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Cablu Van den Hul The Third MkII

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Cablu Van den Hul The Third MkII

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Following extensive research, at the end of 1996 we were most proud to introduce the world’s first metal free loudspeaker cable named The THIRD ®: a logical follow-up to our highly acclaimed Linear Structured Carbon ® technology The FIRST ® (unbalanced) and The SECOND ® (balanced) interlink cables.

Prezentare generala Cablu Van den Hul The Third MkII

The THIRD ® Mk II is a single lead loudspeaker cable in which the full potential of not less than 3.5 million individually insulated Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) fibers is utilised to achieve a unique COMBINATION of highly sophisticated audiophile qualities NOT FOUND in any metal-based loudspeaker cable:
- The THIRD ® Mk II does NOT age; Its LSC conductors are TOTALLY IMMUNE to mechanical or chemical degradation, therefore its sonic properties DO NOT CHANGE: this regardless of how often this relatively FLEXIBLE cable is bent and irrespective of the presence of any corrosive chemical compounds in the air that normally would gradually attack any inadequately protected metal cable.
- As opposed to the immense number of metal crystal boundaries an audio signal needs to overcome in metal conductors, The THIRD ® Mk II does not exhibit the related cross-crystal and cross-strand-current-hopping distortion effects since all of its LSC fibers exhibit a SINGLE CRYSTAL structure from cable-end to cable-end and since all LSC fibers are individually insulated.
- The THIRD ® Mk II cannot be heard; The THIRD ® Mk II is absolutely free from coloration or distortion: devoid of any sonic fingerprint, The THIRD ® Mk II is totally transparent and neutral; it is capable of revealing details at a clarity level never experienced before.
- The THIRD ® Mk II merely requires a one-time-and-forever burn-in of just one hour playing time.
- The THIRD ® Mk II is absolutely free from “skin effect”; its effective resistance remains frequency independent deep into the megaHertz range.
- The THIRD ® Mk II is absolutely free from “directionality”.
- The THIRD ® Mk II is absolutely free from “time smear” and related effects: Signal reflections due to impedance mismatch at its terminals are effectively put to an end.
- The THIRD ® Mk II exhibits a very low 0.07 Ohm/m. resistance not hampering your amplifier(s) from maintaining full control over your drivers.
- The THIRD ® Mk II characterises as being extremely smooth and exceptionally detailed, with the highest NATURAL RESOLUTION you were ever able to listen to.

Specificatii tehnice pentru Cablu Van den Hul The Third MkII

Link producator:
Material: Carbon
Tip cablu: Speaker cable
Alte caracteristici: Product category: speaker cable - Single-lead, Top-end
Cable type: Single lead, multistrand
Conductor material: Linear Structured Carbon ®
Design purpose: Highest quality level full-range loudspeaker cable / Bi-wire line to tweeter-midrange section.
Eff conductor: - / - / 3,500,000
External diameter: 18.4 mm.
Jacket colors: Light beige
Resistance: ~ 0.07 Ohm/m.
Insulation : Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® 4 / 300 Vrms min.
connector types: Our 6.5 mm. Ø cable entrance diameter Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors; Custom mountable on any ordered length.
standard sales units: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 meter sets (1 set = 4 leads including connectors); Furthermore available in any specified length starting from 1 meter.
Acest produs poate avea şi următoarele denumiri:

Cablu Van Den Hul The Third MkII, Van Den Hul The Third Mk II

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