Muzica CD

CD ECM Records Nik Bartsch's Ronin: AWASE

Nik Bartsch - pian
Sha - bas clarinet, saxofon alto
Thomy Jordi - bas
Kaspar Rast - tobe

Bärtsch speaks of a new-found freedom and flexibility in the approach to the material, with “greater transparency, more interaction, more joy in every performance”. The freedom here extends to revisiting earlier Bärtsch modules alongside new compositions including, for the first time on a Ronin record, a piece by reedman Sha. “We’ve spent a long time working on the new repertoire, really checking out and fine tuning all the details.”

Awase, a term from Aikido, means “moving together” in the sense of matching energies, a fitting metaphor for the dynamic precision, tessellated grooves and balletic minimalism of Ronin today. In the old band, Bärtsch often chose to present Björn Meyer’s flamboyant 6-string bass as a lead instrument. Thomy Jordi’s 4-string bass guitar tends to be deployed within the fabric of the pieces, creatively fulfilling a more traditional bass function and locking in with Kaspar Rast’s powerful drums. With Bärtsch also scaling back his own solo playing, listeners are encouraged to hear the whole music and its layered, shifting approach to interaction in new ways.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records John Abercrombie: Animato


John Abercrombie - chitara electrica
Jon Christensen - tobe
Vince Mendoza - sintetizatoare

"John Abercrombie’s guitar is framed and supported by composer Vince Mendoza’s quasi-orchestral use of synthesizers. Jon Christensen’s drums add acoustic commentary. "

editie Touchstones - format mini-vinil replica, coperti gatefold, cartonate

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Arild Andersen: Green In Blue - Early Quartets (3 CD-Box)

Setul contine 3 discuri - reeditarea unor albume inregistrate intre 1975 si 1978:

"Clouds In My Head" (ex ECM 1059)
"Shimri" (ex ECM 1082)
"Green Shading Into Blue" (ex ECM 1127)

Arild Andersen - contrabas
Knut Riisnaes - saxofon sopran si tenor
Juhani Aaltonen - saxofon tenor si sopran, flaute, percutie
Jon Balke - pian
Lars Jansson - pian
Pål Thowsen - tobe, percutie

  • Numar discuri: 3
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Marcin Wasilewski Trio: Faithful

Marcin Wasilewski - pian
Slawomir Kurkiewicz - contrabas
Michal Miskiewicz - tobe

Dazzling third ECM album by Poland’s Wasilewski Trio, which perfectly captures the group’s blend of energy and lyricism. There is space here for both the outgoing and the reflective, for profound composition and in-the-moment creativity. The wide-ranging repertoire on “Faithful” (named after the Ornette Coleman title track) includes five new tunes from the pen of Marcin Wasilewski and timeless pieces by Paul Bley and Hermeto Pascoal. From the standard repertory, the trio plays “The Ballad of the Sad Young Men”. Reaching beyond jazz, the players also find a new approach to Hanns Eisler’s “An den kleinen Radioapparat”.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Eberhard Weber: Fluid Rustle

Eberhard Weber - bas, tarang
Bonnie Herman - voce
Norma Winstone - voce
Gary Burton - vibrafon, marimba
Bill Frisell - chitara electrica, balalaika

John Kelman :
"One of Weber's most memorable albums in a relatively diminutive discography as a leader (just 14 albums in 42 years), Fluid Rustle stands out for both its unusual instrumentation and the debut, at least on an international level, of soon-to-be-major guitarist Bill Frisell.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD Naim Allegri String Quartet: Haydn, Shostakovich, Schumann


Allegri Quartet:

David Roth - vioara
Peter Carter - vioara
Bruno Schrecker - violoncel
Jonathan Barritt - viola

Haydn - Quartet In D Minor, Op. 42
Shostakovich - String Quartet No. 3 In F Op. 73
Schumann - Quartet In A Op. 41 No. 3

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD Naim Havard Gimse: Chopin


Havard Gimse - pian

Chopin: Scherzi And Preludes

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Clasica

CD Decca Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen ( Solti - Nilsson, Flagstad, London, Frick, Hotter ) BluRay Audio

1956-1965 - Interpreti: Birgit Nilsson, Kirsten Flagstad, Regine Crespin, Wolfgang Windgassen, James King, Set Svanholm, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Gottlob Frick, Hans Hotter, Wiener Philharmoniker ( dirijor Georg Solti ) - BluRay Audio care contine intreg ciclul ( HiRes 24bit-48kHz )

