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Muzica CD

CD ECM Records Meredith Monk: Book Of Days


Meredith Monk Ensemble :
Meredith Monk - voce, claviaturi
Naaz Hosseini - voce, vioara
Robert Een - voce, violoncel
Andrea Goodman - voce
Nicky Paraiso - voce
Ching Gonzalez - voce
Timothy Sawyer - voce
Johanna Arnold - voce
Joan Barber - voce
John Eppler - voce
Wayne Hankin - voce, instrumente de suflat
Toby Newman - voce
Nurit Tilles - pian, claviaturi, Hammered Dulcimer

The markedly instrumental approach to the human voice embodied by this ensemble lends itself beautifully to the subject matter at hand. In choosing to eschew words entirely, Monk peers more deeply into the oracular interior of her music. Relying on nascent phonemes such as “na” and “la” in lieu of recognizable vocabularies, she complicates the linearity of her effected nostalgia. Book of Days is all the more haunting for reducing that nostalgia to a liquid state and scooping up as much of it as possible before it seeps out of sight through those very cracks where her music is born. [ ecm reviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Meredith Monk: Do You Be

iunie 1986 , ianuarie1987

Meredith Monk - voce, pian, sintetizator
Nurit Tilles - pian, voce, sintetizator, claviaturi
Edmund Niemann - pian
Robert Een - voce
Andrea Goodman - voce
Wayne Hankin - voce, claviaturi, cimpoi
Naaz Hosseini - voce, vioara
Ching Gonzalez - voce
Johanna Arnold - voce
John Eppler - voce
Nicky Paraiso - voce

The appearance of words in Meredith Monk’s work can be rather jolting, as it is so easy for one to get used to the lack of semantic footholds. Like few other vocalists (Elizabeth Fraser comes to mind), Monk grinds the surface of what is being conveyed to such a fine patina that quantifiable meaning is often no longer necessary. Her vocal ramblings are mimetic, purposeful. Monk ably switches between registers and modes with lightning precision, creating a veritable conversation in and through a single body, gazing in multiple directions in the same breath.

Do You Be is a Meredith Monk hodgepodge culled from an assortment of operas and theater pieces. As such, it contains more in the way of quantifiable semantics. [ ecm reviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Meredith Monk: Piano Songs


Meredith Monk
Bruce Brubaker - pian
Ursula Oppens - pian

Celebrating Meredith Monk as composer, these Piano Songs give us a world at once playful and earnest. Written or derived from work composed between 1971 and 2006, the pieces inhabit Monk’s unique universe, as played by two of new music’s most distinguished interpreters, pianists Ursula Oppens and Bruce Brubaker.

These pieces are ‘songs’ because they have strong roots in Monk’s pieces for voice, and because they are direct, specific, and imagistic. Meredith Monk on composing for two pianos: “I delved into different relationships and possibilities between them; material passed back and forth, dialogues, interlocking phrases, shifts of figure and ground. In some pieces, I emphasized the individuality of each piano, writing for one player as the ‘singer’, the other as the ‘accompaniment’; in other pieces I wanted the two pianos to make one large sound.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Hildegard von Bingen / Ensemble Belcanto: Ordo Virtutum


Ensemble Belcanto :
Andrea Baader - soprana
Edith Murasov - soprana
Rica Rauch - alto
Martina Scharstein - soprana
Benjamin Cromme
Lilith Reid
Selina Drews soprana
Dietburg Spohr mezzosoprana

This is the second New Series album to feature the Ensemble Belcanto. Where its predecessor focused on contemporary composition, this new disc looks at Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum, writtern around 1150 and generally considered the first large-scale musical work beyond the prescribed form of the Mass liturgy. In her creative interpretation, Belcanto leader Dietburg Spohr waives claims to ‘objective’ historical literalness. Instead, she and her fellow singers encounter the work as if it were written specifically for the Ensemble Belcanto: “We sought to free Hildegard from mystical-esoteric associations and to emphasize the work of an emancipated woman and composer.”

