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Boxe Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

Boxe active 2.0 Multimedia. Amplifier power output 4x18W, Depth 100 mm free standing, Drive units 2x f75mm (3.0 in) woofers, Finish Enclosure: ABS with spun aluminium top plate. Grilles: Black cloth. Height 170mm free standing. Inputs 3.5mm mini jack analogue, Mini USB B 2.0 for PC connection: sreaming & software upgrades, intrare auxuiliara, telecomanda;

Boxe Pioneer CS-5070

difuzoare, 140W x 2 RMS, 40-20.000 Hz, 90 dB, culoare neagra

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12reducere Boxe Boxe Monitor Audio MR6Boxe Monitor Audio MR6

Boxe Monitor Audio MR6

The most distinguished and compelling of them all, the MR6 adds effortless authority to the long list of Monitor Reference virtues.

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Boxe Harman/Kardon Nova

Meet the new face of cutting-edge sound: the Nova Wireless Stereo Speaker System from Harman Kardon.

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Boxe Bose Acoustimass 6 V

Cel mai popular sistem Bose Acoustimass confera sunet surround impecabil pentru incaperi de dimensiuni medii
Cinci boxe cub Virtually Invisible II, ce pot fi montate pe perete
Il folosești cu receiver-ul AV pentru un sistem home-cinema 5.1
Note joase profunde din modulul Acoustimass
Control pentru volum și efectele de joasă frecvență
Cabluri și conectori incluși, cu marcaje pentru o instalare facilă

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Sistemul de boxe stereo Bose® 301® Direct/Reflecting® este proiectat să poată fi amplasat cu uşurinţă alături de echipamentul stereo sau surround existent, având totuşi suficientă putere pentru a crea o atmosferă de concert. Aceste boxe elegante şi versatile aduc senzaţia de spaţialitate muzicii sau filmelor, sunt o cale excelentă de îmbogăţi sistemul existent cu sunetul specific Bose® .

Boxe Boston Acoustics A 360

The A-Series flagship A360 floorstanding loudspeaker accurately reproduces any source material under any listening condition. As the front speakers in an home theater, or by themselves in a full-range two-channel music system, A360 loudspeakers have both the power and the subtlety to bring any form of home entertainment to life.

Boxe Bose 251 environmental speakers

Mount 251® environmental speakers to your exterior walls, connect to your stereo components or Lifestyle® system and SA-3 amplifier, and enjoy quality Bose® sound across a much wider listening area.

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Boxe Audio Physic Tempo 25 plus+

Boxa de podea, design pe 3 cai, bas-reflex
Difuzoare : 1 x tweeter 3.9 cm + 1 x medii 15 cm + 2 x bas 18 cm
raspuns in frecventa : 32 Hz - 40 kHz
sensibilitate : 89 dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
impedanta nominala: 4 ohm
amplificare recomandata: 20 - 150 W

Boxe Taga Harmony TAV-606F SE

TAV-606F v.3 considered to be one of the best bargains both for hi-fi stereo and home theatre now is introduced in the Special Edition version to appeal towards even more advanced audio enthusiasts.

21reducere Boxe Subwoofer Mission MS-300Subwoofer Mission MS-300
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Subwoofer Mission MS-300

A Subwoofer is an essential piece to any stereo system and the Mission MS Sub is the perfect choice. Mission MS Sub range offers a complete subwoofer solution, and is ideal for improving bass performance in any home cinema or stereo system.

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100reducere Boxe Boxe Audioengine B2 BluetoothBoxe Audioengine B2 Bluetooth

Boxe Audioengine B2 Bluetooth

Send all your music wirelessly from your iDevice or tablet directly to the B2 Powered Speaker.
Wirelessly stream all your music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device. Your computer, iDevice, or Android phone already has Bluetooth, so get more out of your music with the B2 wireless speaker. Experience award-winning Audioengine® stereo sound, including a hand-built wood cabinet, Bluetooth® aptX® and extended wireless range.

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Boxe Taga Harmony TOS-415 v.2

TOS-415 v.2 Outdoor / Indoor Speaker

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Boxe Dali Opticon 6

Standing a metre high and capable of seriously sonorous sounds, the DALI OPTICON 6 is a master of music that delivers thunderous bass and perfectly pitched mids and highs in unequalled equilibrium.

Boxe Bose 151 environmental speakers

Bose® 151 environmental speakers feature enhanced performance and durability for full stereo sound in a wide listening area. Sleek styling and rugged construction make these our most popular outdoor stereo speakers for music around the pool, on a porch, or even on a boat.

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Boxe Bowers & Wilkins CM 10 S2

The flagship floorstanding speaker of the CM Series sets a new standard for performance. It combines technologies taken from across our ranges. The result simply sounds and looks beautiful.

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Boxe Canton Movie 95

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10reducere Boxe Boxe Q Acoustics Concept 40Boxe Q Acoustics Concept 40
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Boxe Q Acoustics Concept 40

Incinte de podea pe doua cai, bas reflex, cu doua woofere de 12.5 cm si un tweeter de 25 mm. Seria Concept este varful de gama al firmei britanice Q Acoustics. Portul de bas reflex este orientat catre spate, terminalele permit biwiring, iar incinta este realizata cu tehnologia Gelcore™

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