Amplificator Burson Timekeeper

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Amplificator Burson Timekeeper

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Acest lucru se datorează de cele mai multe ori faptului că producătorul Burson a încetat să mai fabrice acest model sau l-a înlocuit cu unul mai performant.

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Transparent and powerful, and with unique bridging functions, the Timekeeper will remain pertinent even as the rest of your audio system changes with time.

Prezentare generala Amplificator Burson Timekeeper

Every designer dreams about creating something beautiful and lasting and contributing something unique to the human experience. Achieving this, even just once, would make a lifetime of effort worthwhile.

But so often this dream is corrupted and ideals are compromised by the constraint of cost, the voices of cynicism, or a failure to follow an initial concept all the way through to completion. Today, many designers seem to have lost all courage to persist with that hunger for inner-fulfillment. The streets are now filled with arbitrary and thoughtless things, creations without souls, with profit being the only motivation!

Through the Timekeeper, we wish to demonstrate the Burson approach with this timeless creation.

Transparent and powerful, and with unique bridging functions, the Timekeeper will remain pertinent even as the rest of your audio system changes with time.

In Stereo Mode

Consistent with our less is more philosophy, the Timekeeper employs a new symmetrical bipolar transistor voltage gain stage. It is powered by a customised 300W transformer delivering 80W RMS PC. With its 40,000uF of power reserve, the Timekeeper is capable of achieving 300W of peak power which ensures absolute control with the finest micro details audible at all times.

In Bridged Mode

Apart from working as a stereo power amp the Timekeeper also works in mono block configuration delivering up to 240W RMS of power.

In this mode, when a standard line level signal comes into the Timekeeper, a FET input stage splits the signal into two halves. (+ and -). One of the Timekeeper channels then amplifies just the + signal while the other channel amplifies just the - signal. After amplification the two halves are recombined at the output. In this mode, the Timekeeper doubles in voltage swing. It not only improves macro-dynamics, but also micro-dynamics through its extra power reserve. In this mode, the Timekeeper will have even the most demanding speakers under its absolute control.

Furthermore, the Timekeeper accepts both RCA and XLR input signals when operating in Bridge Mode. This ensures that any source component and not just those with XLR output can take advantage of this configuration.


Space is always premium and audiophiles do not want to fill their living space with equipment unless its necessary. Therefore, we minimized the Timekeeper footprint to an absolute minimum.

Its beauty should be worthy of any listening space including the desktop of even the most refined audiophile. For this, we have redesigned every aspects of its design, every dimension of its case, every joint, every connection and every mounting technique. As a result the Timekeeper is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.

Listening Impression
Architecturally, the power amp is at the bottom of any audio system and therefore, we wanted the Timekeeper to possess two sonic characteristics. First it should be supportive and selfless. Like a subservient it should move aside to let the rest of the equipment perform. Then we wanted the Timekeeper to be powerful. It should generate powerful and accurate bass upon which music thrives.

Through it, Royal Garden Blues by Louis Armstrong sounded just right. Armstrong himself was in peerless form, his tone and attack magnificent. Billy Kyle's piano was second to none and the rest of the gang superb. At the back, humbled and dignified was the legendary bassist Milt Hinton, a man whom for seventy years retained the humanity and kindness to support. Slapping happy with his bass, keeping time. His unique and powerful bass, like an anchor kept the entire band grounded, forming a solid foundation for Armstrong's monumental music. On such a foundation Louis and his All Stars played. Their spirit and their energy filling the room.

Specificatii tehnice pentru Amplificator Burson Timekeeper

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Dimensiuni: 265 mm x 255 mm x 80 mm
Greutate: 8 kg
Putere RMS: Stereo Mode: Output power: 80W @ 8 Ohm Bridge Mode (RCA & XLR): Output power: 240W @ 8 Ohm
Raport Semnal/zgomot: >98dB (CD , Line level)
Raspuns in frecventa: 0hz - 50Khz (+/-3Db)
THD: (1khz @ 8 Ohm) 0.03%


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