iFi Audio iRACK

The iFi iRACK puts the iFi range above the competition – figuratively and literally. It is able to run from 1 shelf through to four shelves. Both the award-wining micro series and newly-launched nano series fit the iRACK. Its specially-designed slots minimise resonance and ensures a perfect fit for each and every iFi unit.

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Fiio LC-X7A

Fiio LC-X7A este o husa fabricata din piele ecologica, destinata playerului portabil Fiio X7.

Fiio RC-UE2

Length:120cm (excluding the plug )
Diameter of conductor:26AWG(Ф0.4mm)
Diameter of conductor including outer skin:Ф0.6mm
Diameter of cable:Ф2.5mm
Impedance of single channel for headphone cable:0.16Ω(1.2m)
Suitable temperature:-80-200℃
High pressure resistance:150V

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Fiio LC-FX3221

Husa pentru playerul Fiio X3K

Devialet Phantom Remote

Subtle extension of PHANTOM, REMOTE drives the volume with absolute precision and with extreme movement sensitivity.

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Fiio RC-MH1

Recable for:


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Audioengine ADS2

The Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands were designed to make the best of a desktop setting by first and foremost aiming the speakers higher. This brings the tweeters closer to ear level, and reinforces the frequencies that make up your music's sound stage. The DS2 Desktop Stands work best with larger speakers like our P4 and A5+.

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Matrix Remote Control

Premium aluminium design.
It can control volume \ mute\ input channel and switch machine.