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Considerat unul dintre cele mai bune DAC-uri din lume, Element X ofera rezultate fara precedent in teste si masuratori independente. Poate fi inima unui sistem audio de cel mai inalt nivel, indiferent daca se doreste o configuratie stereo cu boxe sau cu casti. Matrix Element X este un streamer foarte performant, un player audio ultra-performant, un preamplificator ideal pentru o pereche de boxe active si un amplificator de casti capabil sa piloteze orice casca la cel mai inalt nivel. Construit in jurul celui mai performant DAC-chip din lume ESS Sabre 9038PRO, Element X integreaza un DAC cu topologie complet balansata si este capabil sa decodeze fisiere MQA, DSD 1024 si PCM 32bit/768KHz.


Prezentare generala DAC Matrix Element X



Streamer DAC ES9038PRO XMOS WiFi Femtoclock 32bit 768kHz DSD1024

Matrix presents the Element X, a high-end network drive that is versatile, powerful and aesthetically pleasing. It opens the doors of high-fidelity music streaming and integrates cutting-edge technologies that enable it to support high-resolution files or even to ensure sound reproduction of astonishing richness, precision and depth. Its extremely well thought-out and meticulous design will delight any audiophile who wants to offer their HiFi audio system complete wireless connectivity.


The Element X Core

At the base of the Element X is a powerful Quad Core ARM processor, which is responsible for processing the data. Matrix has also developed a high-quality audio system based on the Linux operating system. Unlike the brand's previous products, Element X has the ability to read files stored on your network or locally, while performing a Digital / Analog conversion. It is therefore an extremely complete product.

The ARM processor incorporates a powerful audio playback system, supporting a wide range of file formats and high sampling rates: 768kHz in PCM and native DSD up to 22.4MHz (DSD512). To enjoy your favorite songs, simply connect a USB storage device to Element X or connect a NAS to it.

ES9038PRO DAC, ES9311 LDO and Femtoclock

The Matrix Element X features the latest high-end DAC chip from ESS: the ES9038PRO. This ensures a disconcertingly accurate reproduction, while offering a beautiful dynamic and a wide sound image. It comes with an ultra-low noise LDO ES9311 and a Femtoclock Crystek CCHD-950. Matrix has worked for many years with ESS chips, they provide DAC integration to maximize performance.


USB XMOS XU216 Interface

With the rapid development of high quality audio formats and the new user requirements inherent in these developments, Element X had to support many high resolution formats. Its USB interface XMOS XU216 allows it to read PCM files up to 768kHz and DSD up to DSD512. This interface also supports MQA files, a high quality format that is becoming more and more popular.

Hyper Control

In order to benefit from greater accuracy than a traditional potentiometer volume control and to avoid the dynamic disadvantages of a digital volume control, Matrix integrates a hybrid volume control design into its Element X. Thus, the device uses the digital volume of the relay matrix and DAC chip and combines analog control to maintain the advantages of each system.


Preamp section

If you want to use the Element X with active speakers, it is not necessary to add a preamplifier. Indeed, the latter has a configurable analog preamp section with a gain of +10dB.

Balanced headphone amplifier

The Matrix Element X also features a balanced headphone amplifier, based on four independent TI LME49600 high-fidelity audio buffers, so it is perfectly possible to use a headphone in symmetrical mode. When used in unbalanced mode, this section behaves like two independent stereo amplifiers, allowing two unbalanced headphones to be associated with it.


A complete and efficient connectivity

The Matrix network player has a built-in connector, allowing you to connect many devices to it to create a versatile and powerful audio system. This includes two Toslink Optics and two Coaxial SPDIF inputs, as well as I2S LVDS via HDMI and USB-B 2.0. In addition, there are 2 USB-A 2.0 ports for your storage devices (USB sticks, hard disks, etc.), a Micro SD slot and of course an RJ45 port. A pair of antennas greatly improves the reception distance of the device.

On the output side, the Element X offers on its rear side RCA Stereo and XLR but also on its front side two 6.35mm jacks, also usable in XLR 3 poles, as well as a XLR 4 poles balanced.


Control playback from your smartphone

For a simple and intuitive control of its reader, Matrix has specially developed an Android application. This allows you to browse and launch your audio files, whether they are stored on storage devices connected to the device or your local network. Matrix will also provide regular updates to improve the user experience and develop an iOS version of the application.

DLNA & Airplay

Today, media streaming via a local network has become commonplace. As a result, Matrix Element X supports DLNA and AirPlay protocols to allow you to stream your music directly from your smartphone or other compatible mobile device.


MQA Support

MQA is a high-resolution audio encoding technique with a high sampling rate while ensuring small file sizes. The MQA is therefore an ideal format for enjoying high quality audio streaming.

Strong power supply stage

Power supply is the entry point for all electrical / electronic devices and plays a major role, especially in the case of a high fidelity audio system. Matrix has therefore chosen to integrate a Noratel custom toroidal transformer and high quality Nichicon capacitors into its Element X. There are also power separators and LDOs on a 4-layer PCB. This power supply section provides the entire circuit with a clean electrical signal for a highly transparent sound.


Shielded housing

As each material has its own resonance frequency, Element X was designed with a double structure. The inner shell uses galvanized metal folded with reinforcing ribs to ensure durability. The outer shell is made of 4mm thick Aluminium. The assembly of these two materials makes it possible to modify their resonance frequencies and reduce the negative impact of resonances on sound reproduction.

Modern design

The Element range from Matrix has removed all unnecessary visual elements to give their devices a modern and high-end look. The Element X thus presents simple lines in a CNC machined Aluminium casing. It will integrate seamlessly into a high-end HiFi system.



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