Boxe Waterfall, Tip: Subwoofere

Subwoofer Waterfall HIGH FORCE 1 EVO

Ultra compact (25 cm x 28 cm x 26 cm) this closed subwoofer will surprise you with its musicality and amazing energy in the low frequencies for such a small size. It is equipped with the superb Atohm LD 230 driver. It can be integrated inside custom made furniture, the ideal partner when space is reduced.

Subwoofer Waterfall HIGH FORCE 2 EVO

With its elegant proportions and rather small size, the HF2 Evo is a stunning subwoofer. It explores the low frequencies with real depth and is a swift and accurate performer under high acoustic pressure. A very good choice to create Hi fi and Home Cinema systems that are compact and efficient with great musical qualities.

Subwoofer Waterfall HIGH FORCE 3 ICE POWER

Particularly suited for large spaces, the HF3 Ice Power takes on the qualities of the HF2 Evo in a superlative way in the extreme low frequencies with its two exceptional 23 cm Atohm drivers and its Ice power amplifier.
Exceptional performance, with a powerful deep bass, remarkably pure and unparalleled power handling.