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Cabluri audio


The design aim of The SNOWLINE was to produce a very affordable twin lead loudspeaker cable with a good sonic quality despite its low price.

Pret: 33 /Metru

Cablu Van den Hul The BAY C5 HYBRID RCA

Due to the large success of our (discontinued) The PATCHBAY B5 in its use as a general purpose audio interconnect, we have introduced The BAY C5 HYBRID: The coaxial (unbalanced) HYBRID version of our balanced The PATCHBAY B5.

De la: 457 /Pereche 1m
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Cablu QED Performance Original Bi-Wire

Performance Original este pasul urmator dupa Profile79. Are o constructie similara cu acest model ( 76 de lite ), dar beneficiaza de dielectricul superior folosit de gama QED Performance. Conductor multifilar, din cupru OFC, sectiune 2.5 mm2

( pretul nu include si terminalele din imagine )

Pret: 49 /Metru

Cablu QED Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Amp 3m

“Genesis Silver Spiral” este modelul de varf din gama Signature. Acest model reprezinta incununarea a peste 40 de ani de experienta si inovatie in domeniul cablurilor audio a firmei britanice QED.
Conducto multifilar din cupru OFC argintat, sectiune totala 5.5 mm2, geometrie spirala tripla, tehnologie Aircore™

Pret: 3.699 /Pereche

Cablu Van den Hul 3T The Mountain Hybrid XLR

Our superlative representative of the 3T (balanced) interconnects. Once connected you’ll never want to change to any other cable.
Available also with RCA Connector.

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De la: 5.067 /Pereche 1m

Cablu QED Reference Digital Audio 40


Reference Digital Audio 40 utilises a carefully engineered geometry to achieve the precise characteristic impedance required for the maximum transfer of S/PDIF signals. Silver plated conductors deliver a low resistance path for high frequencies and QED "Digiloc" plugs more closely match the cable's characteristic impedance, reducing return loss by up to 1dB when compared to conventional RCA plugs. This ensures optimal signal transfer and improved micro-timing of the audio signal.

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De la: 549 /buc 1m
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Cablu QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable

“Revelation” este modelul entry-level din gama Signature, al producatorului britanic QED. Revelation a imprumutat principiile de constructie din modelul varf de gama Genesis si le-a combinat cu tehnologia X-Tube™ . Rezultatul este un cablu nou, exceptional pentru pretul sau. Revelation este un cablu cu sectiune mai mica si este recomandat in special pentru boxe de raft high-end, din gamele superioare. - Conductor din cupru OFC argintat, sectiune 1.5 mm2

( pretul include si terminale Airloc Mini )

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De la: 749 /Pereche 2m
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Cablu QED Reference Silver Anniversary XT Bi-Wire

Silver Anniversary XT este inlocuitorul celebrului model Silver Anniversary. A fost pastrat conductorul argintat, cu un nivel excelent de detalii, intr-o constructie X-Tube™ , pentru a combate efectul pelicular. Conductor multifilar, cupru OFC argintat, sectiune 1.5 mm2

( pretul nu include si terminalele din imagine )

Pret: 86 /Metru

Cablu Cardas Crosslink Speaker 3m

Crosslink 1S is our least expensive speaker cable. Flexible and light weight, Crosslink is great for home theater, in-wall, automotive, and small home audio systems.

Pret: 1.927 /Pereche
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Cablu QED Performance XTC Speaker Cable

Performance XTC este un cablu de boxe dezvoltat de firma britanica QED pornind de la modelul Silver Anniversary XT . Spre deosebire de acest model mai scump, XTC nu este argintat si nici nu are conductorii distantati intre ei. Sunetul obtinut este ceva mai cald, per ansamblu. Conductor multifilar, din cupru OFC, sectiune 1.5 mm2

( pretul include si terminale Airloc Mini )

Marimi disponibile:

De la: 299 /Pereche 2m

Cablu Van den Hul The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID Power Cable

The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is our new special quality heavy power cable. The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID has been specially designed bearing uncompromised mains power distribution to high-end audio, video and professional equipment in mind and is able to deliver a virtually unlimited stream of low noise mains power.

Marimi disponibile:

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Pret: 1.684 /buc 1m

Cablu A Charlin Power Red 5500 (Devialet) 2m

Cablu A Charlin Power Red 5500 (Devialet)

Pret: 11.939          

Cablu Van den Hul 3T The Cumulus Hybrid

The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid is our most prestigious speaker cable.
The gold colored Hulliflex insulation surrounds a real sturdy loudspeaker cable with a very impressive sound-quality combined with an impressive visual performance.

De la: 21.243 /Pereche 2m

Cablu QED Performance Headphone 6.35mm

Cablu extensie 6.35mm mama - 6.35mm tata pentru a asculta castile preferate cu un maxim de confort.

De la: 249 /buc 1.5m

Cablu Van den Hul The NAME (Halogen Free) RCA

Many people looking for well affordable cabling in their home audio/video setup get confused by the many "nameless" cable products available on the market. With the brand of such cables generally being unknown and their very low price, doubt often rises whether they are a wise buy. They are inexpensive, yes. But how about performance, quality and durability?

De la: 371 /Pereche 1m

Cablu Van den Hul The Mini Sub Hybrid

The MINISUB Hybrid typically has been designed as an active subwoofer cable. It is extremely flexible, and has an attractive cream colored jacket that blends easy in any interior, making it very suitable for longer length subwoofer cable application and all interconnections where there is need for a very flexible, price-efficient cable.

De la: 309 /buc 1m

Cablu Van den Hul The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II Optic Cable 1m

We are pleased to introduce the Van den Hul OPTOCOUPLER Mk II. With The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II we are convinced to have one of the best optical fiber cables available on the audio and video market. The most important benefits of optical signal transmission are obvious; Never any noise or interference caused by external electrical and/or magnetic signals, and optical fibres are free from any deterioration.

Pret: 343          

Cablu Cardas Clear Speaker 3m

Clear speaker cables are the outgrowth of years of intense refinements to every aspect of speaker cable design. Clear Speaker cable is perfect for most amplifier/speaker combinations.

Pret: 29.759 /Pereche

Cablu Van den Hul The D - 300 III HYBRID (Halogen Free) RCA

After the success of the original D - 300, there was demand to make some improvements in the original design. So the D - 300 III HYBRID was born.

De la: 538 /Pereche 1m

Cablu Van den Hul The D - 102 III HYBRID RCA

With our ever continuing technical improvements, it is logical to replace the already since 1982 available D - 102 Series (after 24 upgrades in the meantime) by an actual HYBRID version.
Now the same Linear Structured Carbon ® technology as used in our The SECOND ® is applied in this product.

De la: 790 /buc 1m
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