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DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD

Cod produs: ref.29625
DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD

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Acest lucru se datorează de cele mai multe ori faptului că producătorul iFi Audio a încetat să mai fabrice acest model sau l-a înlocuit cu unul mai performant.

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Singurul DAC din lume capabil sa decodeze nativ Octa-DSD512 / PCM768 / Double DXD. Perfect-Match inseamna ca poate amplifica optim orice casca, de la cele mai mici casti in-ear pana la HD800

Prezentare generala DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD

iFi micro iDSD este singurul DAC din lume capabil sa redea True Native Octa-DSD512/PCM768/Double DXD, indiferent de gama de pret. Amplificatorul de casti integrat este dotat cu Perfect-Match, ceea ce inseamna ca se poate adapta pentru orice casca, de la monitoare in-ear pana la casti high-end. Puterea maxima este de 8v/4000mW si poate sa satisfaca cu brio chiar si cele mai gurmande casti.



iFi este o firma care si-a construit reputatia de a fi in ton cu ultimele tehnologii si tendinte din domeniul Computer-Audio. Micro iDSD este dotat cu un chipset Dual-Core Burr-Brown native DSD/PCM si poate decoda streamuri cu rezolutii uluitoare: True Native PCM768, Octa-Speed DSD512 sau 2x DXD.




Folosit ca amplificator de casti, micro iDSD are trei moduri de functionare:  Eco, Normal sau Turbo ( 250 mW, 1000 mW sau 4000mW ). Astfel puteti conduce eficient orice model de casca - indiferent de sensibilitate, acestea nu se vor auzi niciodata prea incet sau prea tare ( butonul de control de volum va avea mereu cursa optima ).



SmartPower® este o facilitate prin care micro iDSD’s poate alimenta un Smartphone. Micro iDSD are o baterie de 4800mAH capabila sa incarce de doua ori un iPhone. Este compatibil atat cu produse Apple, cat si Android ( telefoane si tablete ).



iFi iCAN si iTube sunt produse care au cunoscut un deosebit succes, asa ca Micro iDSD a integrat ceva din tehnologiile cu care acestea sunt echipate. 3D Holographic si XBass sunt disponibile acum atat pentru casti cat si pentru boxe ( ambele sunt selectabile, implementate in domeniul analogic, in circuite diferite, separat pentru casti fata de boxe ).

Prin programul Crowd-Design iFi este incantat sa aiba clientul final in mijlocul programului de dezvoltare a produselor. Foarte multe din optiunile si facilitatile disponibile in produsele iFi au fost implementate la cererea sau la sugestia clientilor - Direct/Pre-Amp, 3.5mm input, SPDIF Input/Output si multe altel.

“The British company is the more budget oriented sister brand of the prestige Abbingdon Music Research and have made a name for able to punch above its weight when it comes to price/performance ratio….If anything, the micro iDSD that is going to be reviewed here has set a new bar on what it means to be an overachiever in the world of portable audio gear. Never have we seen so many features being packed into one portable USB DAC + amp while still having such level of performance….the use of a recessed USB type A male connector. This makes using either a camera connection kit for Apple iOS devices or an USB OTG cable for Android devices much easier….If you ever need a portable USB DAC + amp that can just about do it all, do it well, and do it without costing a limb, I reckon this is it.”  

“Until now, iFi has never made a product that disappoint, they are a truly remarkable company which makes remarkable products, The iDSD Micro design features was brainstormed with the community in mind, seeking suggestions from the fellow users here in head-fi, which i think is a really beautiful thing to see, the company putting the users first and listening to what the user wants, and includes them in their design, all companies should learn from this. The iDSD certainly is a monster packed full of features, made with quality and made to impress.”

“There is really nothing not to love about it. I hope that iFi continues to make excellent quality products as such, and i look forward to your next product in the iFi line !”

“After just over a week of owning the iFi Micro iDSD and iUSB Power combo (I’m calling that combo iDSD Stack ) I knew it was special and that it was in my system to stay for a very long time. I decided to pack up my iDSD, iUSB Power, and Gemini and send it to Mike over at Audiophile Vibration Control (AVC) so he could design and build a rack that was more stable and offered better isolation for the iDSD Stack. The reason for this is that it plays double duty for me – I use it for headphones as well as in my main 2 channel rig. After a couple of weeks of prototyping, he came up with something that far exceeded my expectations.”