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Opera

CD ECM Records Old And New Dreams

Don Cherry - trompeta, pian
Dewey Redman - saxofon tenor, musette
Charlie Haden - contrabas
Ed Blackwell - tobe

Fosti membri in Ornette Coleman Quartet, muzicienii reuniti sub denumirea de Old And New Dreams intr-un fel de supergrup vor lasa patru albume in urma ( doua dintre ele la ECM Records, doua la Black Saint ) precum si exceptionalul duet dintre Ed Blackwell si Don Cherry, El Corazon

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Steve Kuhn: Life's Backward Glances - Solo And Quartet (3 CD-Box)


Steve Kuhn - pian
Sheila Jordan - voce
Steve Slagle saxofon sopran si alto, flaut
Harvie Swartz - bas
Bob Moses - tobe

This collection brings together three much sought-after recordings by Steve Kuhn: the solo piano album “Ecstasy” (recorded 1974), and two quartet albums. “Motility” (1977) features the band of the same name with saxophonist Steve Slagle in the front line, while “Playground” (1979) is the album that introduced the Steve Kuhn-Sheila Jordan Quartet.

  • Numar discuri: 3
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal: If Mountains Could Sing

1994 :
Terje Rypdal chitara electrica
Bjorn Kjellemyr - bas
Audun Kleive - tobe
Terje Tonnesen - vioara
Lars Anders Tomter - viola
Oystein Birkeland - violoncel
Christian Eggen - dirijor

"I start this review where I might end it, by marking If Mountains Could Sing as one of Terje Rypdal’s finest achievements. Marrying the Norwegian guitarist’s penchant for magnesium fire with his comparable passion for classical textures, this record gives us the clearest intersection of his split idiomatic personality since Descendre." [ ecmreviews ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Terje Rypdal: Odyssey (3 CD-Box)

Setul contine reeditarea albumului Odyssey in varianta completa precum si o inregistrare in concert (care nu a mai fost publicata anterior)

Terje Rypdal - chitara electrica, sintetizatoare, saxofon sopran
Torbjorn Sunde - trombon
Brynjulf Blix - orga
Sveinung Hovensjo - bas
Svein Christiansen - tobe

The electric guitar innovator in the 1970s. This box set in ECM’s Old & New Masters Series collects Terje Rypdal’s two-LP Odyssey album – heard on CD, for the first time, in its entirety, including the much-requested and epically-rocking “Rolling Stone” – and “Unfinished Highballs”, a recently unearthed 1976 radio recording that documents the Norwegian guitarist’s work for his Odyssey quartet and the Swedish Radio Jazz Group. The complete Odyssey may address a longstanding demand, but “Unfinished Highballs” will surprise even Rypdal’s most committed fans. It reveals that not only were many of the markers which would come to define his career already in place, but the intrepid guitarist was already searching for ways to include, rather than exclude, in his approach to composition and performance.

  • Numar discuri: 3
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

( 5 ) bazata pe un review
Pret: 139 RON

CD ACT Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Retrospective - Best of


Esbjorn Svensson - pian, claviaturi, electronice
Dan Berglund - bas, electronice
Magnus Ostrom - tobe, percutie, electronice

Despite the fact that 2008’ Leucocyte, would be the Esbjörn Svensson Trio's final album due to the tragic scuba diving accident that killed Svensson, this was a band that had traversed such wide musical territory they deserved a retrospective treatment simply to sum up what had transpired between the release of 1993’s When Everyone Has Gone and that premature finale. While this 70-minute single disc doesn’t contain any unreleased material, or pre-1999 material (in favor of presenting the trio’s fully developed aesthetic), it is beautifully compiled. [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ACT Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Good Morning Susie Soho


Esbjorn Svensson - pian, claviaturi, percutie
Dan Berglund - bas, percutie
Magnus Ostrom - tobe, percutie

Good Morning Susie Soho peaked on the Swedish pop album chart at 15, above the likes of Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Pearl Jam, yet was named album of the year for 2000 by the critics in the British magazine Jazzwise. At the same time, Svensson was on the covers of two German jazz magazines, was the cover feature, along with Jacky Terrasson, in the French magazine Jazzman and was hailed by the German news weekly Der Spiegel as the future of jazz piano (together with Brad Mehldau). Clearly then it's not unreasonable to suggest that this album is making waves across Europe. That the cutting edge can live on without necessarily inhabiting volatile experimentation is hardly new, and Svensson's trio, while darkly lyrical, is also fiercely contemporary.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ACT Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Strange Place For Snow


