Amplificator Hegel H30

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Amplificator Hegel H30

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Acest lucru se datorează de cele mai multe ori faptului că producătorul Hegel a încetat să mai fabrice acest model sau l-a înlocuit cu unul mai performant.

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Amplificator de putere - stereo sau mono - 1100 W @ 8 ohm ( monobloc ) / 2 x 350 W @ 8 ohm ( stereo )

Prezentare generala Amplificator Hegel H30

H30 este un amplificator de putere gandit sa opereze ca monobloc, dar care poate functiona si in mod stereo.

H30 poate conduce cu usurinta orice incinte. Puterea livrata este uriasa ( 1,100 W in 8 ohm ), iar damping factorul este de peste 500.

Producatorul norvegian a folosit in H30 cele mai noi tehnologii dezvoltate, o varianta imbunatatita de SoundEngine ( reduce drastic nivelul de distorsiuni armonice ) si noi metode de proiectare a etajelor de intrare.

Ce diferenta este intre H30 si H4SE ? H30 are etajul final real-balansat, iar etajul de intrare este mai avansat. Atat H30 cat si H4SE folosesc tranzistori imperecheati manual, dar H30 foloseste o combinatie unica de tranzistori JFET si MOS-FET. Tranzistorii de putere din H30 sunt de calitate superioara fata de cei folositi in H4SE. H30 foloseste doua transformatoare separate, iar H4SE unul singur.

In mod uzual, cand comparam un amplificator mai puternic cu unul mai slab, cel puternic va avea dinamica superioara, un bas mai pronuntat si un atac mai bun. H30 este din alta poveste, basul este adanc si puternic dar sub control si nu mascheaza detaliile si vocile. Impresia lasata de o auditie cu P30 si H30 este puternica, o senzatie de putere, naturalete si echilibru care te poate face sa asculti ore in sir, descoperind mereu fatete noi ale inregistrarilor.

Robert Harley ( The Absolute Sound ): "The Hegel H30 is not just a great-sounding amplifier, it’s also a tremendous bargain. I know I’ll get letters complaining that a $15k power amplifier by definition can’t be a bargain. But what else can you call a $15,000 amplifier with massive output power, unflappable stability, and a gorgeous musical presentation that vaults it into a select league of world-class power amplifiers? Or one that is fully at home in the context of my reference system that includes the $54,000 Basis Inspiration turntable and $94,000 Focal Stella Utopia EM loudspeakers?

As adept the H30 is at all aspects of portraying the music, it’s the H30’s rendering of midrange and treble textures that makes this amplifier a standout. The Hegel coupled a warmth and lushness of timbre with tremendous clarity and resolution, a combination that is rare in an amplifier of any price. The sense of timbral realism and palpability was world-class by any measure. Moreover, it’s difficult to overstate just how greatly these qualities induced a sense of ease and deep musical involvement.

If your amplifier budget is anywhere near $15k, the Hegel H30 should be on your short list of products to audition. You may find, as I did, that this unassuming and understated black box contains a Scandinavian surprise."

Wojciech Pacula ( 6 Moons ): "The overall sound of the Hegel duo was very coherent, clean and dynamic. The H30 thus reacted quite fussily to recorded dynamic compression on discs from Abba or Peter Gabriel. There it slowed down the sound a bit and didn’t allow it to fully develop. That said it was one of very few amplifiers over which So sound very good. This was mostly due to filling in the obvious gaps in the sounds of that disc and neutralizing the overall recorded dryness. Whilst the lowest bass wasn’t as palpable and physical as the Soulution, its upper range was very colourful and alive.

The Hegel system is quite a chameleon whose presentation reflect the recordings. Yet there is something dominant like the fingerprint of superior technology. That fingerprint is fullness and maturity. Despite its enormous power rating, the result is not a flamboyant or ruthless sound. The bass is an integral part of the whole and not running off on its own. I don’t believe there are loudspeakers beyond the Hegel’s power capacity starting with the Franco Serblin Ktêma through the German Physiks HRS 120 Carbon to the Ascendo System ZF3 S.E. and Avalons ending with the Sonus Faber Elipsa and Stradivari. "

Doug Schneider ( SoundStage HiFi ): "Don’t let Hegel Music Systems’ understated styling fool you -- the H30 is a formidable, versatile beast of an amplifier, all in good ways. In addition to its high power, tremendous bass control, and excellent compatibility with a wide variety of speakers, the H30 offers clear, incisive sound that’s as visceral as it is exciting. Other than Hegel’s lower-priced amplifiers, I’ve never encountered another amp that so well conveys a sense of immediacy -- it made me sit up and take notice -- yet is never so forward or so bold as to sound objectionable. And what the H30 lacks in soundstage depth it counters with outstanding image focus, combined with a highly present and palpable sound, particularly through the midrange. Finally, two H30s run as monoblocks will not only deliver significantly more power than a single stereo H30, but are claimed to offer better sound, because of how the amp’s bridge circuitry works -- not insignificant.

Although the H30 is the biggest, most expensive product Hegel Music Systems makes, it nonetheless carries on the company’s tradition of high performance and high value -- not because it’s cheap, but because it can stand alongside the best amps made, even those costing much more."

Marcin Olszewski ( Sound Rebels ): "Listening to the Hegel P30 + H30 was truly a pleasure. For a reasonable price (in High End!) the set offered incredible drive combine with a tube’esque timbre, while having enough braw and current that only a marble tombstone could put it in embarrassment. Inside the simple and modest enclosures of the Hegel true audiophile gems reside, which will shine fully when paired with the rest of the system at least equally good, and when good XLR cables are used to connect them. It will not be bad using RCA, but who would want to use only half of such a system? And this is only the first step to happiness according to Bent Holter, because only using two H30 in mono mode we can feel like the Odin during a feast in the mythical Valhalla."

Specificatii tehnice pentru Amplificator Hegel H30

Link producator:
Alte caracteristici: Sarcina minima: 1 ohm
Intrari: RCA nebalansate / XLR balansate
Crosstalk: sub -100dB
Distorsiuni de intermodulatie: sub 0.01 % (19kHz + 20kHz)
Damping factor: peste 500
Transformator: 2000VA - 2 buc
Filtrare : 270 000uF
Tranzistori de putere: bipolari - 56 buc 15A 200W (high speed, Ultra low distortion)
Consum de energie in standby: 120W ( idle ), 30 watt ( ECO mode )
Dimensiuni: 21cm x 43cm x 55cm (HxWxD)
Greutate: 45 kg
Putere RMS: peste 1100 in 8 ohm ( in mod mono ), peste 2 x 350 W in 8 ohm ( in mod stereo )
Raport Semnal/zgomot: peste 100dB
Review-uri: The Absolute Sound, 6 Moons, Sound Stage HiFi, Sound Rebels
THD: sub 0.003 % la 100W, 8 ohm
Acest produs poate avea şi următoarele denumiri:

Hegel, H30, power, amplifier, amplificator, putere, stereo , mono

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