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CD Player Denon DCD-520AE

To faithfully reproduce the original sound, the DCD-520AE is endowed with a wide range of audio technology that Denon has developed and refined over the years. For a sound that surpasses the quality expected in its class, Denon engineers have carefully selected parts for the audio section, the power unit and other areas on the basis of their contribution to high sound quality.

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Pret: 949          

CD Player Denon DCD-F109

Redare CD-R/CD-RW (MP3, WMA)
Sunet curat si pur
Traiectorie minima a semnalului CD pick up
Conectivitate pentru player portabil
Conectivitate directa iPod prin port USB
Iesire digitala coaxiala
Conectivitate USB
Afisaj frontal pe 2-randuri
Disponibil in Argintiu Premium si Negru

Pret: 899          

CD Player Denon DCD-720AE

Pure CD-Player with reliable premium technology like original Denon AL32 Processing for crystal clear and detailed playback.

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Pret: 1.379          

CD Player Denon DCD-1520AE

High quality CD/SACD Player and USB-DAC with Advanced AL32 processing for pure performance

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Pret: 5.899          

CD Player Denon DCD-2020AE Silver

With more than 100 years of company heritage, Denon has never stopped pushing the frontiers on classic 2-channel HiFi. The result is the company’s new top of the range power amplifier PMA-2020AE and CD/SACD Player DCD-2020AE. Both sum up all of the engineers’ dedication and know-how within their beautifully shaped bodies.

Pret: 9.679