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Boxe Jamo A 320

A 320 Satellite Speaker

Pret: 319 RON /Bucata

Boxe Klipsch RB-51 II

The RB-51 II speaker offers up no-compromise music and movie performances in a smaller, more affordable bookshelf design. In fact, with its dynamic quality, superior sound and visual appeal, you’ll find this speaker simply irresistible.

Pret: 2.029 RON /Pereche

Boxe Klipsch RB-61 II

The RB-61 II captures all the thrills and intensity of our floorstanding speakers in an appealing bookshelf design. In fact, this dynamic, compact speaker delivers a sound so powerful and detailed that it does the no-compromise Reference Series proud.

Pret: 2.549 RON /Pereche

Boxe Vienna Acoustics HAYDN GRAND

Haydn’s music is known for its lyricism, from which vibrant tonal colors and brilliant harmonic structures are drawn out of deceptively simple arrangements. Similarly, the Haydn Grand’s deceptively simple driver complement of a 6” X3P mid-bass driver and refined 1” triple stacked silk-dome tweeter centers around the groundbreaking airflow control wedge bass reflex port (also found on the Bach Grand) that serves to virtually eliminate port noise, allows for increased placement flexibility, and provides an extraordinarily compact driver configuration by positioning the tweeter on the front of the wedge.

Pret: 5.847 RON /Pereche

  • Transport GRATUIT in Romania
    Transport GRATUIT in Romania

Boxe Monitor Audio R45HD

The diminutive R45HD is the perfect satellite speaker for front left, centre, right and rear surround sound applications. Its secret is a combination of a 75mm (3”) MMP®II cone mid-bass driver and rear-firing 20mm (¾”) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter, which spreads and magnifies the sound around the room to create a huge, encompassing surround sound effect.

Pret: 880 RON /Pereche

Boxe Taga Harmony CORAL S-40

CORAL S-40 Bookshelf / Surround Speake

De la: 1.579 RON /Pereche

  • Transport GRATUIT in Romania
    Transport GRATUIT in Romania

Boxe Heco Celan GT 302

The next stage in the evolution of the Celan series
The GT in the HECO Celan GT series stands for Generation Three, in other words, the series is the third generation of a loudspeaker that, since its launch, has fascinated audiophiles all over the world and has brought many people back to their original hobby ? music in all its glorious forms. With the assuredness of a proven underlying concept and the potential for further development, all components were re-examined and analysed down to their smallest details and then optimized and reinterpreted with some aspects being redeveloped entirely. The aim was to further increase dynamics while making the sound even more vibrant and alive.

De la: 2.879 RON /Pereche

Boxe Tangent EVO E4

Tangent EVO E4 are trendy colourful mini HiFi loudspeakers that will fit any room and interior décor in your home.

Pret: 720 RON /Pereche

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology StudioMonitor 45

High performance shelf/stand monitor loudspeaker

Pret: 1.999 RON /Pereche

  • Transport GRATUIT in Romania
    Transport GRATUIT in Romania

Boxe Triangle Color Bookshelf

This speaker is fitted with the latest loudspeakers developed by TRIANGLE, and you will be surprised by their pioneering design and vitality

Pret: 2.301 RON /Pereche

Boxe Yamaha NS-B700

The NS-700 speakers feature a clean, transparent sound and robust bass response. With the same Piano Black finish as Yamaha gran pianos. they look elegant as well.

Pret: 1.998 RON

Boxe Pioneer S-A4SPT-PM

Pure Malt Speakers

Pret: 2.753 RON /Pereche

Boxe Jamo C 603

The C 603 is a full-range compact speaker that excels at reproducing stereo/surround music and soundtracks, with or without a subwoofer in the mix. The C 603 can be placed on floorstands, on a bookshelf or mounted directly to the wall on its wall-brackets.

Pret: 1.729 RON /Pereche

Boxe Jamo C 803

The Concert Series was designed with one aim in mind: to bring the live concert experience into homes, with all of the dynamics and live performance characteristics intact. Even though it’s small, the C 803 is engineered to sound big—which is the first thing you notice when you hear it. It has been designed with Jamo’s unique convex tapered vent, which reduces unwanted port turbulence and almost eliminates port noise.

Pret: 4.099 RON /Pereche

  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Boxe Raidho C 1.0

Raidho C1.0 is a small, neatly perfectly proportioned loudspeaker, so in spite of its limited size, the sound it produces is surprising at first, but harmonious at the same time. This model was developed on the basis of recognised theories of dimension, which we put in practice to produce a beautiful cabinet, carried out in every detail, and superbly finished. C1.0 is put together from hand-made units built from Raidho’s patented technologies.

Pret: 39.820 RON /Pereche

  • Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !
    Vino sa-l asculti in showroom !

Boxe Raidho X-Monitor

Another concept speaker, the Raidho X-Monitor, although it is the smallest of the Raidho speakers, reflects all of the design, construction and performance philosophy of the entire Raidho line.

Pret: 17.698 RON /Pereche

Boxe JBL Studio 530 Negru

The JBL Studio 5 series features top-of-the-line professional speaker technology in a modern design while being very affordable.

Pret: 4.446 RON /Pereche

Boxe DefinitiveTechnology Mythos Six

Table top & on-wall loudspeaker

Pret: 1.499 RON /Bucata

  • Transport GRATUIT in Romania
    Transport GRATUIT in Romania

Boxe Triangle Comete Ex

This loudspeaker, which is ideally designed to sit on a stand offers the same listening experience as a floor-standing speaker, but takes up less room. The new half-roll rubber suspension bass driver ensures that sufficient speed is maintained.
Recommended for a 160-320 sq ft (15-30 m2) room.

Culori disponibile:

Pret: 3.531 RON /Pereche

Boxe Yamaha Soavo 2

"Yamaha's first high-end loudspeaker in decades is a truly sophisticated performer"
Hi-Fi Choice Magazine July 2007
Yamaha, with more than a century of experience in the field of music, has channeled its dedication to producing fine musical instruments into the creation of a speaker that allows people to enjoy life with music.

Pret: 4.299 RON