Esbjorn Svensson - pian, claviaturi, percutie
Dan Berglund - bas, percutie
Magnus Ostrom - tobe, percutie

E.S.T.'s second U.S. outing offers palatable, often lively acoustic jazz with tantalizing electronic flourishes. It's similar in thrust to the trio's 2001 U.S. debut, Somewhere Else Before, but not as strong melodically. Still, leader/pianist Esbjörn Svensson, bassist Daniel Berglund, and drummer Magnus Öström deliver some heated improvisational exchanges, particularly later in the program on the speedy, almost Mehldau-esque "When God Created the Coffee Break" and the post-bop boogaloo blues "Spunky Sprawl." The trio loses their focus at times, like on the overly long "Behind the Yashmak" and the strangely inert "Serenade for the Renegade." But at their best, E.S.T. displays an alluring lyricism and a subtle, creative use of processed sounds. Öström's drum parts, too, are well-crafted and contemporary. (There's a hidden track at the end, and like the one on Somewhere Else Before, it's a bit out of character.) [ AllMusic ]

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ACT Lars Danielsson: Liberetto III

Lars Danielsson contrabas, violoncel, pian
Gregory Privat - pian
John Parricelli - chitara
Magnus Ostrom - tobe, percutie

Music must touch the emotionsFor Lars Danielsson, that consummate craftsman of sound on both cello and bass, the power of music resides in melody. It is the heart from which everything else develops, and his Liberetto ensemble has stayed true to this principle again in its third album.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Ralph Towner - Solstice: Sound And Shadows


Ralph Towner - chitara clasica, double-six, pian
Jan Garbarek - saxofon tenor si sopran, flaut
Eberhard Weber - bas electric, violoncel
Jon Christensen - tobe, percutie

If Ralph Towner’s classic Solstice was an overland journey, then Sound And Shadows is a subterranean dream. Featuring the same lineup as its predecessor—Jan Garbarek on saxophones, Eberhard Weber on bass and cello, Jon Christensen on drums, and Towner himself behind an arsenal of instruments—the results are perhaps not as focused. Then again, they don’t need to be.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Pat Metheny: 80/81


Pat Metheny - chitara acustica si electrica
Charlie Haden - contrabas
Jack DeJohnette - tobe
Dewey Redman - saxofon tenor
Michael Brecker - saxofon tenor

AllMusicGuide : "Pat Metheny's credibility with the jazz community went way up with the release of this package, a superb two-CD collaboration with a quartet of outstanding jazz musicians that dared to be uncompromising at a time when most artists would have merely continued pursuing their electric commercial successes. [...]

The two original LPs were organized so that the more distinctive Metheny fusions were on sides one and four and the overt jazz tracks occupied sides two and three."

  • Numar discuri: 2
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Jan Garbarek: Eventyr

Jan Garbarek - saxofon tenor si sopran, flaut
John Abercrombie - chitara electrica
Nana Vasconcelos - berimbau, percutie, voce

"Eventyr means “adventure.” Classical listeners may also recognize it as the name of Frederick Delius’s lovely 1917 tone poem, which is often translated as “Once Upon A Time” to underscore its origins in the folk tale collections of Norwegian scholar Peter Christen Asbjørnsen.

Here, the name adorns one of Jan Garbarek’s most recondite efforts to date and, like its own “Once Upon A Time,” houses a world of lessons and signs for those willing enough to interpret them. Joined by John Abercrombie and Nana Vasconcelos, he spins a string of seven improvisations, rounded out by a standard, “East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon” (Brooks Bowman), that doesn’t so much end the album as open us to its nebulous center.

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

CD ECM Records Jan Garbarek: Visible World

Jan Garbarek - saxofoane, claviaturi, percutie
Rainer Bruninghaus - pian, sintetizator
Eberhard Weber - bas electric
Marilyn Mazur - tobe, percutie
Manu Katche - tobe
Trilok Gurtu - tabla
Mari Boine - voce
"This is the quintessential Garbarek album, the perfect synthesis of everything he and producer Manfred Eicher ever set out to achieve together from the start."

  • Numar discuri: 1
  • Gen muzica: Jazz

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