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Cablu Van den Hul FLEXICON B4 Speaker Cable

In 1990 we were approached by the managing director of a big recording studio complex in South Africa with the request if we could design and produce all the cables necessary to run a very big studio complex. We did, and one of the products was the balanced FLEXICON B4 especially designed to be used in mixing consoles.

Price: 447 RON /Pair

Cablu Van den Hul The BAY C5 HYBRID RCA 1m

Due to the large success of our (discontinued) The PATCHBAY B5 in its use as a general purpose audio interconnect, we have introduced The BAY C5 HYBRID: The coaxial (unbalanced) HYBRID version of our balanced The PATCHBAY B5.

Price: 425 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The NAME RCA 1m

Many people looking for well affordable cabling in their home audio/video setup get confused by the many "nameless" cable products available on the market. With the brand of such cables generally being unknown and their very low price, doubt often rises whether they are a wise buy. They are inexpensive, yes. But how about performance, quality and durability?

Price: 323 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The TIDE HYBRID RCA 1m

The TIDE HYBRID is a highly flexible and rugged, double shielded, twin core audio interconnect cable at an extremely friendly price. The TIDE HYBRID serves both balanced and unbalanced connection in home and car hi-fi applications, and, due to its high flexibility and quality, is also excellently suited as a musical instrument cable. Wired in balanced configuration, The TIDE HYBRID furthermore very well serves as a microphone cable.

Price: 845 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The MAINSSERVER HYBRID Power Cable 1m

Our 8.0 mm. special quality power cable The MAINSSERVER HYBRID is the lower power (6 Ampere) version of our 16 Ampere types The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID and The MAINSSTREAM BS HYBRID.

Price: 898 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The ORCHID RCA

The ORCHID is our first audio interconnect cable to employ our newly developed “Tunnel Technology”: a clever combination of physical concepts which oppose the signal level and frequency dependent behaviour of electrical signal transfer in cables. Our Tunnel Technology’s underlying philosophy is that the longer the distance of - and the better - the path is along which the signal carrying electrons and their related electromagnetic waves can flow unimpededly in an audio cable, the less disturbances the signal and sound will undergo.

Marimi disponibile:

Price: 1.845 RON /buc 1m

Cablu Van den Hul MC - SILVER IT 65 G Digital RCA 1m

For a lot of audio freaks, our MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial is just a dream product but too expensive and not everywhere available for listening. To make life somewhat easier for our audio friends we have therefore introduced the MC - SILVER IT 65 G, a slimline version of our MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial. The MC - SILVER IT 65 G is a 65 GHz. bandwidth cable with the same superior audio qualities as found with the MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial, though at around half the price.

Price: 2.721 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The SURF HYBRID RCA 1m

Our entry level FUSION SERIES interconnect The SURF HYBRID is a high quality coaxial audio cable, suitable for all RCA type audio connections.

Price: 779 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The D - 102 III HYBRID RCA 1m

With our ever continuing technical improvements, it is logical to replace the already since 1982 available D - 102 Series (after 24 upgrades in the meantime) by an actual HYBRID version. Now the same Linear Structured Carbon ® technology as used in our The SECOND ® is applied in this product.

Price: 765 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The JUBILEE HYBRID RCA 1m

Our “102” series’ D - 102 III HYBRID is the most widely known audio interconnect from our cable program. With the first “102” interconnect designed and produced in 1983 and after a number of design upgrades in the meantime, this highly respected and multiple award winning audio cable has reached its 20-th anniversary. To celebrate this special occasion we have come out with a very special limited edition: The JUBILEE HYBRID

Price: 2.004 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II Optic Cable 1m

We are pleased to introduce the Van den Hul OPTOCOUPLER Mk II. With The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II we are convinced to have one of the best optical fiber cables available on the audio and video market. The most important benefits of optical signal transmission are obvious; Never any noise or interference caused by external electrical and/or magnetic signals, and optical fibres are free from any deterioration.

Price: 319 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The D - 300 III HYBRID (Halogen Free)

After the success of the original D - 300, there was demand to make some improvements in the original design. So the D - 300 III HYBRID was born.

Price: 447 RON


This nice dark-red coloured balanced interconnect of superior quality was produced after 28 months of research. The result has been recognised worldwide by many very happy customers, both professionals and hi-fi lovers.

Price: 1.257 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID Power Cable 1m

The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is our new special quality heavy power cable. The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID has been specially designed bearing uncompromised mains power distribution to high-end audio, video and professional equipment in mind and is able to deliver a virtually unlimited stream of low noise mains power.

Price: 1.566 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The FIRST Metal Screen RCA 1m

The FIRST ® Metal Screen is an extension to our “The FIRST ®” series of coaxial Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) interconnects designed for highest quality audio and SPDIF digital signal transport.

Price: 1.336 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The FIRST Ultimate Digital RCA 1m

The FIRST ® Ultimate is a threefold heavier shielded version of our highly praised classic The FIRST ® (world’s first METAL FREE interlink) and has been designed for highest quality (unbalanced / asymmetric) line level audio and SPDIF digital audio connections.

Price: 1.456 RON

Cablu Van den Hul D - 310 Mk II Coaxial

The massive D - 310 Mk II’s design is primarily based upon our former D - 300 S; yet further improvements like a lower capacitance, better propagation properties and a higher flexibility have been implemented.

Price: 982 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The WELL Hybrid (Halogen Free)

The WELL HYBRID is an extension to our range of general purpose coaxial (single-ended/unbalanced) Hybrid audio interconnects.

Price: 628 RON

Cablu Van den Hul The Wave

By introducing The WAVE we celebrate 25 years of GreenCare; van den Hul’s own green program that warrants that from the first till the last day of existence, each cable will not harm the environment at all. This has been one of our important design criteria in the past quarter of a century.

Marimi disponibile:

Price: 646 RON /Pair 1m