Head Mania:

“Looking at the specs I was really impressed….Indeed, the unit is very versatile. You can use it just as DAC, just as headphone amp, pre-amp and dac/amp combo of course. The unit can also be used as USB converter as it has a spdif output as well. Besides the above, iFi still had some stuff that impressed me even further…..As I expected, the battery ads clarity and detail to the sound and it is not something hard to notice. The unit sounded very good when it was powered from usb as well and it seemed a little warmer / more analogue….My Shure 535 LTD are very sensitive and I have rarely found an amplifier not to present a small hiss in the background. With iFi the noise disappeared completely proving to be a good match with it….One of the strong things about this unit is that it sounds very natural….The Micro packs a good amount of details. I could hear some subtle things in the songs like only a gentle stroke over a guitar string, a car passing by the recording studio and even an artist scratching his face during the song….iFi Micro iDSD was a really nice surprise. I never expected this quality at that price. I didn’t feel like I was listening to a portable unit at all. I felt like listening to a full blown desktop rig. Actually, I think it might beat a lot of more expensive and bigger desktop rigs.”


Amazon (customer review):

“Perfect!! Dont waste your money on other equipment. This is crowd source designed. It means humans who like other humans, built it for humans to enjoy! I could not order it from amazon, they were out of stock. But either way its awesome! it does DSD 64,128,256,and 512 also does PCM all the way to 768!. It is very advanced and will last for years to come. You can use it with your amplifier or walk around with it connected to your phone lookin like an Alien!! I am glad i discovered iFi Company. I am waiting for the Pro model coming out in may. The sound this device puts out rivals setups of $10k to $50k. Why?? How??? can this be… Simple. Technology evolves and iFi company loves to use cutting edge chips in their engineering. This model uses a Burr Brown Double dac chip design. In my opinion it blows away the ess sabre dac. It is the most advanced device on the market for Hi Resolution music. Unless you want to drop $50k up to you for braggin right on golf course! But for $500 very very smart! Thank you ifi Company, you won a customer for life!”


Amazon (customer review):

“Sound quality: In a single word great! I’ve tested this unit with a variety of over the ear headphones, IEMs, and compared this to a variety of other amps, and DACs….The 3D sound — to my ear — offers a slight treble boost while adding a tiny bit of reverb. This gives a sound that is a bit like using a open back headphone or like you’re listening to your music in a room with nice acoustics. The XBass is just a modest boost of the very low ranges with can be a help for headphones that are lacking in the thump department….I typically don’t review many products, but with the service I’ve received, and sound quality offered, I felt compelled….If you want a solid unit that sounds great with virtually every IEM or over the ear headphone, from a company that stands behind their product and has great customer service — look no further.”


Audio Blast:

“This is one of the few companies I will have to run to catch up with!….

In fact, my friend and I both felt that whatever deficiencies might lay in the LCD-3 in comparison we did not fault the iFi iDSD. The little iFi unit drove the magnetic planar cans with aplomb, at a quality level I would judge plenty acceptable for most listeners.”


Headphone Guru:

“My choice for Product of the Year is the iFi iDSD Micro. At $499 I expected a nice little compact DAC with decent sound and to be honest some fairly basic features. What I got was entirely different. I heard detail and musicality far beyond its price. I found a feature set that was surprisingly comprehensive with a terrific headphone amp. But the sound is just sublime and it keeps this puppy in constant use whenever I work from the home office. Well done iFi. Well done indeed.”


Headphone Guru:

“Often in this hobby you get what you pay for. However, there are clearly some products that offer up exceptional value for the dollar….Overall it’s a compact system with good versatility in terms of use in the main rig or as a desk/portable system….This device sounded pretty darn good right out of the box….How would this product do against more expensive gear? I had a friend bring over a well-regarded $2,000 DAC for a comparison. It was close at first but we began to notice subtle but important improvements from the Micro over the more expensive unit…The Micro is a perfect example of a device that is narrowing the gap between budget and reference performance in the “Race to the Top.””

“Adele, Rolling in the Deep (16/44) off of her second album, 21. This impressed me. My current DAC does not have the rhythm and pace that the Micro exhibits on this song.”

“Alison Krauss & Union Station, Lie Awake (24/96). This is a test track for me on bass reproduction.The opening chords are hard to get right on some gear. On the best gear, the bass has a good foundation that creates a nice balance to Alison’s angelic voice.”

“Ernest Ansermet with Royal Opera House Orchestra, The Royal Ballet Gals Performances (16/44). The Micro allowed all of the high frequency extension to shine through and there are oodles of detail in this recording captured. Dynamic, layered, detailed, musical, flowing. The Micro captured all of the elements of strong classical playback. Color me impressed.”


