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30reducere Amplificatoare casti Amplificator casti Burson Conductor VirtuosoAmplificator casti Burson Conductor Virtuoso
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    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Amplificator casti Burson Conductor Virtuoso

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  • Sennheiser Authorised Partner

Amplificator casti Sennheiser HDVA 600

Sound can be perfected with Sennheiser’s HDVA 600. Delivering authentic sound in its purest form, listeners are treated to a world of sheer listening pleasure.

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Amplificator casti Woo Audio WA3

Single-Ended Triode Class A, All Tube Drive, OTL

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  • Sennheiser Authorised Partner

Amplificator casti Sennheiser HDVD 800

With Sennheiser’s HDVD 800, sound is perfect. The HDVD 800 is able to connect with digital sources and is equipped with a high-quality Burr-Brown digital/analog converter (DAC) that converts digital audio data into analog signals with a resolution of 24 bits and a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz. This enables the HDVD 800 to transmit the entire frequency spectrum of high-end audio sources without any loss of frequencies.

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Amplificator casti Chord Electronics Hugo

Hugo reference-grade DAC/headphone amp - coming Jan 2014
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of our ground-breaking and game-changing DAC 64, we will be launching something very special in the new year

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Amplificator casti Dominance Clasa A

Experimenteaza Nirvana sunetului in castile tale!
Amplificator Casti in Pura Clasa A

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Amplificator casti Audeze The King

It began when the Audeze team met the legendary electronics designer Bascom King in his design lab. Bascom has designed acclaimed amplifiers for Infinity, Marantz, Constellation Audio, PS Audio and others. He demoed a prototype headphone amplifier that so impressed everyone that they signed Bascom on the spot to develop the new headphone amplifier exclusively for Audeze.

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Amplificator casti Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse

Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse is primul amplificator de casti pe tuburi din lume care se alimenteaza dintr-o baterie interna. Utilizand transformatoare SET in clasa A pentru un sunet cat mai transparent si incorporand un convertor 24bit/384kHz performant, WA8 ofera calitate audio si portabilitate.

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Amplificator casti Audeze Deckard

A powerhouse of a headphone amplifier combined with a high-performance DAC, the Deckard drives any headphone with power to spare.

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Amplificator Woo Audio WA5

WA5 300B Single-ended Triode Class-A Speaker and Headphone Amplifier
Output Transformer Coupled

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  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Amplificator casti Woo Audio WA5-LE

WA5 Lite Edition (WA5-LE) 300B Single-ended Triode Class-A Headphone Amplifier
Output Transformer Coupled
Headphone only version of the WA5. WA5 and WA5-LE have the same headphone amp design.

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Amplificator casti Audio-Technica AT-HA5050H

All headphones are not the same. Each model has its own character, its own sonic signature. That’s why we’ve created a headphone amp that lets you choose from four different output impedances (two outputs each of 0.1, 33, 82 and 120 ohms) to experience a sound that best suits you and your headphones.

The AT-HA5050H is a hybrid Hi-Res Audio headphone amplifier – hybrid because it employs a pair of tubes at the preamp stage and transistors at the power amp stage. Having tubes in the preamp adds warmth and depth to the music, while the bipolar transistors provide distortion-free Class A amplification that is powerful enough to drive headphones of varying impedances without any problem. To further optimize power supply in the amplifier, each part of the amplifier is fed by individual power supply units with fast recovery diodes and regulating circuitry.

The AT-HA5050H is equipped with two analog inputs (L/R RCA line jacks and L/R balanced XLR jacks) and two digital inputs (S/PDIF digital coaxial input and USB input with selectable Asynchronous and Adaptive modes). The state-of-the-art DAC is optimized to be compatible with digital audio formats up to PCM 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD128. Additional features include classic analog VU meters with VU range selector switch, large volume control knob, and an input attenuator switch.

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24reducere Amplificatoare casti Amplificator casti Audeze Deckard resigilatAmplificator casti Audeze Deckard resigilat

Amplificator casti Audeze Deckard resigilat

A powerhouse of a headphone amplifier combined with a high-performance DAC, the Deckard drives any headphone with power to spare.

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Amplificator casti Woo Audio GES

WooAudio GES Stax/Sennheiser HE90 Electrostatic Earspeaker Amplifier
GES works with all 5-pin Pro bias Stax Earspeakers.

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Amplificator casti Woo Audio WES

WES - WooAudio Electrostatic Headphone Amplifiier

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Amplificator casti OPPO HA-2 SE

Amplificator portabil si DAC
DAC USB High-resolution pentru device-uri Apple/Android/PC/Mac
ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018-K2M DAC chip
Doua optiuni gain pentru imperecherea optima a castilor
Poate avea rol de Power bank pentru incarcarea telefonului