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Steve Reich: The ECM Records (3 CD-Box)


Steve Reich Ensemble

Reeditare a albumelor Music For 18 Musicians, Music For A Large Ensemble si Tehillim, cu ocazia aniversarii a 80 de ani a compozitorului minimalist Steve Reich

Steve Reich has been described by The Guardian as one of “a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have altered the direction of musical history" and as “the greatest musical thinker of our time” by The New Yorker.

  • Numar discuri: 3
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records David Darling: Dark Wood


David Darling - violoncel

'Darling's range of stylistic evocations moves from early music to ethereal, swarthy impressionism to folk sonorities ... transcendent.' Down Beat 'Soulful, seductive' Echoes Radio

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records David Darling: Cycles

David Darling - violoncel, violoncel electric
Collin Walcott - sitar, tabla, percutie
Steve Kuhn - pian
Jan Garbarek - saxofon sopran si tenor
Arild Andersen - contrabas
Oscar Castro-Neves - chitara

"As it stands, Cycles is a bubble of possibility that only expands with every listen. In its opening strains, we kneel atop a cliff of unraveling. Darling’s needlepoint brings light to fullest dark, breathing through Walcott’s tabla and Garbarek’s shawm-like expectorations. [ ecm reviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Ketil Bjornstad, David Darling: Epigraphs


Ketil Bjornstad - pian
David Darling - violoncel

"What a record it is! Epigraphs combines the delicately weighted, mathematically perfect, lingering notes from Bjørnstad's piano with the growling, soaring singing of Darling's cello. Like their earlier collaboration The River, the pieces here owe much to 16th/17th century composers William Byrd and Orlando Gibbons. The pair share a mutual instinct for improvisation which has resulted in one of the most exquisite albums of slow, raw music to emerge in recent years." [ Mike Bradley, The Times ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Momo Kodama - Ravel / Takemitsu / Messiaen: La Vallee Des Cloches


Momo Kodama - pian

Maurice Ravel - Miroirs
Toru Takemitsu - Rain Tree Sketch
Olivier Messiaen - La Fauvette Des Jardins

Kodama’s impeccable technique and facility for crystalline sounds makes for a mesmerizing program. ‘Miroirs’, the highlight of the program, is awash in rich colors, poised and graceful. Two other rarely performed works round out the program. ‘Rain Tree Sketch’ is a short, but lovely treat, and Messiaen’s trademark birdcalls thread through ‘La Fauvette Des Jardins’. Impressive. [ Kang, American Record Guide ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Jan Garbarek, Hilliard Ensemble: Officium Novum

Jan Garbarek - saxofoane
The Hilliard Ensemble :
David James - contratenor
Rogers Covey-Crump - tenor
Steven Harrold - tenor
Gordon Jones - bariton

In addition to several medieval sources, included are works by early 20th century Armenian priest, musicologist, and composer Komitas; Nikolai N. Kedrov, a Russian composer of the same era; mid-20th century Greek composer Giorgios Sefaris; Estonian Arvo Part; and several original pieces by Garbarek himself. Like the first album, this one is suffused with a sense of distant mystery and a profound, powerful melancholy that is given voice with intense feeling. The sound again is spacious and warmly resonant, with an earthy, enveloping ambience. This album will be a must-have for anyone who loved the first one, and it should appeal to any listener with an affinity for meditative Eastern European spirituality, especially when tied to contemporary expressivity and stylistic freedom. [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Giya Kancheli: Little Imber


Nederlands Kamerkoor
Christine Rall - saxofon sopran
Elliot Riley - saxofon alto
Bruce Weinberger - saxofon tenor
Kenneth Coon - saxofon bariton
Klaas Stok - dirijor
Mamuka Gaganidze - voce
Zaza Miminoshvili - chitara
Matrix Ensemble
Rustavi Choir
Children's Choir
Nika Memanishvili - claviaturi, dirijor cor

Giya Kancheli : Amao Omi ( For Mixed Choir And Saxophone Quartet )
- Little Imber ( For Small Ensemble, Voice, Children's Choir And Men's Choir )