Mono & Stereo:

“How all this can be packed into this tinny, semi shinny now already highly recognised aluminium chassis?…. this baby is future packed and future ready!….There is something un-denyingly simple and right about music coming out of iDSD Micro….iFi iDSD Micro is a clear sign of new era where performance can take place at impressive level even without being prejudiced about the price….Talking about sci-fi, high-tech, high-performance utilisation in the smallest foot print? You’ve got it….iFi Audio micro iDSD can literary crush some of the giants, that costed 10k and more up in the past. In the era where everybody talks about resolution, dynamics, speed, transparency iDSD micro brings all that plus musicality. Enriched by the wide array features, this is really a no brainer for wider parties of interest. Geeks, music lovers, audiophiles and gadget enthusiasts can all get their urge fulfilled under one package…. iFi products continuously impress me and you can call me their avid fan.”



“Listening to Introduzione al Dixit RV 635: III.Sternite, Angeli from the album Gloria, Dixit Dominus by Vivaldi in the version of Rinaldo Alessandrini leading Concerto Italiano, Masters Studio version 24 bit à44,1 kHz, we were able to enjoy the beautiful full sound reproduction with a particularly soprano almost flesh and attacks of free strings.”

“Beautiful ventilation reproduction of the title Barcelona from the eponymous album Masters Studio version 24 bit 96 kHz Freddie Mercury where he shared the stage with the diva Montserrat Caballé and where our two friends speak with a fervor that is pleasant to ears even at high levels.”

“With the title My Sweet Lord Album Let It Roll George Harrison, micro iDSD provides a strong foundation breeding and farm and spatialize commissioning brings him a significant breath of air for us.”

“Listening to the test file DXD 352.8 kHz 24-bit Sonata No. 32 Beethoven downloaded at, it remains somewhat amazed by the ease of restitution where one almost feels the physical presence of the instrument and where strikes like the extinction of the notes are of great realism.”


“With the test file DSD Plan To Live Janet Feder, one has no difficulty imagining the interpreters here in front of you as the realism of the refund is striking with its sounds, breath musicians, we easily perceive and all those details that make living a listen.”


Audio Stream:

“I’m happy to report that the Micro iDSD DAC retains the iFi house sound which is overtly musical to my ears. Compared to the recently reviewed and more expensive Pathos Converto (see review), the iFi is more incisive and more concerned with micro detail and edge. That said, there’s nothing abrasive or unnaturally bright about its presentation.

Something like the recent download of the week Our Love from Caribou was very nicely laid out with a sure grip on the beat and bottom end. Acoustic music including Giacinto Scelsi’s Suono Rotondo showed off the Micro’s way with tone and complex harmonics…..The Micro delivers a lot of timbral bang for the buck. I did not feel as if I was missing out on anything while listening in enjoyment mode as compared to comparison mode.”


Techno Headphone:

"The Micro iDSD houses not one, but two, Dual-Core Burr-Brown 1793 chipsets. The result is a spectacular soundstage in terms of depth, width and height. Other than the flying high resolution it can output, the musicality is excellent with great presence. I can hear every single click in the music with detail; highs are well rounded, making it a suitable pairing with any headphone amplifier. The imaging of the DAC is equally impressive as the soundstage making it a great smart choice for movies. For those who wish to stick away from the “digital sound”, there is the filter switch at the side from to change from “Digital” to “Minimum Phase” or “Bit-Perfect”; it’s all at the tip of the fingers. Not to mention the polarity switches.

I did have the opportunity to pair the Micro iDSD with my home theatre rig. The 3D bass sounds excellent for speakers. It really feels like you are in a concert, where you can pinpoint from where the instrument coming from, as if you were actually there. The XBass boosted the sub-bass making it fun but maybe as my sub-woofer is bad, it does get out of control a little. Then again, the worst thing in my home theatre rig is my sub-woofer."


Parttime Audiophile:

"With the iFi Micro series, you pay for second-from-the-last-row tickets (almost as cheap as it gets), but then you find yourself sitting half-way to the ring. Not every single detail is happening right in front of you, but you are there, seeing the action, and absurdly close to those who spent several times more. Both products are as future proof as it gets. Not only they cover all bases with a series of adjustments that even much more expensive electronics cannot match, they also sound musical and involving.

What more could you ask for?"

