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DAC Hegel HD25

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Prezentare generala DAC Hegel HD25

Hegel HD25 este inima digitala a sistemului dumneavoastra audio. Prin el se pot conecta computere, streamere, tablete, mediaplayere la amplificator si boxe sau la amplificatoare de casti.

HD25 are integrat un preamplificator de linie, ceea ce inseamna ca poate controla direct boxe active sau poate ataca un amplificator de putere, dedicat. Este dotat cu o telecomanda si poate fi utilizat si prin atingere directa ( panoul frontal este senzitiv la atingere - functioneaza pe post de comutator de intrari ).

HD25 foloseste mai multe tehnologii imprumutate de la gama Reference a producatorului norvegian. Hegel utilizeaza tranzistori pe germaniu pentru a reduce la maxim nivelul de zgomot, obtinand astfel un nivel deosebit de rezolutie in sunet, pastrand nealterate dinamica si naturaletea. Etajul de alimentare are un transformator toroidal si filtrare de 30,000 uF.

Circuitele DACului minimalizeaza influenta cablurilor digitale folosite pentru conectare, iar toate intrarile digitale sunt izolate galvanic. Se poate comuta intre filtrele digitale folosite, iar conexiunea USB este plug&play ( necesita drivere doar pentru HiRes 24bit-192kHz ).

Garrett Hongo ( SoundStage! Network ): "But I really enjoyed the way the Hegel HD25 sounded with the music I love best: classical. Orchestral strings sounded consistently silky and sweet, especially with hi-rez files, and there was an unmistakably natural ease and dynamic immediacy in how it presented any acoustic music. It introduced me to a whole new format of sound: hi-rez downloads. It flat thrilled me to explore these new riches -- the best digital sound I’ve ever heard. If I had the extra cash, I’d get the Hegel HD25 right away. Affordably priced, with plug’n’play installation, and easy to operate, it’s an excellent product and a gateway to high performance in computer-based digital playback."

Jeff Fritz ( ): "Unless you need your audio components to be high-end jewelry, Hegel Music Systems’ HD25 digital-to-analog converter is an easy recommendation. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like its sound. The HD25 throws a huge soundstage, and is as tonally balanced as the best high-end gear. Its sound will encourage long listening sessions, and I don’t think anyone who hears it will find it obviously lacking in detail or nuance. Although you can buy a higher-resolution device for more money, I’m not sure you’ll find one that you’ll enjoy as much, regardless of price. The reason? That elusive quality of musicality. That makes the Hegel HD25 a Select Component, and a surefire way to elevate your sound system for what is, by today’s high-end standards, relatively little money."

Marc Rushton (StereoNet): "My digital streaming solution was complete, at least for now. The Hegel HD25 had become a vital component in the chain."

Tomasz Karasinski ( StereoLife ): "Listening to the HD25 reminded me of driving a car, which had just been fixed - a few things in the engine, replaced filters, shock absorbers and brake pads, and finally better tires. We drive off and feel completely comfortable - the seat, steering wheel and mirrors are set just right, and we know how to operate every knob. At first we don't feel anything special, but with each mile we notice that acceleration is much better, nothing knocks on potholes, the steering is perfect, strong brakes and new tires give us the confidence to really enjoy the ride. It is just better. Norwegian DAC showed me the music I know, but made the listening much more pleasant. I did not want to stop, so the review lasted a little longer than usual."

Specificatii tehnice pentru DAC Hegel HD25

Link producator:
Alte caracteristici: DAC : 32bit / 192 kHz multilevel sigma-delta DAC

Intrari digitale: 1 x USB, 2 x coax S/PDIF, 1 x optic S/PDIF
Iesiri de linie: 1 x RCA nebalansate, 1 x XLR balansate

raspuns in frecventa: 0 Hz - 50 kHz
Nivel de zgomot: -145 dB
Impedanta iesire: 22 ohm nebalansat, 44 ohm balansat
Dimensiuni: 6cm * 21cm * 26 cm (H*W*D)
Greutate: 3.5 kg
Review-uri: SoundStage HiFi, UltraAudio, StereoNet, DigitHall, StereoLife
THD: 0,0006%
Acest produs poate avea şi următoarele denumiri:

Hegel, HD25, DAC


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La 5500 ron e un dac imbatabil ca si pret vs calitate. Credeam ca nu o sa poata inlocui vreodata un cd player high end,dar este mult peste asteptari. Intr-un cuvant dac-ul este extrem de muzical. Recomand cu incredere!!!

Subiecte de pe care au legatura cu DAC Hegel HD25

Hegel la AVstore.roIncepand cu 2015, AVstore are placerea sa reprezinte in Romania firma norvegiana Hegel. In cateva cuvinte, sunetul aparatelor Hegel se poate caracteriza prin neutralitate tonala, dinamica exceptionala si muzicalitate. Sunetul este rezolut, dar fara ca asta sa stirbeasca cu nimic din placerea ascultarii muzicii. Nu intamplator, legendarul inginer d

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