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CD Player Atoll CD 100 SE

ATOLL presents the SE version of the range of CD players. All the players are now equipped with a brand new pure audio transport from TEAC. The CD50SE, CD80SE and CD100SE are using a very precise and musical Wolfson WM8729 converter and gets reworked output stages. Transformers are specically dedicated to audio section. Output stages with discrete components polarized on A class. MKT condensators for audio links. Separated supply between audio and digital section. CD, CD-R and MP3 files readable. CD text. The CD100SE gets a symetrical output stages with discrete components polarized on A class supplied by a specific toroidal 160VA transformer.

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CD Player Atoll CD 200 SE

Pure audio transport from TEAC. 160 VA toroidal transformer dedicated to output stages. 15 VA transformer dedicated to digital stages. 7 regulated supplies with one specific for the converter. BURR-BROWN PCM1794 converter 24bits/192 kHz, 8x oversampling 129 dB dynamic, 129 dB signal/noise sorties différentielles en courant Curent/voltage converters with bipolar transistors. MKP condensators. Output differential stages with discrete components polarized on A class. CD text Remote control

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CD Player Atoll CD 30 Tuner in

In line with the integrated IN30, ATOLL launches its ideal complement with a multisource product, the CD30. Each source chosen being powered only, no interference is possible between each item. CD player : allows to read all your CDs including MP3 playback; USB input : allows reading digitalised music; TUNER FM : (Optional) Equipped with a high‐quality FM receiver; Possible memory of 60 stations.

Pret: 3.348          

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