Cabluri audio Tip: Subwoofer

Cablu QED Profile Subwoofer

Cel mai mic model de cablu interconect analogic pentru subwoofer ( RCA mono - RCA mono ), al producatorului britanic QED. Conductor din cupru OFC litat, cabluri extrem de flexibile, mufe miniaturale cu contactele placate cu aur 24k.
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Cablu QED Performance Subwoofer

The mutli-award winning Performance category, renowned for extraordinary performance at exceptional value presents Performance Subwoofer.

Cablu Audioquest Sub-X Subwoofer Cable

SUB-X uses two identical solid 1.25% Silver conductors for positive and negative. Solid conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion. Foam PE insulation minimizes information smearing. A 100% coverage shield insures noise-free performance. Gold-plated high-conductivity brass plugs are attached with specially formulated AQ Silver Solder.

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Cablu Van den Hul The Mini Sub Hybrid

The MINISUB Hybrid typically has been designed as an active subwoofer cable. It is extremely flexible, and has an attractive cream colored jacket that blends easy in any interior, making it very suitable for longer length subwoofer cable application and all interconnections where there is need for a very flexible, price-efficient cable.

Cablu QED Reference Subwoofer 40

Reference subwoofer 40, the new standard for timing, accuracy and rhythm

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Cablu Audioquest Sub-3 Subwoofer Cable

SUB-3 uses three solid 6.1% Silver conductors inside PE Air Tubes. Solid conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion. PE Air Tubes minimize information smearing caused by any solid or foam insulation. The 36V electrostatic field on the PE tubes almost eliminates remaining insulation induced distortion. Three conductors insure optimum performance single-ended (RCA plugs) or balanced (XLR plugs). A 100% coverage shield insures noise-free performance. Silver-plated plugs are welded to Sub-3 using 8,000 amperes.

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Cablu QED Performance Mini Subwoofer

Feel every beat with the Performance Mini Subwoofer cable. Combining a flexible and discreet design with the exemplary sound quality associated with the Performance range, this cable is the ideal solution for anyone who wants Performance quality from a discreet design.