Boxe Tip: Boxe de raft

Boxe Triangle Magellan Duetto

Improving the performance of home theater and multichannel music systems

Pret: 20.317 RON /Pereche

Boxe Canton Chrono 502.2

Compact speaker, 2-way Bass reflex system

Pret: 2.500 RON /Pereche

Boxe Yamaha NS-B500

Sound to fire the imagination. Bookshelf speakers that provide stunning performance even as main speakers

Pret: 1.618 RON /Pereche

Boxe Monitor Audio R45HD

The diminutive R45HD is the perfect satellite speaker for front left, centre, right and rear surround sound applications. Its secret is a combination of a 75mm (3”) MMP®II cone mid-bass driver and rear-firing 20mm (¾”) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter, which spreads and magnifies the sound around the room to create a huge, encompassing surround sound effect.

Pret: 880 RON /Pereche

Boxe Canton Vento 820.2

Difuzor compact cu 2 cai, bass reflex sistem

Pret: 3.899 RON /Pereche

Boxe Pioneer S-A4SPT-PM

These speakers have been crafted from 100-year-old white oak whiskey barrels. The wood has absorbed the whiskey, creating a distinctively smooth and rich acoustic quality, unlike that of any virgin wood.

Pret: 2.753 RON /Pereche

Boxe Heco Celan GT 302

The next stage in the evolution of the Celan series
The GT in the HECO Celan GT series stands for Generation Three, in other words, the series is the third generation of a loudspeaker that, since its launch, has fascinated audiophiles all over the world and has brought many people back to their original hobby ? music in all its glorious forms. With the assuredness of a proven underlying concept and the potential for further development, all components were re-examined and analysed down to their smallest details and then optimized and reinterpreted with some aspects being redeveloped entirely. The aim was to further increase dynamics while making the sound even more vibrant and alive.

De la: 2.879 RON /Pereche

Boxe Cabasse MT31 Antigua

The new MT range is now more faithful than ever to the Cabasse quality demands. Coherency between direct and reflected sounds, respect of timber and dynamic range, deep and stable soundstage; enjoy hours of loyal and engaging music reproduction.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 2.425 RON /Pereche

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology Mythos Six

Table top & on-wall loudspeaker

Pret: 1.899 RON /Bucata

Boxe Dali Kubik Xtra

The DALI KUBIK XTRA is the passive sibling of the new active DALI KUBIK FREE. By adding the KUBIK XTRA, you extend the listening experience into a true stereo performance.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 1.575 RON /Bucata

Boxe Triangle Signature Theta

THETA is a compact bookshelf speaker, mounted on feet. The midrange clarity and the depth of the lower end register are impressive for a speaker of this size. Equipped by a 16-cm driver with a half roll suspension, the THETA offers amazing musical quality, as well as surprising power and speed for a bookshelf model.

Pret: 12.808 RON /Pereche

Boxe Monitor Audio R90HD

The R90HD is a high-class mini monitor. Unprecedented enclosure rigidity and leading edge drive unit technology in the shape of a 100mm (4”) MMP®II mid/bass driver and 25mm (1”) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter combine to produce clarity, dynamics and imaging abilities that are unparalleled in a speaker of this size.

Pret: 1.460 RON /Pereche

Boxe Cabasse Bora Negru lucios

The key to success comes from the subtle cocktail of experience and innovation. The co-axial technology by Cabasse is a major innovation in the loudspeaker world because its principle is the closest proposal to the theoretical ideal. It results from the 60 years experience Cabasse has in driver developments and the new version of the BC13 benefits from 20 years expertise in this type of midrange-tweeter.

Pret: 11.042 RON /Pereche

Boxe Pioneer S-BS73A

Dolby Atmos is the latest audio platform for home cinema entertainment. With the right speaker set-up this technology will fill your room with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth.

Pret: 3.249 RON

Boxe Heco Celan GT 202

The Celan GT 202 incorporates itself as an additional shelf loudspeaker into the series but its slender exterior makes it stand out immediately from the other components. The newly developed high-energy tweeter with large 30 mm PFC dome to which an aluminium front panel with wave-control horn and double magnet system belong are housed in the attractive bass-reflex unit.

De la: 3.635 RON

Boxe Canton Chrono 503.2

Compact speaker, 2-way Bass reflex system

Pret: 2.900 RON /Pereche

Boxe Raidho C 1.0

Raidho C1.0 is a small, neatly perfectly proportioned loudspeaker, so in spite of its limited size, the sound it produces is surprising at first, but harmonious at the same time. This model was developed on the basis of recognised theories of dimension, which we put in practice to produce a beautiful cabinet, carried out in every detail, and superbly finished. C1.0 is put together from hand-made units built from Raidho’s patented technologies.

Pret: 39.750 RON /Pereche

Boxe Boston Acoustics M 25

The m series family of loudspeakers was created to deliver exceptionally accurate and natural sound reproduction from an aesthetically pleasing design. Each m series product was specifically engineered to provide superior acoustic results for the intended application.

Pret: 2.599 RON /Pereche

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology StudioMonitor 45

High performance shelf/stand monitor loudspeaker

Pret: 1.999 RON /Pereche