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20reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Rotel RA-12Amplificator Rotel RA-12

Amplificator Rotel RA-12

The amplifier has always been the heart of a hi-fi system, but for the new audio landscape, amplifiers need ‘brains’.

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20reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Rotel RA-10Amplificator Rotel RA-10

Amplificator Rotel RA-10

There is occasionally much to be said in favour of stripping back to the fundamentals and the RA-10 is definitely one of those occasions.

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20reducere Amplificatoare Amplificator Rotel RA-11Amplificator Rotel RA-11

Amplificator Rotel RA-11

The RA-11 carries a similar set of features to the RA-12 but is slightly less powerful at 40 Watts per channel and is constructed in a slimline enclosure.

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