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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
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Boxe Audioengine A5+

Audioengine 5+ (A5+) Premium Powered Speakers
Audioengine 5+ (A5+) Premium Powered Speakers deliver audiophile-quality sound and features at a price that continues to set the standard for affordable high-quality audio. Connect your iDevice, computer, TV, or any other audio component for great stereo sound in any room.

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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Boxe Audioengine A2+

Audioengine 2+ (A2+) Premium Powered Desktop Speakers

- Excellent sound with elegant simplicity and a new standard for computer audio
- Versatile connections, including USB digital audio and subwoofer output
- Designed for your desktop but also sounds great across the room

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Pret: 1.299 RON

-25% Boxe Boxe Blue Aura WS80i

Boxe Blue Aura WS80i

Whether you are considering buying a new Hi-Fi system or replacing your old one, the award winning WS80i wireless system will fit all of your needs and more.

Pret promo: 1.990 2.650 RON RON /Pereche

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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
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Boxe Q Acoustics BT3

Hidden within the Q-BT3 speakers is a high quality, 2 x 50 Watts per channel amplifier, a Bluetooth V4.0 wireless receiver (with advanced ‘aptX’ capability for improved sound quality), and a low distortion Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), accessed via an optical input.

Pret: 2.249 RON /Pereche

Boxe Harman/Kardon SoundSticks III

Listen to a work of art. Praised for its stunning design, the harman kardon® SoundSticks® II speakers and subwoofer system became a milestone in harman kardon history when it became part of the permanent collection at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Improving on its famous sibling’s pop-culture appeal, the SoundSticks III system is all that and much more. As a three-piece, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system, SoundSticks III brings a new level of excitement to music, games and movies to your home – with its exceptional sound clarity, enhanced color scheme and bare minimum of wiring. Beyond its eye-catching appeal, SoundSticks III continues to be incredibly capable – with 40 watts of dazzling amplification, a down-firing powered subwoofer, eight full-range transducers and compatibility with all sorts of multimedia devices. As the sublime sequel to a prized performer, SoundSticks III is performance art at its finest.

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Pret: 799 RON

-26% Boxe Boxe Blue Aura WS30i

Boxe Blue Aura WS30i

To call the WS30i multi media speakers does them an injustice. When we were developing this product, our aim was to close the gap between computer speakers and home audio. The results have to be heard to be believed, accomplishing amazing performance from such a small speaker enclosure.

Pret promo: 1.000 1.350 RON RON /Pereche

Boxe Harman/Kardon Soundsticks Wireless

Dazzlingly realistic sound meets stunning visual design.
Three-piece wireless speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Boxe Bose Companion 3

Calculatorul îti poate oferi un nou nivel de performanta audio cu Companion® 3 – vârful de gama al sistemelor multimedia.

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Pret: 1.450 RON

Boxe Harman/Kardon Nova

Meet the new face of cutting-edge sound: the Nova Wireless Stereo Speaker System from Harman Kardon.

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Pret: 1.349 RON /Pereche

  • EISA 2012-2013

Boxe Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

Boxe active 2.0 Multimedia. Amplifier power output 4x18W, Depth 100 mm free standing, Drive units 2x f75mm (3.0 in) woofers, Finish Enclosure: ABS with spun aluminium top plate. Grilles: Black cloth. Height 170mm free standing. Inputs 3.5mm mini jack analogue, Mini USB B 2.0 for PC connection: sreaming & software upgrades, intrare auxuiliara, telecomanda;

Pret: 2.250 RON /Pereche

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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Boxe Dynaudio Focus 110 A

More Music. More Variety. Excellent sound quality and a multitude of different uses: The actively-powered Focus 110 A is the most versatile high-end compact loudspeaker ever made.

Pret: 7.942 RON /Pereche

Boxe Bose Companion 20

Tehnologia proprietară și proiectarea avansată a difuzoarelor dau viață muzicii, jocurilor și filmelor, cu claritate și note joase impresionante la orice volum. Toate acestea se realizează cu numai două boxe, fără modul de bas. Cu numai câteva conexiuni rapide, computerul poate beneficia imediat de calitatea sunetului caracterisitică Bose®.

Pret: 1.210 RON

  • EISA 2012-2013

Boxe Dynaudio Xeo 5

Boxe wireless Dynaudio Xeo 5

Xcellence redefined. Xeo 5, a monument to awesome engineering and superb craftsmanship.
Xeo Transmitter included

De la: 12.796 RON /Pereche

-25% Boxe Boxe Blue Aura x30 Bluetooth

Boxe Blue Aura x30 Bluetooth

The x30 is an active loudspeaker system featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This “pair and play” system has been developed to offer CD quality sound over the Bluetooth platform by incorporating the aptX codec. Presented in a choice of luxurious faux leather colours the x30 sets new audiophile standards for wireless connectivity over Bluetooth.

Pret promo: 1.270 1.690 RON RON /Pereche

Boxe Audio Pro Living LV3

Time to get serious about wireless audio. Living LV3 is like no other speaker, design wise or audio wise. This is high end sound quality. And wireless in full CD quality.

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Pret: 5.999 RON /Pereche

Boxe Dali Kubik Free

The essence of the DALI KUBIK FREE is connectivity. This elegantly designed active speaker enables you to enjoy music from a wide variety of sources and can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, Optical or Analog inputs.

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Pret: 3.600 RON /Bucata

Boxe Bose Music Monitor

Până acum, pentru a obține un sunet de calitate pentru desktop, cu note joase care să se audă într-adevăr, era necesar un sistem cu trei boxe, ce includea un modul de bas.

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Pret: 1.450 RON

Boxe Monitor Audio WS100

Maximise the sound of your Mac or PC, wire-free with the WS100 Wireless Multimedia System.

Pret: 1.490 RON /Pereche

Boxe Audio Pro Living LV2

Cease the moment and give your computer the love it deserves. It is irregardless were you will find most of your music collection nowadays.

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Pret: 3.099 RON /Pereche