Boxe JBL

Boxe JBL Control 2.4G

Enjoy great JBL sound indoors or out – wirelessly

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Floorstanding speaker, Sleek, Stylish Design

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Boxe JBL Cinema 510

Go out to the movies. At home

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Boxe JBL Studio Monitor 4307

Professional sound comes in a medium-sized package. Taking up less room, the JBL® 4307 retains the performance of full-size JBL studio monitors. You can tailor the speaker’s performance to suit your personal taste, so when packing party friends into your apartment or living room there will be plenty of space to dance to the driving beats thundering from this rugged, professional-looking three-way control monitor. Featuring a 250mm (10") cone woofer, a 125mm (5") cone midrange driver and 38mm (1-1/2") high-frequency driver, the newly minted loudspeaker re-creates music with the power, dynamics and accuracy the JBL brand has delivered to audio virtuosos for over 50 years.

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Boxe JBL STUDIO 230 Negru

Bookshelf Speaker, Sleek, Stylish Design

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Boxe JBL Cinema 610

The sound of your home theater, re-mastered

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Boxe JBL Control One

With a compact, two-way design in the JBL® professional tradition, Control® series monitors take true studio sound to places where only boom boxes have been before.

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Boxe JBL SCS 200.5

With four identical satellites, a matching horizontal centre speaker and a floor-shaking 100-watt subwoofer, the SCS200.5 completes your surround system.

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Subwoofer JBL STUDIO SUB 250P

Subtire, Design elegant, sunet excelent JBL

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Boxe JBL Studio 270 Brown

As part of the groundbreaking 9-piece JBL Studio 2 loudspeaker series, the Studio 270 vaults you into a world where legacy sound-craft and visionary technology go hand-in-hand in shaping a listening experience like none before.

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Boxe JBL LS80 Negru

The LS Series establishes a new standard for high-end JBL® horn-loaded speaker systems.

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Boxe JBL Studio 290 Negru

Introducing our new JBL® Studio 290 dual 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker – a towering piece of sound-craft that goes far and beyond what otherscould only imagine. A signature part of our new 10-piece JBL Studio 2 loudspeaker series, the Studio 290 has been tested relentlessly in the world’s most advanced sound research lab – our own – as well as pitted against competitors in real world comparative listening studies. The results are in: the Studio 290 takes the crown for legacy and technology. Its dual 8” PolyPlas drivers deliver twice the potency and precision of signature JBL sound. A rear-firing Slipstream bass port envelops your senses in tight, accurate bass. But these are just for starters: we’re aiming for the record books.

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Boxe JBL SCS 140

5.1 Cinema Sound System

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Boxe JBL Studio 220 Brown

For those who know what they’re looking for when it comes to a loudspeaker system – and who want it flexible besides – we give you the new JBL Studio 220 2-way bookshelf loudspeakers.

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Boxe JBL SPARK Albastru

With the JBL Spark you get the best in sound, with a fun and unique look that is as individual
as your taste in music. On the inside, Spark is a JBL stereo speaker system that delivers the
sound performance JBL is known for; and on the outside, Spark comes in a cool shape unlike
any speaker before it. With a megaphone body and wireless Bluetooth®technology, Spark can
play your favorite songs from your smart phone or tablet, and fill the room with your music.
Look for Spark in your favorite colors, and see how it matches the style of your home and
adds a splash of color and sound to any space. Hang it from the wall, or lay it on any table
or shelf - Spark can fit just about anywhere, giving you versatility with your music system in a
new and exciting way.

Boxe JBL Control Now

Loud, clear, stunningly realistic audio reproduction for public spaces and private homes has been the JBL® stock-in-trade for more than 60 years.

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Floorstanding Speaker, Sleek, Stylish Design

Pret: 2.999 RON /Pereche

Boxe JBL STUDIO 220 Negru

Bookshelf Speaker, Sleek, Stylish Design

Pret: 1.149 RON /Pereche

Boxe JBL Studio Monitor 4312 E

The JBL® 4312 E studio monitor is the direct descendent of the legendary Model 4320, the original JBL monitor that forever changed audio recording, introduced in 1968. As you would expect of a true JBL studio monitor, the 4312 E delivers crisp, powerful bass at all listening levels with a massive 300mm (12-inch) woofer driven by a Differential Drive® (U.S. patent no. 5,748,760 and other patents pending) dual 75mm (3-inch) voice-coil assembly. A 125mm (5-inch) pure-pulp cone and 25mm (1-inch) copper voice coil with Kapton® bobbin realistically reproduce the full dynamics of vocal performances with low distortion, even at the highest listening levels. A 25mm (1-inch) tweeter with a magnesium/aluminium alloy dome extends HF response far beyond the audible range of the humanear. Built in mirror-image pairs to create the detailed, coherent stereo soundstage that studio monitors must, the JBL 4312 E exceeds the expectations of critical listeners and music professionals alike, providing a listening experience of such richness and subtlety that it cannot be compared to anything but a live performance.

Pret: 9.899 RON

Subwoofer JBL Sub 260P Negru

67 years in the making, we can safely admit it: we’ve pulled off another loudspeaker series that's powerful, precise, or hedonistically refined. It is our new 10-piece JBL® Studio 2 Series. And we never could have done it without engineering the likes of our new SUB 260P powered subwoofer. Tested relentlessly in the world’s finest sound research lab – our own – as well as pitted against competitors in real world comparative listening studies, we’ve created a powered subwoofer that leaves all others behind.

Pret: 2.299 RON