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33reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Audiolab 8200AAmplificator Audiolab 8200A
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Amplificator Audiolab 8200A

Audiolab’s latest integrated amp is the result of elegant, unfussy engineering of the highest quality. Clean lines and firm, responsive controls ensure it is a pleasure to use, while the amp’s internal design delivers exceptional sound: fast, clean and detailed, a performance perfectly in balance from deep bass to soaring treble.

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24reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Audiolab 8200MAmplificator Audiolab 8200M

Amplificator Audiolab 8200M

Using two monobloc amplifiers, rather than a two-channel stereo power amplifier, can significantly improve the performance of any hi-fi system. The 8200M builds upon the template provided by the 8200P to deliver a single-channel amplifier of exceptional talent.

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20reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Audiolab 8200PAmplificator Audiolab 8200P
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Amplificator Audiolab 8200P

The 8200P is a classic Audiolab two-channel power amplifier, with a sound as clean and crisp as its minimalist exterior. Its pedigree is impeccable, descended from a range of amplifiers revered throughout the world for their unerring ability to perform at the highest level.

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Amplificator Audiolab 8300A

Amplificator Stereo Integrat - topologie Dual Mono
Putere: 2 x 75 W ( 8 ohm ) / 2 x 115 W ( 4 ohm )
Intrari Digitale: NU
Intrari Analogice: 6 x RCA, 1 x XLR, 1 x HT
Preamplificator Phono: DA ( MM, MC )
Iesiri Preamplificate: DA (2)

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Amplificator Audiolab 8300MB

Amplificator Mono - Real Balansat
Putere: 250 W ( 8 ohm ) / 350 W ( 4 ohm )
Intrari Analogice: RCA, XLR

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