Two choral works by the great Georgian composer Giya Kancheli. “Little Imber” is a “site-specific” work, profoundly melancholic yet with a hint or irony, directly inspired by the English village of the same name, a ghost-town since it was evacuated and turned over to the US army for military manoeuvres in 1943. The piece is coupled here with “Amao Omi” (“senseless war”) whose phonetic text adds up to moving sound tapestry, underpinned by the subtle and supple playing of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Giya Kancheli: Themes From The Songbook


Dino Saluzzi - Bandoneon
Gidon Kremer - vioara
Andrei Pushkarev - vibrafon
Jansug Kakhidze - voce, dirijor
Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra

The alchemy involved in conceiving music like this, much less making it, is of a miracle variety. This project is beyond simple genius dispensed by virtuosi, its substance if of a whole other world, one that looks within rather than without, for those things previously missed or never considered. [ C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Giya Kancheli: Diplipito


Derek Lee Ragin - contratenor
Thomas Demenga - violoncel
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester , dirijor Dennis Russell Davies

Giya Kancheli:
- Diplipito ( Fur Violoncello, Countertenor Und Orchester )
- Valse Boston ( Fur Klavier Und Streichorchester )

“Diplipito”, pitting countertenor against cello in duets of aching elegy, seems to me one of Kancheli’s most ravishing creations. In “Valse Boston” for piano and strings an ineluctably slow ¾ time merely hints at long-lost dance origins amid images of lament and frustration: the ballrooms of Kanchelia are chill, empty places, probably with glass and rubble on the floor. With Dennis Russell Davies (conductor and dedicatee) at the piano, there are ghosts in “Valse Boston” of Shostakovich’s First Piano Concerto and, in both pieces, of Schubert, whose example has encouraged Kancheli’s recent works towards more direct melodic content. The performances reflect utter dedication from all concerned. [ Calum MacDonald, BBC Music Magazine ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Giya Kancheli: Trauerfarbenes Land


Radio Symphonieorchester Wien , dirijor Dennis Russell Davies

Giya Kancheli:
- A La Duduki
- Trauerfarbenes Land

Giya Kancheli's fifth album for ECM New Series is the first to be devoted exclusively to his orchestral music and features two extended pieces of often volcanic power that bear out the judgement of Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin: 'Kancheli is an ascetic with the temperament of a maximalist, a smouldering Vesuvius.' Impassioned performances by the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra under the dynamic direction of Dennis Russell Davies make this another milestone in the career of a musician that Time magazine has said 'may well be the most important composer to emerge from the old Soviet Union since Dmitri Shostakovich.'

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Giya Kancheli: Exil


Maacha Deubner - soprana
Natalia Pschenitschnikova - flaut alto si bas
Catrin Demenga - vioara
Ruth Killius - viola
Rebecca Firth - violoncel
Christian Sutter - contrabas
Wladimir Jurowski - dirijor

Settings of Psalm 23 and poems by Paul Celan and Hans Sahl for Soprano and mixed chamber ensemble. 'From strife-torn Georgia comes a man who may well be the mostimportant Soviet composer since Shostakovich: Giya Kancheli, whose olorousyetspiritually radiant music gives eloquent voice to the ongoing tragedy ofhis native Georgia. Says Kancheli, a devout Orthodox Christian, 'When a person goes into achurch, synagogue or mosque where there's not service going on, there's aspecial kind of silence. I want to turn that silence into music.' InKancheli's hands the sounds of silence are hauntingly eloquent.' --[ Michael Walsh, Time Magazine ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Sofia Gubaidulina: Canticle Of The Sun


Gidon Kremer - vioara
Nicolas Altstaedt - violoncel
Marta Sudraba - violoncel
Kremerata Baltica
Andrei Pushkarev - percutie
Rihards Zaļupe - percutie
Rostislav Krimer - celesta
Riga Chamber Choir, dirijor Māris Sirmais