Specificatii tehnice pentru DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD

Link producator:
Alte caracteristici: decodeaza nativ:
DSD 512/256/128/64/ ( 24.6/22.6/12.4/11.2/6.2/5.6/3.1/2.8 )
DXD 2x/1x ( 768/705.6/384/352.8kHz )
PCM 768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/

RMS jitter 12kHz – 1MHz < 280 Femtoseconds

Dynamic Range ( linie) peste 117db(A)
Output Voltage (Line) peste 2V
Output Impedance (Zout) sub 240Ω
Jitter (correlated) sub limitele testelor AP2

Putere ( amplificator casti )
- mod Turbo 10.0V/4,000 mW @ 16 Ohm (maxim ) , peste 1560 mW @ 64 Ohm ( continuu)
- mod Normal 5.5V/1,900 mW @ 16 Ohm (maxim ) , peste 950 mW @ 32 Ohm ( continuu)
- mod Eco 2.0V/500 mW @ 8 Ohm (maxim ) , peste 250 mW @ 16 Ohm ( continuu)
Review-uri: HeadFi ,HeadFi ,HeadFi ,HeadMania , Amazon , Amazon , AudioBlast , HeadphoneGuru , HeadphoneGuru , Mono&Stereo , Qobuz , AudioStream , TechnoHeadphone , ParttimeAudiophile
THD: sub 0.003% ( 0dBFS linie )
Acest produs poate avea şi următoarele denumiri:

ifi, micro iDSD, DAC, amplificator, casti


Nota  (5)
bazata pe 6 aprecieri
la 15-01-2017

iFi iDSD - Cel mai puternic DAC/AMP portabil de la ora aceasta! Si in propriul merit, as putea adauga! iFi iDSD este un DAC + AMP excelent, care va putea conduce cu usurinta chiar si niste casti extrem de pretentioase cum sunt HD800. ifi iDSD este singurul device portabil pe care sa il cunosc in aceasta zona de pret care poate sa scoata o putere de maxim 4W in 16 OHM. La aceasta putere, este mai puternic decat multe amplificatoare considerate de desktop! Cu toate acestea, cel mai important aspect al lui iFi iDSD este sunetul. Bass-ul este unul profund, svelt dar totusi natural. ifi iDSD vine cu o optiune pentru a adauga chiar si mai mult bass utilizand slider-ul X-BASS. Acest lucru va creste zona de bass si sub bass cu cativa decibeli, fara insa a afecta in vre-un fel celelale plaje de frecventa! Mediile sunt naturale, clare, cu un detaliu excelent, iar inaltele sunt sincere, fiind redat fiecare detaliu, fiecare "fir de praf de pe cimbale". Soundstage-ul este un alt aspect extraordinar al lui iFi iDSD deoarece reuseste sa convinga prin latimea spatiului creat, inaltime dar si prin adancimea spatiului! iFi iDSD are o optiune pentru a mari soundstage-ul, lucru in legatura cu care am fost extrem de reluctant la inceput. Pot spune ca am crezut ca-i doar un alt kitsch de care nimeni nu are nevoie si care suna nenatural. Pot spune ca toate aceste impresii au disparut instant in momentul can am auzit pentru prima data un iFi iDSD! Acea optiune chiar suna foarte bine si nu falseaza un soundstage mai mare, procesarea face sunetul sa fie natural, fara un reverb de proasta calitate, ci chiar un soundstage sporit autentic! iDSD are si niste tranzitorii excelente, putand sa redea detalii despre care probabil nici nu stiati ca exista inainte de a il auzi! La pretul sau, iFi iDSD este probabil ultimul amplificator portabil de care veti avea nevoie vreodata, iar pentru multi iubitori de muzica, iFi iDSD va fii ultimul DAC/AMP de care veti avea nevoie - indiferent daca vorbim despre portabilitate sau nu!

la 09-01-2017

Dupa vreo 2 luni de "sapat" pe net despre avantajul acestui DAC pe o linie de amplificare m-am hotarat sa-l achizitionez. Il folosesc ocazional la chefuri pe o linie Behringer (Mixer+boxe active) sau acasa la TV unde transforma semnalul optic in semnal analogic. Pe parte de amplificator de casti nu am ce-i reprosa, sunetul testat in cele 4 casti detinute suna excelent. Pe partea de DAC cu intrare pe portul USB l-am testat cu 3 calculatoare insa fara iFi Audio Micro iUSB 3.0 are un zgomot de fond sesizabil. In afara de solutia descrisa mai sus se poate prelua semnalul pe port optic dar trebuie mentinut sub tensiune printr-un incarcator USB extern. Nota 10 pentru personalul AV Store pentru amabilitatea si promptitudinea cu care actionati pentru rezolvarea neclaritatilor oferite de producator.

