WIFI
Intrari Analogice: RCA configurabile
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM / MC )
Iesiri Preamplificate: DA + Subwoofer

Damping Factor: 8000
Suporta HiRes Audio ( PCM / DSD )
ADHV2®, SAM®, AIR®, EVO®, DAC Magic Wire®, RAM®

Pret: 125.550          

  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Amplificator Hegel H360

Hegel H360 is a giant among integrated amplifiers. With 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms and a damping factor of more than 4000, it will control virtually any loudspeaker on the market. Thanks to the patented SoundEngine technology, this beast of an amplifier combines power, dynamics, finesse and musicality like no other integrated amp on the market. The connectivity is more of a bonus...

Pret: 25.450          

Marantz HD-AMP1

Amplificator Stereo Integrat
Putere: 2 x 35 W ( 8 ohm ) / 2 x 70 W ( 4 ohm )
Intrari Digitale: 2 x Optic, 1 x Coaxial, USB
Intrari Analogice: 2 x RCA
Preamplificator Phono: NU
Iesiri Preamplificate: Subwoofer

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 4.999          

Amplificator Sony TA-A1ES

Amplificator Stereo Integrat
Putere: 2 x 80 W ( 8 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.09% THD )
Intrari Digitale: NU
Intrari Analogice: 4 nebalansate ( RCA ) + 1 balansata ( XLR )
Preamplificator Phono: NU
Iesiri Preamplificate: NU

Pret: 9.149          

  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Amplificator Yamaha R-N402D

receiver stereo
Putere: 2 x 100 W ( @8 ohm, 20hZ-20kHz, 0.2% THD )
Intrari Digitale: Optic, Coaxial
Intrari Analogice: 4
Preamplificator Phono: NU
Iesiri Preamplificate: NU
WiFi / LAN - USB pe panoul frontal - AirPlay / DLNA / MusicCast
Bluetooth incorporat ( in / out ) – Tuner FM

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 2.399          

Amplificator NAD C 388 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier

Classic Amplifiers. Intelligent. Powerful. Efficient.

Pret: 6.590          

Amplificator Harman/Kardon HK 3700

Harman Kardon’s reputation for excellence in sound quality and distortion-free power just moved forward to embrace the best of both digital and analogue worlds. Discover 170 watts of power in a stereo receiver dedicated to complete connectivity for all your devices. The high-performance, Harman Kardon HK 3700 stereo receiver delivers everything you need to drive any home audio system. With analogue and digital connectivity, the HK 3700 delivers plenty of power and offers a built-in, 192 kHz/24-bit DAC.

Pret: 2.149          

28reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Cabasse Stream Amp resigilatAmplificator Cabasse Stream Amp resigilat
  • Disponibil doar resigilat

Amplificator Cabasse Stream Amp resigilat

Wireless High Resolution Audio amplifier
Stream AMP: the new smart building brick of the Cabasse Stream house, for wireless music distribution with style and high resolution

Pret promo: 1.699 2.350          

Amplificator Marantz MM7025

The MM7025 is this year’s ideal two-channel main amplifier with a whopping 140W rms into 8 ohms per channel. Use it in an AV setup to give your front channels an earth-moving boost or simply to make a sensational upgrade to an existing stereo system.

Pret: 4.399          

Amplificator Yamaha R-N303D

Amplificator integrat cu DAC, Bluetooth si streaming
Putere iesire: 2 x 100 W (8 ohms, 40 Hz-20 kHz, 0.2% THD)
Preout: 1 x subwoofer
Intrari digitale : 1 (Optical) / 1 (Coaxial)
Intrari analogice: 4 x RCA
Iesiri analogice : 1 x RCA
Iesire casti
Decodeaza : DSD 5.6 MHz and FLAC / WAV / AIFF 192 kHz / 24-bit

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 1.899          

Amplificator Pioneer A-20

The A-20 Direct Energy Design amplifiers with Symmetrical Construction offer class-leading, high quality sound, wrapped in understated, technical elegance.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 999          

Amplificator Onkyo A-9050

Amplificator Stereo Integrat
Putere: 2 x 75 W ( 8 ohm, 1 kHz, 0.08% THD )
Intrari Digitale: Optic, 2 x Coaxial
Intrari Analogice: 5 ( nebalansate )
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM )
Iesiri Preamplificate: DA + Subwoofer

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 2.099          

Amplificator NAD D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier

Our D 7050 with Apple AirPlay is one simple package. If you have a computer or smartphone running iTunes and a home Wi-Fi network, just add the D 7050 and your favourite loudspeakers. You'll now have a state-of-the-art audio system in a stylish and compact package that fits anywhere in your home.

Pret: 3.950          

Amplificator Onkyo TX-8130

Receiver Stereo
Putere: nc
Intrari Digitale: Optic, Coaxial
Intrari Analogice: 7
Alte surse: AM/FM ­ USB ­ LAN ( AirPlay, DLNA, Spotify Conect , Deezer, Internet Radio ) ­ DAB+
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM )
Iesiri Preamplificate: Subwoofer

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 2.249          

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