Sofia Gubaidulina :
- The Lyre Of Orpheus
- The Canticle Of The Sun

Featuring unorthodox showcases for violin and cello, this album is testament to the sensitive individualism of Sofia Gubaidulina. Performed by Gidon Kremer´s Kremerata Baltica, 'The Lyre of Orpheus' proceeds via a series of discrete violin flourishes and glissandi, until coaxed into the open under cover of the ensemble. Its inclusion of sleighbells is one example of Gubaidulina´s characteristic use of unusual percussion, which reaches further extremes in her setting of St Francis´s 'Canticle of the Sun' when cellist Nicolas Altstaedt, having detuned his instrument to its lowest possible note, eventually abandons it to bow first a drum, then a flexatone device. Strange, but beautiful. [ Andy Gill, The Independent ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Gidon Kremer, Kremerata Baltica - Mieczyslaw Weinberg


Gidon Kremer - vioara, dirijor
Daniil Grishin - viola
Giedre Dirvanauskaite - violoncel
Daniil Trifonov - pian
Kremerata Baltica

Mieczysław Weinberg:
- Sonate Nr. 3 Op. 126
- Trio Op. 48
- Sonatine Op. 46
- Concertino Op. 42
- Symphonie No. 10 Op. 98

The affinities between the music of Mieczyslaw Weinberg and his good friend Dmitri Shoastakovich are as obvious as the Beethoven/Brahms connection, which caused the latter to say ‘Any fool can see that’. Those affinites permeate the early works here, Weinberg’s sole String Trio, the sonatina for violin and piano, and the concertino for violin and strings, all written shortly after the second World War. The later pieces – the Symphony No 10 of 1968 and the Sonata No 3 for solo violin of 1979 – are of a different cut, more adventurous and often sonically harsher. The gripping solo sonata is a real discovery, and Gidon Kremer regards it as worth a 20-century place alongside Bartók’s towering solo sonata. He certainly handles the work with that level of conviction. [ Michael Dervan, Irish Times ]

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Gidon Kremer - Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Chamber Symphonies & Piano Quintet


Gidon Kremer - vioara, dirijor
Andrei Pushkarev - percutie
Kremerata Baltica

Mieczysław Weinberg:
- Chamber Symphony No. 3 Op. 151
- Chamber Symphony No. 2 Op. 147
- Chamber Symphony No. 1 Op. 145
- Piano Quintet Op. 18
- Chamber Symphony No. 4 Op. 153

This new set leaves you wondering why a composer of such consistently intense, emotionally direct music remained virtually unknown in the West for his entire career. […] through it all, Weinberg’s own voice comes through in long, soaring string lines, and textures that are invitingly sumptuous but also full of mystery. What makes the first three chamber symphonies especially fascinating is that they are early and late works simultaneously. In each case, Weinberg used a youthful chamber piece as a template, with trims, additions and reordering, along with broad rescoring. They superimpose an older man’s perspective on the youthful vision of the original work, yielding a moving balance of energy and world-weariness. [ Allan Kozinn, The Wall Street Journal ]

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Contemporana

CD ECM Records Golfam Kayham, Mona Matbou: Riahi


Golfam Khayam - chitara
Mona Matbou Riahi - clarinet

Narrante is the highly attractive ECM debut album of Golfam Khayam and Mona Matbou Riahi, otherwise known as the Naqsh Duo. The guitarist and clarinetist, both born in Teheran, have pursued further musical adventures outside Iran while remaining fascinated and strongly influenced by their homeland’s rich and diverse traditions. In the process they have arrived at synthesis of their own, finding points of contact between aspects of Persian tradition and contemporary music. The forms, modes, drones and rhythms of Persian music as well its call for improvisation are redeployed, to new creative ends, in their fresh and vital work.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: World

CD ECM Records Kayhan Kalhor, Erdal Erzincan: The Wind


Kayhan Kalhor Kamanche
Erdal Erzincan Baglama
Ulas Özdemir Divan Baglama

This Zen-like approach yields a powerful, serene music that builds in waves of sinuous bowed melodies, which often sound like weeping, muscular plucked phrases of great rhythmic oomph, and hypnotic loops of perfect synchronicity. The duo’s unity of spirit comes from simply being open to one another and letting natural harmony lead the way. This music speaks to our fundamental human interconnectedness. We would be wise to listen up. [ Sam Prestianni, Jazziz ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: World

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