la 01-07-2016

Cine are de gand sa achiziționeze un DAC sau chiar pe iFi microDSD probabil ca deja s-a documentat pe forumuri sau a citit cronici profesionale si s-a lamurit! Eu am produsul de cateva zile si cu toată inima il recomand! Este excelent. Daca bugetul permite nu stați pe ganduri!!! Dacă bugetul nu permite... așteptați! E pacat sa luați altceva! Il folosesc pe mac (desktop) pe boxe active ((Audioengine A5 cu subwoofer S8) mai mult decat pe căști! Rezultatele sunt excelente in ambele cazuri!!! Nu mai e cale de intoarcere. Cel puțin pentru audiofili!

la 10-01-2016

In primul rand nu-l detin,dar din pacate solutiile care-l fac cu adevarat sa straluceasca, te costa inca un MicroIDSD. Ma refer la iFi Audio Micro iUSB Power+Cablu iFi Audio Mercury USB Cable(pentru PC <-> USB)+Cablu iFi Audio Gemini Dual-Headed Cable (USB POWER<-> ADAPTOR) + iFi Audio iPurifier2 de tip A , rezulta un total de ~ 1200 euro. E deja prea mult pentru aceasta configuratie, multe cabluri, deloc elegant, asa e din pacate cu toate solutiile portabile care necesita surse externe pentru alimentare, nu as cumpara acest DAC si sa-l folosesc direct asa legat la un PC, fara solutiile de mai sus, e foarte important ca semnalul care ajunge la DAC sa fie cat curat posibil. Nu vreau sa fiu inteles gresit, imi plac specificatiile acestui DAC si am vrut sa-l cumpar, dar mai bine o solutie all-in-one, gen OPPO HA-1.

la 31-12-2015

Nu cred ca exista ceva mai bun ca micro idsd la pretul asta.

la 04-11-2015

am fost nehotărât între acesta și un DAC Chord Qute EX (de 2 ori mai scump) dar după ce m-am documentat mult pe forumuri, m-am oprit asupra lui iFi Micro iDSD. îl folosesc de trei săptămâni și m-a surprins în mod plăcut. este un upgrade pentru un dac FiiO E18, care a devenit aproape inutil acum. dac-ul ifi Micro îl folosesc cu o pereche de căști Audeze LCD-XC pe care le conduce perfect. poate fi conectat și la smarthone fără probleme printr-un cablu OTG (în cazul telefoanelor android) sau la laptop printr-un cablu USB 3.0. are baterie internă ce permite încărcarea telefoanelor mobile. atât ca DAC cât și ca AMP își face treaba ireproșabil. din ce-am citit pe forumuri, este cel mai bun DAC sub 1000 de euro ba chiar le depășește cu succes pe câteva mult mai scumpe. deși n-am avut ocazia să-l compar cu dac-uri mai scumpe, pot să spun că iFi Micro iDSD își merită fiecare bănuț.

Subiecte de pe care au legatura cu DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD

iFi AudioComputerele si telefoanele inteligente nu mai reprezinta de mult viitorul, ele intruchipeaza prezentul, fac parte din viata noastra cotidiana si nu ne putem imagina o zi fara ele. Pentru iubitorii sunetului de cea mai buna calitate, celebra firma Abbingdon Music Research a lansat gama de produse iFi, special conceputa pentru noul trend computer-audiofile. Daca va doriti o sursa audio de calitate care sa se conecteze direct
Ifi Audio la AVstoreAVstore are placerea sa reprezinte iFi in Romania. iFi este un exponent al noului val de producatori HiFi si se adreseaza pietei de produse destinate entuziastilor HiFi care folosesc in principal computerul pentru a asculta muzica. Spre deosebire de alte firme noi aparute, iFi nu a venit din neant ci este o divizie a renumitului producator britanic Abbingdon Music Research (AMR). Ifi isi propune sa ofere produse de inalta clasa, High-End, la preturi accesibile.

La cumperi la preturi PROMO, poti plati in rate si ai livrare GRATUITA pentru comenzi peste 300RON in reteaua Fan Courier.
Vezi specificatii tehnice, review-uri si pareri despre DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD (ref.29625).

Disclaimer: Echipa încearcă să menţină acurateţea informaţiilor la DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD dar rareori acestea pot conţine mici inadvertenţe, ex: accesorii neincluse în preţ, specificaţii tehnice diferite, informaţii neactualizate despre preţ şi stoc. Ne poţi contacta oricând pentru a clarifica eventuale nelămuriri. Nu uita să menţionezi în corespondenţa ta numele exact al produsului - DAC iFi Audio Micro iDSD

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