Boxe Taga Harmony, Tip: Boxe de podea

Boxe Taga Harmony TAV-806F

TAV-806F Front floorstanding speakers have large enclosures with big internal volumes utilizing two 8’ woofers in each speaker - with plenty of low extended bass backed up by tremendous dynamics, usually met in active subwoofers rather than in passive speakers!

Boxe Taga Harmony TAV-506F v.2

TAV-506F v.2 Floorstanding Speaker

Boxe Taga Harmony TAV-606F v.3

TAV-606F v.3 Floorstanding Speaker

Boxe Taga Harmony TAV-606F SE

TAV-606F v.3 considered to be one of the best bargains both for hi-fi stereo and home theatre now is introduced in the Special Edition version to appeal towards even more advanced audio enthusiasts.

Boxe Taga Harmony Azure F-60

AZURE F-60 Floorstanding Speaker

Culori disponibile:

Boxe Taga Harmony BLUE F-80

BLUE F-80 Floorstanding Speaker