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-13% Mini Systems Pioneer X-CM31

Pioneer X-CM31

It's a micro sound system and, as such, it does everything you'd like it to do.

It plays CDs, has a dock for your iPod or iPhone and an USB connection for your iPad, with charging included of course. It tunes into radio stations. It's easy to set up. It's small enough to be discreet even with the two speakers. Plus it's built by sound experts.

De la: 699 799 RON RON

-14% Mini Systems Pioneer XW-LF1

Pioneer XW-LF1

FREEme defies the limits of location free audio. It allows you to enjoy your wireless music in style – wherever, whenever.

De la: 599 699 RON RON

Jabra Solemate Mini

Realizat pentru a fi portabil, Jabra Solemate Mini este boxa mini perfectă pentru a fi luat oriunde. Dimensiunile mici și sunetul plăcut îl fac cel mai bun dispozitiv portabil.

Price: 450 RON

  • Come listen in our showroom !
    Come listen in our showroom !

Cabasse Stream 1

The 360° high fidelity sound in a compact three-way coaxial system. Positioned either horizontally, vertically or mounted on a wall, everyone can enjoy the Cabasse listening experience anywhere in the room.

Price: 2.671 RON

Awox StriimSOUND

High quality Wi-Fi / Bluetooth speaker | SD-BW80
Enjoy Internet radio and your music library anywhere around the house

Price: 1.335 RON

JBL Xtreme

Xtreme este o boxă portabilă cu un design ultra-modern și rezistentă la stropire ce oferă performanțe acustice de-a dreptul uimitoare.

Price: 1.349 RON

JBL Pebbles

Let your desk rock with smooth sound

Available colors:

Price: 269 RON

JBL Charge 2+

Charge 2+ este boxa portabilă ce oferă audiții extrem de bine definite în ciuda dimensiunilor, fiind de asemenea rezistentă la stropire.

Price: 769 RON

Denon RCD-M40

Stepping into the footprints of multi-award winning RCD-M39, the new RCD-M40 features serious Hi-Fi quality

Available colors:

Price: 1.399 RON

Revo SuperSignal

SuperSignal shares the functionalist design philosophy and uncompromising quality ethos of REVO’s recently announced SuperConnect hybrid radio, ensuring that it is truly a product without equal in the DAB radio category.

Price: 890 RON

Sonos PLAY:5


Available colors:

Price: 2.199 RON

Pioneer X-HM11

Do you want to play CDs on a system that does just that? The X-HM11 is your solution. It’s made to play your tunes from CDs and USB storage device (MP3 and WMA).

All with power and sonic clarity that you might not expect from a micro system.

The new bigger bookshelf speakers let you enjoy a better sound with more natural warmth and deeper bass.

Available colors:

Price: 549 RON

Panasonic SC-PMX70EG-K

Noua boxă cu 3 căi, tehnologie LincsD-Amp şi tweeter cu calotă din mătase redă cu fidelitate sunetul de la o mare varietate de surse audio. Unitatea principală are panouri din aluminiu şi un design compact şi elegant.

Price: 1.095 RON

-22% Mini Systems Denon Envaya

Denon Envaya

For sensational sound on-the-go, the Denon Envaya™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker features the latest performance advances for listening to music, watching movies, video, TV, or gaming on Bluetooth mobile devices.

Available colors:

Promo price: 699 899 RON RON

Harman/Kardon Go+Play Wireless

The Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless portable, high-fidelity wireless speaker system for iPhone/iPod and iPad performs like a home theater system. With a groundbreaking design that’s built for comfort, performance and freedom, the Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless unit will surround you with luxurious Harman Kardon® sound when you’re wirelessly streaming audio to it via Bluetooth. Carry the unit by its stainless-steel arch handle to enjoy the ultimate portable soundstage. The system will provide clean, powerful sound for any music source connected to the Aux input and will even charge your iPhone/iPod and iPad while it is plugged into the rear USB port. Enjoy the pinnacle of wireless audio performance with the Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless system – it will kick your listening experience into the future.

Available colors:

Price: 1.649 RON

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

Thanks to a radical redesign, Zeppelin Wireless features state-of-the-art Hi-Fi technologies coupled with seamless wireless connectivity.

Price: 3.150 RON

Denon CEOL N9

The next generation CEOL lifestyle Network CD Music System from Denon. Streaming high defi nition music from NAS (Network Attached Storage), computers, mobile devices and the internet, via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth® and USB, the CEOL also features Spotify® Connect, Internet radio and FM/AM radio, and CD player. All with a stunning new minimalist design, top panel controls and powerful new hi-fi speaker system. Yet all this cutting edge technology is brought together within a striking, compact new minimalist design, controlled by buttons incorporated into the sleek dual layer acrylic top-panel or an equally polished new App.

Available colors:

Price: 2.299 RON

Bowers & Wilkins A7

Minisistem Apple® AirPlay® technology. Digital Signal Processing (DSP). High Quality Class-D amplifier. Switch mode power supply. USB streaming from PC / Mac®. Flowport™
Remote control. Drive units: 2x 25mm (1.0in) Nautilus™ tube aluminium tweeter, 2x75mm 3.0in) Midrange 1x 150mm (6.0in) Subwoofer, intrare AUX analogica si optica (minitoslink)

Price: 3.599 RON

Panasonic SC-PMX70EG-S

Noua boxă cu 3 căi, tehnologie LincsD-Amp şi tweeter cu calotă din mătase redă cu fidelitate sunetul de la o mare varietate de surse audio. Unitatea principală are panouri din aluminiu şi un design compact şi elegant.

Price: 1.095 RON

Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio2

Onyx Studio2 este o boxă portabilă ce funcționează cu ajutorul tehnologiei Bluetooth, oferind audiții extrem de bine definite în ciuda dimensiunilor sale reduse

Available colors:

Price: 1.149 RON