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Boxe Bose 251 environmental speakers

Mount 251® environmental speakers to your exterior walls, connect to your stereo components or Lifestyle® system and SA-3 amplifier, and enjoy quality Bose® sound across a much wider listening area.

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Boxe Bose 151 environmental speakers

Bose® 151 environmental speakers feature enhanced performance and durability for full stereo sound in a wide listening area. Sleek styling and rugged construction make these our most popular outdoor stereo speakers for music around the pool, on a porch, or even on a boat.

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Boxe Bose 131 environmental speakers

Designed to flush mount in the pre-cut speaker openings provided by many boat manufacturers, each Bose® 131 environmental speaker features a Bose® full-range driver for high-fidelity sound, and a proprietary ported enclosure for smooth, consistent low-frequency response.