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Cablu Van den Hul The FLEXICON B4

In 1990 we were approached by the managing director of a big recording studio complex in South Africa with the request if we could design and produce all the cables necessary to run a very big studio complex. We did, and one of the products was the balanced FLEXICON B4 especially designed to be used in mixing consoles.

Cablu Audioquest Cinnamon 75Ω Coaxial Digital

AudioQuest Digital Coax cables are designed to minimize distortion across an extremely wide bandwidth. For many applications, the speed of digital communication is important. Most visibly, “speed” is about transferring large files as quickly as possible, or carrying enough data for HD video.

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Cablu iFi Audio Mercury USB Cable

iFi Mercury este un cablu USB optimizat pentru conexiunile audio digitale, varianta simpla a cablului iFi Gemini ( care foloseste doua cabluri separate, unul pentru date si unul pentru alimentare ). Geometria interna a cablului permite obtinerea unei impedante fixe de 90 ohm, spre deosebire de majoritatea solutiilor de pe piata. Rezistenta este de trei ori mai mica decat minimul indicat de standarde ca fiind acceptabil. Conectorii cu care este terminat cablul sunt construiti din aluminiu masiv, astfel ecranajul este total, de la un capat pana la celalalt. Sistemul de filtraj RF reduce interferentele.

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Cablu Cardas Clear Speaker 3m

Clear speaker cables are the outgrowth of years of intense refinements to every aspect of speaker cable design. Clear Speaker cable is perfect for most amplifier/speaker combinations.

Cablu QED QX16/4 PVC White

Cablu audio pentru boxe, din cupru, cu sectiunea de 1.5 mm2, utilizabil in instalarile profesionale. QED QX 16/4 contine patru conductori litati de 1.5 mm2, camasa este rezistenta la foc, dar nu este LSZH ( low smoke zero halogen )

Cablu QED Profile J2J

Cel mai mic model de cablu interconect analogic jack 3.5 mm - jack 3.5 mm al producatorului britanic QED. Conductor din cupru OFC litat, cabluri extrem de flexibile, mufe miniaturale cu contactele placate cu aur 24k.
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Cablu QED Reference USB A-Micro

The Reference USB cable is designed to transmit high definition 24bit/192kHz digital audio between USB audio components such as a computer or storage device and a high performance DAC. It utilises a carefully engineered geometry including an integral Ferrite jacket, electrically isolated power conductors and an impedance controlled data lane to reduce timing errors within the digital signal, for cleaner audio transmission.

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Cablu QED Performance Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable

Ruby Anniversary Evolution este un nou model de cablu bazat pe XT Evolution si pe Ruby Anniversary, lansat de firma britanica QED cu ocazia implinirii a 40 de ani de inovatie continua in domeniul cablurilor audio. 5 conductori din cupru OFC, masivi, rasuciti in jurul unui miez dielectric, sectiune totala 3 mm2.

( pretul include si terminale Airloc Mini )

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Cablu QED Genesis Silver Spiral 3m

“Genesis Silver Spiral” este modelul de varf din gama Signature. Acest model reprezinta incununarea a peste 40 de ani de experienta si inovatie in domeniul cablurilor audio a firmei britanice QED.
Conducto multifilar din cupru OFC argintat, sectiune totala 5.5 mm2, geometrie spirala tripla, tehnologie Aircore™

Cablu QED Signature Audio 40

Signature Audio 40 is an entirely new design concept from QED laboratories.

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Cablu Audioquest Golden Gate

Perfect-Surface Copper has an astonishingly smooth and pure surface. Proprietary metal-processing technology protects the wire’s surface at every stage of drawing and fabrication. When high-purity low-oxide copper is kept as soft, pure and smooth as possible, it becomes a wonderfully low-distortion conductor. For over 30 years AudioQuest has pioneered the use of superior metals; yet even we were surprised by this huge leap in performance. PSC clearly outperforms previous AQ metals that cost over ten times as much. Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the greatest source of distortion, often causing a somewhat dirty, harsh sound. Solid conductors are fundamental toward achieving Golden Gate's very clean sound.

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Cablu Van den Hul The Mini Sub Hybrid

The MINISUB Hybrid typically has been designed as an active subwoofer cable. It is extremely flexible, and has an attractive cream colored jacket that blends easy in any interior, making it very suitable for longer length subwoofer cable application and all interconnections where there is need for a very flexible, price-efficient cable.

Cablu Cardas Clear Beyond Speaker 3m

Beyond the demands of any loud speaker or amplifier combination imaginable. No impedance dip or current flow demand is a challenge in any way.

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Cablu QED Reference Audio 40

Reference Audio 40 este un cablu interconect RCA-RCA de inalta performanta, lansat cu ocazia aniversarii a 40 de ani de activitate a inovatoarei firme britanie QED.

Gama Reference este unul dintre cele mai inovatoare cabluri concepute de QED: foloseste conductori din cupru argintat torsadati in configuratie asimetrica, ecranaj din cupru OFC, manta din ferita si conectori Analoc™.

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Cablu Van den Hul The D - 102 III HYBRID RCA

With our ever continuing technical improvements, it is logical to replace the already since 1982 available D - 102 Series (after 24 upgrades in the meantime) by an actual HYBRID version.
Now the same Linear Structured Carbon ® technology as used in our The SECOND ® is applied in this product.

Cablu Van den Hul 3T The Cumulus Hybrid

The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid is our most prestigious speaker cable.
The gold colored Hulliflex insulation surrounds a real sturdy loudspeaker cable with a very impressive sound-quality combined with an impressive visual performance.

Cablu Audioquest Type 4 Speaker Cable

At first glance, Type 4 looks like a normal round cable, but inside is a fully optimized and very sophisticated balance of quality ingredients and refined design.

Cablu Audioquest G2 Speaker Cable

In a Semi-Solid concentric packing cable, strands within the smaller, tighter concentric bundle do not change position, significantly reducing distortion.

Cablu QED Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Amp 3m

“Genesis Silver Spiral” este modelul de varf din gama Signature. Acest model reprezinta incununarea a peste 40 de ani de experienta si inovatie in domeniul cablurilor audio a firmei britanice QED.
Conducto multifilar din cupru OFC argintat, sectiune totala 5.5 mm2, geometrie spirala tripla, tehnologie Aircore™