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Cablu Van den Hul The MC - Silver IT MKII 75 Ohm RCA

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Prezentare generala Cablu Van den Hul The MC - Silver IT MKII 75 Ohm RCA

Regarding its extremely high bandwidth (GHz range) and extremely low attenuation it would certainly apply. However, since the characteristic impedance of our MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial is a very constant 60 Ohms we have always advised against such usage: its impedance mismatch in equipment designed for 75 Ohm signal transport would cause transmission quality degrading signal reflections.

We therefore have decided to introduce our MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm:

- This cable is specially adapted to maximum quality 75 Ohm signal transport as found in SPDIF digital audio (CD to DAC) and radio / TV / video (including home theater) applications. However, since the design of this cable only slightly differs from our (now discontinued) MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial and employs the same high grade materials, the MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm is equally well suited to be used in high quality audio applications as a single-ended (unbalanced) interlink as our MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial is.
- Also available with RCA type connectors, The MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm now fully replaces our discontinued MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial in high quality audio applications as a single-ended (unbalanced) interlink.

With the MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm all production handling is done with extreme care and maximum attention is paid to maintain a very constant characteristic impedance along the whole cable as well as in the micro domain to prevent signal reflections even up to very high frequencies.

- The centre lead consists of a 19 strand extreme high grade Matched Crystal (MC) extruded OFC with a very high density extruded Matched Crystal (MC) purest silver coating applied in a mechanical processing.
- The diameter of this centre conductor is: 1.0 mm. and the cross-section area is 0.597 mm². The centre lead resistance is a remarkably low: 28.7 Ohm/km.
- The typical capacitance is: 56 pF/meter.
- The insulation between core and shielding is made of Teflon tape in several layers with a typically low relative dielectric constant of 1.4.
- The shielding is made of a helical wound very pure silver ribbon with external dimensions 2.5 x 0.05 mm.
- An additional braiding made of 192 x 0.10 mm. Matched Crystal (MC) OFC wires with a very dense coating of very pure silver is used.
- The external insulation is made of a special type of HULLIFLEX ®, i.e. HULLIFLEX ® EHD. This specific insulation material is too costly to be used in all our products.
- The frequency range is flat to minimal 15 GHz and within 0.92 dB/meter attenuation even up to 21 GHz. And even at 25 GHz the attenuation is just 1.04 dB/meter.
- The working temperature ranges from -100 to +80 °C (-148 to +176 °F).
- Precaution must be taken to prevent bending over a very small radius. The minimum safe value of the bending radius is 70 mm.
- The external diameter of the MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm is: 7.0 mm.; a size that perfectly matches our C - 7.3 RCA type and BNC - 7.0 BNC type connectors.
Packing: depending on ordered length. But.......... with great care and full attention to prevent any damage.
The MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm is “ready made” available in any specified length starting from 60 cm.

Specificatii tehnice pentru Cablu Van den Hul The MC - Silver IT MKII 75 Ohm RCA

Link producator:
AWG: 19.4
Capacitate: 56 pF/m
Tip cablu: Interconect
Alte caracteristici: material Silver
product category audio video - 75 Ohm
product category interconnect - Unbalanced, Digital
product category video
cable type Coaxial
conductor material: Strands with a thin high purity Matched Crystal OFC core and a thick high purity dense Matched Crystal Silver layer; Screen includes a high purity Matched Crystal Silver ribbon.
design purpose Highest quality level 75 Ohm HF applications, SPDIF digital interconnect and high quality audio applications
eff conductor Core: 0.597 mm² / Core: 19; Screen: 192 + Ag tape
external diameter 7.0 mm.
jacket colors Transparent cobalt blue (Earlier versions: transparent white)
resistance: Core: 2.87 Ohm/100 m.; Screen: 0.770 Ohm/100 m..
characteristic impedance: 75 Ohm insulation
Core: PTFE tape; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® EHD / 300 Vrms min.
connector types: Our BNC type BNC - 7.0 and our RCA type C - 7.3; The latter two custom mountable on any ordered length.
Acest produs poate avea şi următoarele denumiri:

Cablu Van Den Hul MC - Silver IT MKII 75 Ohm, Van Den Hul MC-Silver MK 2 75 Ohm

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