Boxe Elac CC 501 VX-JET

Boxa centrala, design pe 3 cai, bas-reflex
Difuzoare : 1 tweeter JET 5 + 1 x midrange AS-XR 50 / 105 mm + 2 x woofer AS-XR 18 cm
raspuns in frecventa : 29 Hz - 50 kHz
sensibilitate : 89 dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
impedanta nominala: 4 ohm / impedanta minima 3.5 ohm ( @ 95 Hz )
amplificare recomandata: 60 - 500 W

Subwoofer Elac SUB 2090

Subwoofer Activ cu incinta inchisa
2 x woofer AS 30 cm in regim push-pull - putere : 1200 W Peak
Raspuns in frecventa: 17 Hz - 180 Hz
Reglaje: aplicatie pentru smartphone, EQ complex, autocalibrare sau manual
Intrare: Low Level ( RCA sau XLR ), High-Level ( cablu boxe ), ELAC Wireless

Boxe Canton Chrono SL 526

Boxe compacte pe doua-cai cu bass reflex

Boxe Canton Chrono SL 556 Center

Boxa de centru pe trei-cai cu bass reflex

Pret: 3.049          

Boxe Jamo C 10 SUR

Reganditi modul prin care ascultati muzica cu ajutorul boxelor Jamo. Tweeter din matase cu dispersie pe WaveGuide antidifractie si difuzor cu con hibrid composit (HCCC).

Boxa surround, design pe 2 cai, incinta sigilata
Difuzoare : 2 x tweeter 2.5 cm + 2 x woofer 15.2 cm
Raspuns in frecventa : 65 Hz - 24 kHz ( ±3 dB )
Sensibilitate : 87 dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
Impedanta nominala: 6 ohm
Putere suportata(continua/max): 160/320W

Boxe Monitor Audio Platinum PLC350 II

Boxa de centru, design pe 3 cai, bas-reflex
Difuzoare : 1 tweeter ribbon + 1 x mid 10 cm + 2 x woofer 20 cm
Raspuns in frecventa : 32 Hz – 100 kHz
Sensibilitate : 90 dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
Impedanta nominala: 4 ohm
Amplificare recomandata: 100 - 250 W

Boxe Monitor Audio C180 In-Ceiling

Boxa incastrabila in tavan, 2 cai
Difuzoare : 1 tweeter 2.5 cm + 1 x mid-woofer 20 cm
Raspuns in frecventa : 50 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensibilitate : 90 dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
Impedanta nominala: 6 ohm
Amplificare recomandata: 30 - 120 W

Boxe Monitor Audio CP-WT140LCR In-Wall

Boxa incastrabila in perete, 2 cai
Difuzoare : 1 tweeter 2.5 cm + 2 x mid-woofer 10 cm
Raspuns in frecventa : 60 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensibilitate : 88 dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
Impedanta nominala: 6 ohm
Amplificare recomandata: 20 - 100 W

Boxe Cabasse iO2 in ceiling Alb

Inspired by the famous Baltic line and based on the same principles of SCS technology, the iO2 System satellites take advantage of all the know-how of their big sisters. Only SCS (Spatially Coherent System) technology can give such a compact system the fundamental characteristics that all our speakers share: linearity, coherence, dynamics, power handling and absolute spatial coherency.

Boxe Heco Celan GT Center 42

The next stage in the evolution of the Celan series
The GT in the HECO Celan GT series stands for Generation Three, in other words, the series is the third generation of a loudspeaker that, since its launch, has fascinated audiophiles all over the world and has brought many people back to their original hobby ? music in all its glorious forms. With the assuredness of a proven underlying concept and the potential for further development, all components were re-examined and analysed down to their smallest details and then optimized and reinterpreted with some aspects being redeveloped entirely. The aim was to further increase dynamics while making the sound even more vibrant and alive.

Boxe Heco INC 262

High-End in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker

Boxe Heco INC 802 White

High-End in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker

Boxe Canton Ergo 655 Center

Type:Center/compact speaker
Engineering Principle:2½-way Bass reflex system

Boxe Waterfall Victoria EVO

Victoria EVO este o boxa pe 3 cai cu 4 drivere ce ofera un sunet pur si extrem de dinamic ce te va inconjura de la prima auditie si te va aduce intr-o lume magica

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology Mythos Nine

On-wall, On-shelf L/C/R Loudspeaker

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology Mythos Ten

On-wall main and center channel L/C/R loudspeaker

Boxe Cabasse Socoa MT32

The Socoa MT32 centre speaker is a perfect fit with the rest of the MT32 range for a full multi-channel show.

Culori disponibile:

Subwoofer Genelec F Two

Designed to complement up to five Genelec G One or G Two or a pair of Genelec G Three or G Four systems, the Genelec F One is an elegant and powerful active subwoofer.

Culori disponibile:

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