Boxe Tip: Boxe de raft

Boxe Triangle Color Bookshelf

This speaker is fitted with the latest loudspeakers developed by TRIANGLE, and you will be surprised by their pioneering design and vitality

Pret: 2.296 RON /Pereche

Boxe Triangle Comete Ex

This loudspeaker, which is ideally designed to sit on a stand offers the same listening experience as a floor-standing speaker, but takes up less room. The new half-roll rubber suspension bass driver ensures that sufficient speed is maintained.
Recommended for a 160-320 sq ft (15-30 m2) room.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 3.524 RON /Pereche

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  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Boxe Mission SX-2

Sleek exterior lines only hint at the advanced technologies beneath the perfectly polished real wood veneers and precision die cast aluminium trimmings. The SX series exudes beauty that goes far beyond skin deep.

De la: 3.849 RON /Pereche

Boxe Heco Ascada 2.0

The Ascada 2.0 is an exclusive HECO shelf speaker system that offers a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of possible applications. Audio signals can be reproduced by using the numerous connections, or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The state of the art aptX codec largely guarantees lossless signal transmission. The Ascada 2.0 components can even be used as an external audio device for a PC.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 2.685 RON

Boxe Usher V-601

Uncompromised performance redefines value in class.

Pret: 3.497 RON /Pereche

Boxe Cabasse MT31 Antigua

The new MT range is now more faithful than ever to the Cabasse quality demands. Coherency between direct and reflected sounds, respect of timber and dynamic range, deep and stable soundstage; enjoy hours of loyal and engaging music reproduction.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 2.424 RON /Pereche

Boxe Taga Harmony PLATINUM B-40

Platinum B-40 Bookshelf Speaker

Pret: 1.569 RON /Pereche

Boxe Gato Audio PM-2

The PM-2 compact monitor offers extraordinary tonal fidelity, effortless dynamic expansion and natural, almost holographic illumination into the deepest corners of the soundstage.

De la: 7.396 RON /Pereche

Boxe JBL Studio 220 Brown

For those who know what they’re looking for when it comes to a loudspeaker system – and who want it flexible besides – we give you the new JBL Studio 220 2-way bookshelf loudspeakers.

Pret: 1.149 RON

Boxe Canton Chrono SL 530.2

Compact speaker/2-way bass reflex system

Pret: 3.500 RON /Pereche

Boxe Canton Vento 820.2

Difuzor compact cu 2 cai, bass reflex sistem

Pret: 3.899 RON /Pereche

Boxe Yamaha NS-B500

Sound to fire the imagination. Bookshelf speakers that provide stunning performance even as main speakers

Pret: 1.618 RON /Pereche

Boxe Yamaha NS-B700

The NS-700 speakers feature a clean, transparent sound and robust bass response. With the same Piano Black finish as Yamaha gran pianos. they look elegant as well.

Pret: 2.199 RON

Boxe Bose 161 speaker system

161 speaker system Bose sound from your stereo or home cinema components Performance rivalling much larger home stereo speakers Versatile bookshelf speaker design Custom mounting brackets included for additional placement options

Pret: 1.110 RON /Pereche

Boxe Monitor Audio R45HD

The diminutive R45HD is the perfect satellite speaker for front left, centre, right and rear surround sound applications. Its secret is a combination of a 75mm (3”) MMP®II cone mid-bass driver and rear-firing 20mm (¾”) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter, which spreads and magnifies the sound around the room to create a huge, encompassing surround sound effect.

Pret: 880 RON /Pereche

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology StudioMonitor 65

Ultra-performance shelf/stand monitor loudspeaker

Pret: 3.999 RON /Pereche

Boxe Audiovector Ki 1 Super

Ki1 Super sunt boxe de raft dinamice și extrem de detaliate, în ciuda dimensiunilor extrem de reduse

Pret: 3.649 RON /Pereche

Boxe Canton Chrono 503.2

Compact speaker, 2-way Bass reflex system

Pret: 2.900 RON /Pereche

Boxe Canton Chrono SL 520.2

Compact speaker/2-way bass reflex system

Pret: 2.900 RON /Pereche

  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Boxe Raidho X-Monitor

Another concept speaker, the Raidho X-Monitor, although it is the smallest of the Raidho speakers, reflects all of the design, construction and performance philosophy of the entire Raidho line.

Pret: 17.662 RON /Pereche